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  1. The Book Am-Tuat and other bits of Info
  2. Xpeditions TV: A Look Into The Ancient Past
  3. Pre-Columbian stone spheres of Costa Rica
  4. Cricket was played 2-3 Billion years ago?
  5. Egypt's Cave Underworld Under Investigation
  6. Ancient Tomb Could Explain Maya Collapse
  7. The Eternal Culture of Ancient Rome:
  8. Rome, Engineering An Empire
  9. Secrets of the Parthenon
  10. The Library of Alexandria
  11. The Philosopher's Stone
  12. Ancient Rome - The Rise of the Empire ROME
  13. The Golden Verses of Pythagoras
  14. Colosseum - A Gladiator's Story
  15. A temple complex in Turkey that predates even the pyramids
  16. Joseph P. Farrell - The Cosmic War
  17. 12. The Creation of an Icon: The Colosseum and Contemporary Architecture in Rome
  18. Emperor Nero's Last Days
  19. Yale Lectures - Rome
  20. New Testament as History
  21. [Info!] New human species discovered in Russia
  22. 1973 intelligent prehistoric being found frozen near AAD Heard Island Antarctica
  23. The Bosnian Pyramid Debate
  24. Dropos crash , 10,000 B.C.~ Sino-Tibetan Border
  25. Workers unearth huge fossil cache in California
  26. Archaeologists Discover Lost Civilization Under The Melting Arctic
  27. The five platonic solids
  28. Fossil Finger DNA Points to New Type of Human
  29. Ancient History of India
  30. Discovery of Ancient City of Mahenjodaro and Harappa
  31. Medieval Indian History
  32. Indian Revolt of 1857
  33. [Info!] History of Greece: The Stone Age
  34. [Wow!] History of Greece: Hellenistic
  35. There were THREE types of ancient humans
  36. Bone discovery may rewrite human history
  37. Great Pyramid has two secret chambers: French architect
  38. Face of 49-Million-Year-Old Spider Revealed in 3-D
  39. Egypt Opens 7 New Tombs to Tourists
  40. Chinas Ghost Army: The Terracotta Army
  41. STONEHENGE - Discovery paves way to new understanding of how stones were transported
  42. 7,500 year old Toy car found - Sumerian
  43. Stonehenge was based on a 'magical' auditory illusion, says scientist
  44. 32,000-Year-Old Plant Reborn From Ancient Fruit
  45. Amazon Discoveries about the Yard - Scott Onstott, Secrets in Plain Sight
  46. Possible Underwater Pyramid Found Near Azores Island?
  47. Australia’s Stonehenge
  48. Remains of 'end of the world' epidemic found in ancient Egypt
  49. Ancient Maya Cities Found in Jungle