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  1. spiral over norway update Richard C. Hoagland
  2. Unusual Spiral Action causes Star Hailstones ?
  3. Spiral lightening:
  4. Black Lightning
  5. Something strange is brewing in the Atlantic Ocean
  6. Scientists attempt to unravel mystery of triangular snowflakes
  7. Earth Assessment: December 2009
  8. Gender confusion: Scientists baffled by blurring gender identification of fish (Unite
  9. Sand dunes emitting strange mysterious sound
  10. Hundreds of thousands of anchovies wash ashore
  11. Unexplained Beaching: More than 20 whales die in New Zealand
  12. Unexplained Beaching: Six Whales beached near Nova Scotia
  13. Depression and Earth's weakening Magnetic Field
  14. Meteorological Anomaly: The Curious Case of the Pink Snow
  15. Marine Threat?: Thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Gulf of Mexico
  16. Marine Threat: Thousands of dead octopuses wash ashore on Portugal beach (January 5,
  17. Acid oceans: the 'evil twin' of climate change
  18. Follow-up report- Scientists alarmed by scope of octopus deaths
  19. 3 volcanic hot-spots erupted around the globe.
  20. Climate Extremes: Frigid Arctic Air coldest globe has seen in 30 years
  21. Marine Threat: Hundreds of dead fish reported in Queensland
  22. Climate Extremes: More than 100 birds collapse and die in record Australian heat
  23. Climate Extremes: Hibernating bees at risk of extinction from freezing cold
  24. Climate Extremes: 270 Sea Turtles stunned by the cold wash ashore in Florida
  25. Nature Warning sign? Sea Lions disappearance now being re-examined (January 9, 2010)
  26. Little blue penguins starve to death at sea
  27. Earthquake Watch Around the World
  28. Yellowstone watch: Current earthquake swarm 2nd largest ever recorded
  29. Dark Comet Dangers: A strange comet among the Asteroids?
  30. Earthquake Hazards Program
  31. Strange Cloud Formations
  32. Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist Says
  33. Volcano Watch Around the World
  34. Earthquake and Volcano Cam
  35. USA - National Weather Service Watch and Warning
  36. geophysical anomalies
  37. strange clouds
  38. Tomas regains hurricane force, soaks Haiti camps
  39. [Wow!] Unexplained Rainbow Effect To The South / South-East Essex County Ontario
  40. [ALERT!] Alert Memo : Evacuation Looks Imminent !
  41. [Must Read!] Coukd this be Manmade? Alert: Severe Earthquake & Pole Shift Warnings
  42. The East Coast Quake Zone
  43. One by one, homes in Calif. subdivision sinking
  44. Should view. LA sinkhole
  45. A new Island Reported to have risen out of the Sea Pakistan 7.0 EQ
  46. Two north poles and two south poles - video