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  1. Zac dinosaur found in Australia
  2. Dinosaur die-off cleared way for gigantic mammals
  3. Ancient Israeli Fortress Yields Surprise: A Greek Vase
  4. Giant stork once roamed Indonesian island
  5. US study finds Neanderthals ate their veggies
  6. Ancient Tiger-Sized Predator Unearthed in Texas
  7. Jamestown unearths 400-year-old pipes for patrons
  8. Raptor-like dinosaur discovered in eastern Utah
  9. Early humans could navigate, evidence in Greece shows
  10. Spain rethinks reopening of prehistoric art 'Sistine Chapel'
  11. Cretan tools point to 130,000-year-old sea travel
  12. Most bird-like dinosaurs ate plants, new study finds
  13. Cache in Chinese Mountain Reveals 20,000 Prehistoric Fossils
  14. Egypt displeased with treatment of obelisk in NYC
  15. Genomic Fossils Reveal Explosion of Life 3 Billion Years Ago
  16. Egypt: Missing pieces of colossal statue unearthed
  17. Fossilized Bird Brains May Yield Secret of First Flights
  18. Genomic Fossils Reveal Explosion of Life 3 Billion Years Ago
  19. Dying young did not cause Neanderthals' demise
  20. Scientists find 'oldest ever' winery in Armenia
  21. At 6,000 years old, wine press is oldest yet found
  22. Early T. Rex ancestor found in South America
  23. Scientists find new 'dawn runner' dino fossil
  24. Dinosaur Graveyard Reveals Oldest T. Rex Relative
  25. Argentine dinosaur paved way for T. rex: scientists
  26. The Neanderthal Nose Enigma: Why So Big?
  27. Giraffe-sized Flying Reptile Snaps Together in Minutes
  28. Fossil of Cretaceous-era squid found in Peru
  29. Tomb of pre-Columbian noble discovered in Peru
  30. Fossil of mom with egg reveals Pterosaur's female form
  31. T. rex still king, says dino study
  32. One-clawed dino belonged to T. Rex family
  33. Creationist Explanations
  34. Triceraaatooops, I Am Your Faaather
  35. Tracks of two prehistoric birds found in Alaska
  36. X-rays Reveal Ancient Snake's Hidden Leg
  37. Images show why ancient snakes were out on a limb
  38. Foot bone shows human ancestor Lucy walked upright
  39. How Dinosaurs Handed Down Their Fingers to Birds
  40. Scientists stumble on ancient Timor rock art
  41. Cloning a woolly mammoth
  42. Scientists dig for Ice Age fossils in Los Angeles
  43. Ancient Human Bones Discovered in Florida Woman's Backyard
  44. From the Horse's Mouth: Teeth Reveal Evolution
  45. NASA Astrobiologist: Alien Fossils Discovered Inside Meteorites
  46. 11,500-Year-Old Remains of Cremated 3-Year-Old Discovered
  47. Discovery Rocks Creationists' Claim That Humans Lived with Dinosaurs
  48. Rare dinosaur found in Canada's oil sands
  49. Yale returns first Machu Picchu artifacts to Peru
  50. Most Ancient Fossils Aren't Life, Study Suggests
  51. Young Tyrannosaurs Were Careful Predators
  52. Battle of Ancient Ocean Beasts Suggested by Fossil Scars
  53. Dinosaur auction features fighting pair of skeletons
  54. Rare fossil of sea reptile found on Alaska beach
  55. Famed fossil isn't a bird after all, analysis says
  56. Oldest Viruses Infected Insects 300 Million Years Ago
  57. 'Game-changer' in evolution from S. African bones
  58. Ancient Eggs and Tiny Teeth Reveal Oldest Shark Nursery
  59. Woolly rhino fossil hints at origins of Ice Age giants
  60. Living Dinosaurs In Wikileaks Video And The Likouala Swamp In The Congo
  61. Ancient Items That Shouldn't Exist