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  1. Elongated Cone Head Skull From Nazca Peru 17 08 2011
  2. Joseph McMoneagle, Remote Viewing UFOs and ETs
  3. Mass UFO Sighting in Sacramento, CA?
  4. UFO Sighting Caught on BBC News Live Broadcast, Aug 16, 2011 video.
  5. Experts Release ET Invasion Scenarios
  6. UFOs (1948, Kentucky)
  7. Mass Sighting of UFOs
  8. Daylight UFO Disc filmed Over UK Motorway..! Awesome Footage..!
  9. Ours Or Theirs? Enormous Machines In Earth Orbit
  10. President Reagan's Comments And Written Notes On ET Alien Threat
  11. UFO Cloud Orbs Over Mexico City, Mexico On August 7, 2011, UFO Sighting News.
  12. Pulsating star, or a UFO? Observation in Snezhinsk, Russia. August 21, 2011
  13. Ovni Ufo in Atlantis Mission T3M 7 August 2011
  14. UFO black triangle, v shape, red flashing lights
  15. UFO Documentary | It Has Begun - Narrated by Rod Sterling 1979
  16. Kasputin Yar - Russia's Roswell
  17. UFOs The True Story of Flying Saucers 1956 docu/movie
  18. Massive UFO Fleet above Earth Viewed With Secret Camera.
  19. Russian Scientist: UFO Crashed Into Meteorite to Save Earth
  20. Multiple ufo's during during moons orbit on 23 August 2011
  21. Paranormal TV Presents...: Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape
  22. UFOs Best Evidence Government Cover-up
  23. Can you see an E.T. ?
  24. UFO Hunters -- S03E03 - The Greys Conspiracy(FULL)
  25. National Geographic article "When Aliens Attack" . Can they get any more obvious???
  26. 2011 Peru UFO `Mothership' - TV Report (Video)
  27. August 24 2011: TV NEWS EXPLORES Why Is The Government Covering Up UFO Sightings
  28. UFO Sighting of fleet of glowing orbs over Chicago, Illinois on August 22, 2011.
  29. Fantastic UFO Captured On Video in Daytime
  30. Enormous spherical mass seen in Shanghai & Beijing skies
  31. UFO in Earth orbit. Shooting from Snezhinsk, Russia. August 25, 2011
  32. Scorpion-shaped UFO seen in the skies over Los Cristianos, Spain
  33. Fiery Meteorite Falls From the Sky Over Cuzco, Peru Aug. 25, 2011
  34. Phoenix Lights was an alien spacecraft, former AZ Gov. says.
  35. UFO Wormhole Above City
  36. Dan Acroyd Unplugged On UFO'S
  37. UFO Sighting Caught on Night Vision of orb fleet over Denver, Colorado on August 23, 2011 video
  38. UFO crash in Yarkutsk region of Siberia
  39. UFO Filmed By Astronauts Flying Over Hurricane Irene 8-26-2011
  40. UFO Sighting over Tarragona, Spain of 3 orbs during sunset, August 18, 2011, VIDEO.
  41. Alien From Prehistoric Saucer Crash? Sealand Skull Photos Released
  42. Extraordinary mystery video of enormous UFO shockes on lookers
  43. 100% Proof of Alien Civilization Exists on the Moon - NASA lies uncovered in color
  44. Never seen before!!! Alien space craft busted on brazil
  45. UFO destroyed an asteroid in 2002 to save us
  46. 2ND UFO Sighting over Machu Picchu, Peru on August 25, 2011.
  47. Dr. Claude Swanson, UFO Physics
  48. UFO Fleet over Kansas City
  49. Secret Access: UFOs On The Record
  50. TRIANGLE UFO Sighting over Orlando, Florida Amusement Park on August 2011
  51. Alex Jones on UFOs
  52. UFO Sighting n Cancun, Mexico of orb flying over ocean, August 27, 2011
  53. Photograph of the Guernsey UFO in Video Report the only one known to exist
  54. UFO Cluster with Dimensional Stargates captured on Vancouver video
  55. UFO Sighting of orb over Bodega Bay, California on August 25, 2011
  56. UFOs over Santiago, Chile
  57. Ufo's filmed in nuclear power plant!
  58. CHILE TV NEWS: UFO Sighting over Santiago, Chile on August 30, 2011 flying over city
  59. TV reporter records UFO over Kazakhstan
  60. 20 UFOS Costa Rica, August 31st, 2011
  61. UFO Sighting in Mexico of disc craft on cloudy day, August 2011
  62. UFO Sighting over Fresno, California of two glowing orbs, September 1, 2011
  63. Spokane, Washington UFO Glowing over city, September 1, 2011
  64. Former Intelligence Officer Speaks of UFO's being very REAL on TV...
  65. Milpitas, California UFO Disc in Daytime Sky, Sept 2011
  66. Pantanal, Brazil UFO Sighting of colorful craft over the wetlands area, September 3,
  67. Col. Philip J. Corso - The Lost Interview on UFOs
  68. UFO caught on camera from Mexico
  69. Former Area 51 Employee Ed Fouche
  70. UFO on Costa Rica TV News of fleet of UFOs Sept 1, 2011
  71. Ancient Aliens Season - 02, Episode - 08 (Unexplained Structures) Göbekli Tepe 8,000 Years Before Stonehenge And The Egyptian Pyramids Were Built
  72. Mayor meets ambassador, confirms extraterrestrial life
  73. Notre Dame Stadium Evacuated Twice - UFOs + Lightning Strikes - Sep. 3, 2011
  74. Blue UFO over Serbia on August of 2011, similar to UFO Sighting In Russia
  75. UFO orbs seen in clouds over Germany on September 1, 2011
  76. Former Intelligence Officer Speaks Out About UFOs
  77. UFO chases car
  78. Green UFO Seen Over San Francisco, California on Sept 4, 2011
  79. NEW BIOLOGICAL TYPE of UFOs showing up over Mexico City!
  80. Brown Co State Park Indiana UFO
  81. Ancient alien giant creature uncovered in tsunami
  82. Nasa find monolith on mars
  83. UFO passing in front of the moon slow motion
  84. Unbelievable UFO Sighting in New York City! August 26, 2011 before Hurricane Irene's
  85. Large ufo over stirling city
  86. UFO Lands In Snowy Siberia and 5 Aliens Come Out..!!??
  87. UFO Sighting Seen over Seoul, South Korea on Sept 2011, TV NEWS Video.
  88. V Shape UFO Object taken on SOHO Lasco 2, 9/09/2011
  89. UFO Drone hovers low Kiev, Ukraine 2011-09-03
  90. Blue UFO glowing over village in Turkey, Sept 4, 2011 TV News.
  91. UFO over city of Chanting, China on Aug of 2011, semi-cloaked craft, UFO Sighting New
  92. UFOs and US Govt Secret Remote Viewing Program by Jim Marrs
  93. UFO Buzzes Military DHC plane at air show, Island off Chile, Sept 3, 2011
  94. CONFIRMED: UFO seen over moon on Sept 12, 2011, amazing close up video
  95. UFO makes massive 180 ° turn over Ueki, Japan, Sept 11, 2011
  96. Strange Red UFO Over Mountain In Philippines on Sep 14, 2011, UFO Sighting News
  97. UFOs simulate aircrafts in Paris, France on Sept 11, 2011,
  98. Gravity, UFOs, & Mars Dr. John Brandenburg
  99. UFO over Cuernavaca, MEXICO
  100. UFO over Ballinger, Texas 9/14/2011 VIDEO
  101. Two UFOs fly over Beijing City, China on Sept 14, 2011
  102. UFO sighting over Brazil of orb that makes other orbs, Sept 12, 2011, UFO Sighting Ne
  103. Jason McClellan, The Billy Meier UFO Case
  104. 2012 humanity dna evolution
  105. New news from the Vatican. Willing to let science take the lead on ET's?
  106. Hilarion's Weekly Message: September 18-25, 2011
  107. 'FREAKED OUT' Northern Territory driver tail-gated by UFO..!
  108. The URZI UFO Case - The Full Story - Authentic
  109. UFO Hovering Near Helicopter (Carroll County Maryland)
  110. Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin
  111. White UFOs rotating in night sky near Phoenix, Sept 17, 2011 TV NEWS VIDEO
  112. Several UFOs fly over at astounding speed in California!
  113. UFO over Wenatchee, Washington on September 2011
  114. Arizona UFO video of glowing craft over ball game, Sept 14, 2011
  115. UFOs Seen Over Berlin, Germany on Sept 19, 2011 VIDEO
  116. Earth Size UFOs Orbiting Our Sun And Traveling At Incredible Speed
  117. Man Records UFO in San Antonio, TX on September 14, 2011 - KENS5 TV News - Sep. 22
  118. Giant Glowing Orb Over Quinto, Mexico Home On Sept 22, 2011
  119. UFO lands on White House
  120. Alien Kept Safe But Died, Kept By Peru Family 33 Years
  121. UFO Over Bedford, Ohio on Sept 21, 2011 of green craft, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News
  122. UFO Fleet Over Denver, Colorado or Living Creatures, Sept 22, 2011
  123. Hey doubters aliens are real!
  124. Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (1998)
  125. NASA Top secret Stolen UFO video footage never exhibited publicly!
  126. UFO fleet over Santiago Chile on Sept 24, 2011 awesome
  127. Karla Turner UFO Abduction -The-Secret Agenda (1993)
  128. David Eckhart discusses alien encounters
  129. Angel like Alien Falls To Earth On Live Security Cam, Jakarta, Indonesia, Sept 2011,
  130. UFO hovering over the Worst Polluter in America, VIDEO Sept 2011 UFO
  131. UFO Over Montreal, Canada on Sept 17, 2011 Video
  132. Massive UFO: Australia 9-25-11
  133. UFO Sightings Unidentified Flying Object Captured in HD 2011
  134. ANCIENT ALIENS: Aliens and Evil Places
  135. 'Lizard Man' Terrorizes S.C. Town, Again
  136. White Buildings On Moon, False Back Of Moon! NASA Photos
  137. Triangle UFO Sites Over Bridge In New York At Queens, Sept 2011
  138. Top NASA Shuttle Astronaut: Aliens Are Real...I Guarantee It
  139. UFO Over Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Sept 27, 2011
  140. Farmers Say UFOs Destroying Crops: Global Food Supplies Under Assault
  141. Symposium on unidentified FLYING OBJECTS
  142. Ancient Aliens - Alien Contacts
  143. Official FAA cockpit recordings of pilot UFO sightings
  144. 'We The People' Petition Seeks Truth Of Alien Visits From Obama Administration..!
  145. UFO over Chile October 2011
  146. FOX4 News: UFOs Kansas City, MO - Oct. 4 - 6th, 2011
  147. UFO Flies Directly Into The Sun Causing Coronal Ejection
  148. 19 Year Old Boy In Indonesia Records Flaming UFO on Oct 4, 2011, Video, UFO Sighting
  149. Cheney's Disclosure Of UFO Reality
  150. Secret Access: UFO's on the Record
  151. "Interviewing a reptilian"
  152. FEMA preparing for a UFO invasion?
  153. Triangle Shaped UFO Above Hilo, Hawaii
  154. Siberian region 'confirms Yeti exists'
  155. SETI reports 3 large UFO'S heading towards earth
  156. UFO & Sentinels in Stunning Photographs over Cinisello Balsamo - Italy 2011
  157. On 14 May, 1988 a Puerto Rican man abducted by aliens Told About Meteor Hitting Earth
  158. Spectacular UFO photographed over Milan
  159. Multiple UFOs over Macomb County, Michigan - 14th Oct 2011
  160. Daytime Green Diamond UFOs Chicago
  161. Huge Lake in Chile Disappears Overnight Due to UFOs?
  162. The Long Lost Disney-NASA Documentary That Confesses The Truth
  163. The Trindade Island UFO Incident
  164. UFO activity over Astrakhan and Ladoga lake, Russia - 2010-2011
  165. SaLuSa ~ Beacons of Light in the Darkness ~ October 21, 2011
  166. ET filmed in Brazil rainforest! Amazing!
  167. Official NASA HD footage 'Nasa Anomalies' part of Ancient Moon Ruins?
  168. Very large UFO craft shot from the ISS October 18, 2011
  169. Encounter With Anunnaki Goddesses - DNA Evidence & Polygraph Test Passed
  170. OZ Encounters - UFO's In Australia (FULL)
  171. Bright shape changing UFO, Moscow
  172. 'massive ufo events to take place! Our gov't knows about it .' ex-nasa official
  173. UFOs the Secret History - HD Movie Feature
  174. Pentagon Insiders Say Anunnaki are Returning to Destroy New World Order!!!
  175. Sunday Night Football UFO 10/23/11
  176. Planet-size UFO "shooting laser" near the Sun
  177. UFO Ovale en Infrarouge (Infrared UFO Oval)
  178. Mayan filmmaker offers photo as proof of aliens, says Hawking agrees
  179. UFO's in Ancient Art Debunked?
  180. UFOs over Fukushima, Japan
  181. Crystal Skulls & The Return of The Nephilim
  182. Alien Base Found At Chinese Pyramid
  183. Aliens From the Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great..!
  184. UFO - Aliens Over Earth - The Fayetteville case
  185. Vintage UFO archive footage!
  186. Hundreds Of Giant Aliens Unearthed Near African Village
  187. Blue Book Archive Footage Including NASA
  188. UFO At NFL Game - Sunday Night Football UFO 10/23/11 (MASTER VIDEO)
  189. Amazing UFO filmed in Moscow Russia 2011 March-April
  190. Billy Meiers full name is an anagram for 'Bearded Time Traveller'.
  191. No Alien Visits or UFO Coverups, White House Says
  192. Confirmation - Destruction of Reptilian undersea base .. considering matters outside
  193. Man took photos of the UFO that abducted him
  194. Leaked Insider Recording about NASA UFO's
  195. FAA Instructions to Staff on UFO Sightings Debunk Cover-Up Claims
  196. Tijuana UFOs
  197. NSA releases UFO documents
  198. Amazing UFO sighting in Denmark (video analysis)
  199. Aviation Engineer: US Flying Craft Based on Roswell UFO Design
  200. USS Kirk Naval Ship Encounters Submerged UFO
  201. UFOlogist: 2012 First Contact, New Government, "2013 Transition"
  202. Non-Human Ancient Mummy Just Discovered In Cusco, Peru
  203. Strange Ancient skulls of Aliens or Humans (most coneheads)
  204. UFO Detected Near ISS And NASA Cut Transmission
  205. (Top Secret) Alien image from UFO crash in (Roswell) 1947 leaked 2011
  206. Declassification (Russian KGB) Grey Aliens Captured on Film
  207. [Awesome!] UFO Sighting Windsor Ontario Canada Sunday November 20th 2011
  208. UFO Mass Fleet filmed over Japan November 2011
  209. Another alien skeleton found?
  210. UFO's from Antonio Cisneros
  211. UFO Strange sighting, different colors on Gouy-Lez-Pieton, Nov 15, 2011
  212. Vivid Color Flashes at Night in NJ
  213. WikiLeaks Set To (Reveal) US-UFO War In Southern Ocean..!
  214. Latest-UFO-Sightings jaw dropping! UFOs filmed over Scotland 21-Nov-2011
  215. Strange Cloud Formation Jakarta
  216. Thanksgiving week UFOs, with Unusual UFO sighting over Russia
  217. UFO Chases Military Aircraft C-17 Incredible Footage! 11/11/11
  218. Good footage from Oakland
  219. Allen Array Signal
  220. The Best UFO video! (FULL FILM)
  221. Huge Aircraft of Unknown Origin Caught on Video!
  222. This is the best of the whole story of UFO investigation that we have today
  223. UFO Filmed at Groom Lake (area51)
  224. Phoenix Lights 11/27/2011 (2 vids)
  225. UFO Appears to Shoot Down Incoming Asteroid
  226. Silent UFO Locked Over Parking Lot
  227. Secrets of the Star Disc
  228. V-Shape UFO Formation Over Iceland Volcano 18/04/10
  229. UFO Footage I-10 N. Florida Very Strange 11 26 2011
  230. Amazing huge cloaked UFO next to Mercury, MUST SEE
  231. Fireball/Meteor Over The Moon: 12-4-11 Japan
  232. UFO Bubble Over Italy 2011
  233. UFO shooting laser or lightning at trailing chase plane in China ..
  234. Video of Stephenville UFO sighting 2010
  235. CNN told a UFO has been seen over Denver for days at the same time. Sends camera crew
  236. UFO changing shape
  237. UFO over Maui
  238. Roswell Witness being TRUTHFUL say lie detector!
  239. 2001 Giants With A Dinosaur/Mind Blowing Eyewitness Account
  240. Sphere flyover with unusual aperture
  241. Real UFO Escaping Storm - Amazing Sighting
  242. Walt Disney UFO Documentary:
  243. UFO on White House Xmas card
  244. Hollowed Earth: Aliens Underground, Humans Above Ground..!
  245. Mysterious metal ball falls from space
  246. UFO Sightings Best of December 2011 Amazing UFO Footage!
  247. 12/23/11 UFO Or Santa Laser Strikes?
  248. We Should Scour the Moon for Ancient Traces of Aliens, Say Scientists
  249. Lunar Anomalies Pictures
  250. UFO over Russia - Dec 23 11, 5 witness