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  1. UFO's on the increase ... More the same in 2012?
  2. 2011 UFOs seen on official news TV broadcast, Russia
  3. Mevlana's City at Turkey has UFO
  4. A Canadian Coin - Depicting an ET?
  5. December 31, 2011UFO Fleet Over London - UFO Fleet Sighting 2011, Video.
  6. UFOs morphsing over Paita, Peru, Dec 29, 2011 VIDEO.
  7. HUGE UFO Seen In Telescope in front of Moon, Dec 2011 VIDEO.
  8. UFO tape analyzed by Bill George from Lucasarts Spec.Effects
  9. UFO Headed Straight Towards Earth: Still A Few Days Away
  10. Two Fast Moving UFO'S Over Scotland During Snow Storm January 2012, VIDEO.
  11. Buddhists See UFO Intervention in 2012
  12. Ufo on alanya/turkey 28.12.2011
  13. Landed UFO (S) 28.12.2011
  14. UFO Caught On Radar Causing Mass Bird Deaths Over Beebe, Arkansas Jan 1, 2012.
  15. UFO Madeira Island, Portugal on 01-01-2012 Diamond Shape - Must See!!!
  16. Two UFO Sightings At ISS in Jan 2012, caught on video. We Are Not Alone.
  17. Bright UFO over Russia
  18. UFO Over Council Bluffs, Iowa Neighborhood, Jan 3, 2012 PHOTOS
  19. UFO Over Saratoga County, New York on Jan 2012, Video Close up
  20. UFO orb thawing out tiny orbs, Great Falls, Montana Jan 3, 2012 VIDEO
  21. Bright Fireball Over Finland - January 3, 2012
  22. UFO Fleet of 3 Metalic Disks Hover Over Germany, Jan 3, 2012 Video.
  23. Kepler's SETI Project Detects First Signals
  24. Many UFOs in orbit around Sun - Jan 2, 2012 (SOHO STEREO Ahead + Behind EUVI 195)
  25. Alien vessel cloaked around soldiers ( honduras )
  26. Giant Footprint shown by Michael Tellinger in South Africa
  27. 1966 A look back on CBS UFO report
  28. *Greatest secret never told* 'The flying triangle' and MR.'Kenneth Arnold'
  29. UFO Shaped Like Star Fish Over Syria, Jan 2012, VIDEO.
  30. Prince Charles Lifelong UFO Experiences
  31. UFO robot/warcraft with gun-turret over military base?
  32. UFO Orb Mothership Makes Orb Drones Over France, Jan 2012, VIDEO.
  33. Cloaked UFO Mothership Over Mountain Sits For many hours, Jan 2012 VIDEO!!!
  34. UFO 'Mother Ships' Over Peru 2011, TV News Report..!
  35. UFOTV Presents...: Ancient Aliens In Mexico and the American Southwest
  36. UFO'S around ISS 4th January 2012, NASA Live Cam Video.
  37. Three UFO Videos From Hilo Airport, Hawaii Dec 25, 2011 - Pres Obama Involved?
  38. New Leaked Photo Of 6 Dead Alien Bodies?
  39. AMAZING FOOTAGE UFO JAN 7, 2012 spectacular sight - Mount Bisbino, Italy.
  40. Former Legislator: Eisenhower Met With Extraterrestrials
  41. Occult or Aliens Message on Canadian TV??
  42. UFO Shoots Past ISS On Live NASA Cam, Jan 2012, VIDEO.
  43. Vancouver UFO incident fuels spiritual hypothesis of cosmic contact
  44. FOX NEWS Say There Is An Great Increase In UFO Sightings Reported in 2012!
  45. UFO Caught On iPhone Camera At The Pensacola Bridge Florida Jan 2012
  46. Roswell Debunked: Douglas Dietrich Responds To ATS & American Military LIES..!
  47. TWO EYEWITNESS VIDEOS: International Space Station Has UFO Disk Recorded On Live Cam
  48. UFO Fleet Over France, Jan 16, 2012, PHOTOS
  49. Close encounters of the Home Counties kind: Two 'alien aircraft' sightings in one week in 'UK's UFO hotspot'
  50. UFO Report- via Wikileaks
  51. Can't Deny what's literally "Carved In Stone" Ancient Alien Engineers
  52. Glowing UFO orb over New Aiyansh, British Colombia, Canada- VIDEO Jan 2012
  53. Sydney, Australia Orbs Near Clouds, Daytime video Jan 16, 2012
  54. A Motive For The USA to Shoot Down Russian Phobos Satellite (Mars Mission)...to hide
  55. UFO over Cyprus - Superb!
  56. UFO That Looks Like Asteroid Over Christchurch, New Zealand, Jan 19, 2012 VIDEO
  57. Two UFO Orbs At Sunrise In England, Jan 13, 2012 VIDEO news
  58. Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film
  59. UFO Exit Tunnel Discovered In Dagestan, Russia Jan 19, 2012 VIDEO
  60. Ufo's and Aliens Contact 2012 (Full Documentary)
  61. UFO Fleet During Sunset Over Richmond, Virginia On Jan 20, 2012 VIDEO
  62. Glowing UFO Disk Over SE Florida On Jan 2012, Two Videos
  63. Strange sight in the sky - UFO?
  64. UFO spheres found in Battle LA footage of 1942
  65. Cat Boy Stuns Doctors In China, Video...
  66. UFO Over Croatia As Nation Votes On EU Membership- Clear Video
  67. CNN Reports Ancient Egyptian Report of UFO
  68. New Battle of LA 1942 UFO Discovery
  69. UFO Disk Near International Space Station on Jan 23, 2012 VIDEO
  70. Tulsa, Oklahoma UFO Glowing Green On Video
  71. Top 10 UFO cases
  72. Odd EMF? Caused Cloud Formation Seen From Intl' Space Station..?
  73. Some great UFO picturs
  74. UFO's filmed at Hubble Array
  75. Alien communication interception.. Invasion imminent (Video)
  76. Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China? 2012 Sees in the dark!
  77. UFO In England Darts Into Clouds on Jan 2012 Video
  78. UFO in hands of USAF at Air Base, photos Jan 2012
  79. Blue spheres fall from the sky
  80. Gary Heseltine full presentation: UFOs and the police
  81. ufo filmed in china must see
  82. Beam Of Light From Top Of Ancient Mexican Pyramid..!
  83. UFO Fleet Over Old Farm Community In Ireland, Jan 2012 Video News
  84. Colorful Ring UFO Over Russia on Jan 23, 2012, VIDEO
  85. UFO Fleet Over Egypt Pyramids 2011 - 17/7/2011
  86. UFO and orbs over Lima, Peru on Jan 22, 2012 Day Time Video
  87. UFO Tracks US Aircraft Carrier In Persian Gulf, now sent to Iran to stop oil embargo.
  88. Mystery Blue Balls Of Jelly
  89. UFO Sightings - Videos of 1991 Mexico Solar Eclipse
  90. UFOs 'Escort' Mexican Aircraft - Radar Confirmed
  91. Two cousins capture daytime UFO footage 1-27-11
  92. Orbs Near Chem-Trail Over England, Jan 2012
  93. A shaman summon ufo infront of tv reporter!!
  94. Majestic 12
  95. Glowing UFO Over Seattle, Washington On Feb 4, 2012 Close Up Video
  96. UFO Over Sedena, Mexico Back Again 9 Years Later, Police Video Jan 2012 News.
  97. The Case For Alien Control Of Earth
  98. UFO over Lunar Module of Apollo Mission, from NASA archives, Found Feb 6, 2012
  99. Jim Dilettoso on Billy Meier
  100. Glowing Orbs divide into twos! Baltimore Maryland, US. 2012 Video News
  101. German inventor wants to build a flying saucer shaped aircraft
  102. NEWS: "As Scientists Search for Alien Worlds, Has ET Life Has Already Made Contact?"
  103. The Reptilians: Humanity's Historical Link to the Serpent Race
  104. Russian TV News: Glowing UFO Over Chelyabinsk, Russia on Feb 3, 2012, Video of craft.
  105. UFO sighting over Aveley, Essex, United Kingdom Feb 2012, Video News
  106. UFO sightings reveal more strange metal boxes along coastal beaches
  107. Inside area 51 - top secret ufo crash parts image leaked february 2012
  108. UK "This Morning," Show Talks About UFO Sightings In England, Feb 9, 2012
  109. New Propaganda Film UFO/Nazi attack : Iron Sky
  110. Glowing UFO Seen Over Thames Estuary, London England on Feb 5, 2012 Video
  111. Scientists postulate Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA
  112. The Fatima UFO Hypothesis
  113. UFO serene flyover
  114. Triangle UFO Over Bolivia During Thunder Storm, Looks like a TR-3B
  115. US and Congress consultant admits official ET contact
  116. Anceint Aliens Ep: 4-01. The Mayans. Plus Selected Further Information. ET Connection
  117. Top 10 UFO Sightings (by astronauts and military personnel)
  118. Amazing UFO During Day Time Over Mexico City On Feb 12, 2012, Video News
  119. UFO Fleet Over Bulgaria - Amazing Footage 2011 June
  120. Disk shaped UFO over UK, Feb. 2012, analyzed & enhanced
  121. Extraterrestrial Life Is A Censored Subject Says Famous Professor
  122. UFOs In The NASA Archives 2012 Alien UFO Film
  123. The Kinross UFO Incident
  124. Awesome footage - ufo fleet homestead florida usa 16th february 2012
  125. Extraterrestrials: China Releases Moon Footage Of Alien Bases
  126. New 2012 MSM TV Interview Edgar Mitchell Ends UFO Cover Up..!
  127. Ancient Aliens - The Doomsday Prophecies..?
  128. Fugates of Kentucky: Skin Bluer than Lake Louise
  129. MSM Coverage of UFO sighting in Honduras
  130. False Alien Beings - The Real Truth About Alien Contact
  131. Jewel Craft: Shot Over South Hampshire, UK August 2011
  132. NASA Admits Strange Fireballs This Month
  133. Antarctica - Nibiru - NEW Moon Sightings
  134. Glowing Orb Over Sea in Taranto, Italy on Feb 23, 2012 Video News
  135. Metallic ball falls from the sky
  136. UFO Orbs Seen Over Oroville, California During Sunset On Feb 13, 2012 Caught On Video
  137. Chemtrail Tankers Meet Huge UFO
  138. Glowing Orbs Form Triangle Over Ancient Pyramid In France On Video, Jan 2012 News
  139. Video of Two Jet Fighters Escorting UFO
  140. UFO compliation video
  141. 1st Contact Or The Start Of World War III..? Glowing Cloud In The Skies Over Russia..
  142. Hitler's Roswell: Alien saucer crash in 1937 Nazi Germany
  143. The Vril Society, Aliens and the Coming Master Race
  144. UFO Mexico 12 feb 2012
  145. Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang'e-2 Orbiter? 2012
  146. setilive.org - Seti Live website to crowdsource alien life
  147. China UFO "Up Close" Uploaded Feb 27 2012 debunk or verify?
  148. UFO Fleet Caught On NASA Radar Near ISS On March 1, 2012, Video
  149. NASA's Yuma UFO Spotted On Google Maps? (Video)
  150. UFO Over the UK - March 3, 2012
  151. Spaceflare.com - Something to show UFO skeptics
  152. Alex Collier Interview March 3rd 2012
  153. The Children Who Bore Witness to Roswell: Their Tragic Stories Finally Revealed
  154. Morphing UFO Seen Over Toronto Canada on March 5, 2012 Video News
  156. [Wow!] Unexplained “Phoenix Lights” explosion caught live on news broadcast
  157. Giant Human Finger Found in Egypt are Nephilim real?
  158. Real UFO in California Daytime Must See
  159. Tha Bases Series: Barbara Lamb ETs and Hybrids including Copiale Cipher..!
  160. Photo Journalist Films Flying Saucer over Colombia
  161. Triangle UFO filmed in Arizona
  162. [Must Watch!] New artifacts prove mayans had alien contact
  163. UFO sighting in Sweeden 2012
  164. UFO Portal in the Sky seen all around the World 2012..!
  165. [Wow!] UFO Caught On Film Windsor Ontario Canada March 17th 2012
  166. The Anunaki remnants are still on Earth
  167. Rotating UFO Orb Over Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Video March 2012
  168. UFO Photo Mysteriously Vanished From British Files And Ministry Of Defense Office
  169. Giant ufo sighting in mexico with huge flying saucers near united states border
  170. Amsterdam UFO Enlarged and Enhanced: What is It? (Video)
  171. UFO over DALLAS - Filmed from Plane - 03/21/2012
  172. Edward's Airforce base - 1965 UFO Spotted
  173. Great Multiple 'Police Eye-Witness' UFO Story at Trumbull County..!
  174. UK politician claims his extraterrestrial mother took him on a UFO
  175. UFO Follows Jet Over Himalayas During Snowstorm, Passanger Video, March 25, 2012.
  176. UFO - Plasma or what? Observation of Snezhinsk, Russia March 27, 2012
  177. 5 Top Must Watch UFO / Extraterrestrial Documentaries
  178. Great multiple sightings 26th March 2012. King's Lynn UK
  179. Some cool space photos
  180. 3rd UFO Seen Flying Out Of Bugarach Mountain, France VIDEO March 28, 2012 News
  181. Is SoHo Blocking a huge laser light?
  182. Girl Sees UFO On Her 12th Birthday, Gives To TV News, Video, March 2012
  183. Airline Passenger Films Super Sonic UFO above Birmingham, Alabama
  184. UFO Over Los Vegas Nevada - March 24th 2012
  185. UFO interaction Ellingham, Suffolk Winter 1977-8
  186. [Must Watch!] Underground Base at Dulce - Hidden Reality & True Story of Phil Schneider
  187. Cute daytime Orb and night time Orb Cluster March 17-20th 2012
  188. UFO Orbs Fly Over Hong Kong, China Moving Fast, Video, April 2012
  189. Former reserve deputy talks about being terminated for investigating UFOs
  190. "Aliens created humanity" - Alex Jones covers Ridley Scott's New Prometheus Film
  191. Butch Witkowski UFOs And Human Mutilations..!
  192. Ptaah (ET) and Billy Meier Discussing 2012 - Contact #476 March 2nd 2009
  193. Details information about Pleiadians and Reptilans
  194. Sherry Turkle: Connected, but alone?
  195. NASA ISS Desktop Photo Confirms UFO Disclosure??
  196. [Wow!] UFO video on Yahoo News
  197. Ozark UFO Conference 13 through 15 April 2012
  198. UFO filmed over Ipswich, Queensland Australia - 12 April 2012
  199. UFO Compilations from February and March 2012
  200. Sammy Hagar say he was Programmed by Aliens
  201. American Scientist Ronald Breslow Admits Reptilians Humanoids Exist
  202. Do intelligent dinosaurs really rule alien worlds?
  203. Is Project Blue Beam Imminent? Alien Invasion Media Stories.
  204. Daytime Television show This Morning Debates UFOs
  205. UFO Attacks & Kills 9 Hikers In Russia For Real Pictures
  206. Biggest ufo recorded on video!!
  207. Detective GARY HESSELTINE 20.4.2012 - 1/4 - Police UFO Sightings - COAST to COAST
  208. Nicki Minaj Reptilian Shapshift Caught In Motion!!
  209. Anonymous: We are not alone - Anonymous claims to have proof of 'inter-dimensional' aliens.
  210. WARNING [GRAPHIC] Horrific Proof Aliens Mutilating Humans..!
  211. Kettler: ETs/EDs Raid Bremerhaven, Germany
  212. Apollo 11 UFOs caught on Film!
  213. Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer talks about ufos & free energy
  214. Giant ship/anomaly next to the sun May 3rd 2012
  215. New 2012 UFO HD Docu-Trailer 'Sirius' + Real X-Files introduction by John Kuhles
  216. Men In Black on Security Camera Footage - After UFO Sighting (MIB)
  217. New Undebunkable UFO Documentary 'Secret Access' HD 2012
  218. The Real Story Behind Aliens, UFOs, Demons, Illuminati & Satanism
  219. 4th Dimensional Winged Being Caught On Tape By Mall Security Camera..!
  220. The Mysterious Groening Sounds Heard All Over the Planet Possibly UFOs
  221. NSA Document Admits ET Contact
  222. Will Smith's son asks Obama about aliens
  223. UFO Amnesty: Ex-Army Colonel John Alexander Seeks Amnesty For Military UFO Witnesses
  224. Alien hunter steps down from extraterrestrial search
  225. Interesting Interdimensional on Video-Chicago
  226. [Real] ET craft UFO Orb Responds during CE-5 June 4 2011 10:38 pm Cross Roads, Texas
  227. UFO Sighting - aircraft footage
  228. Mothership With Orbs Over London 2011
  229. Giant UFO Fires Beam of Energy Near Sun Solar Nasa Soho Mystery 2012 HD
  230. UFO fleet photgraphed over Denmark?
  231. MSM show 'Fact or Faked' captures good UFO footage in Florida
  232. UFOs Recorded Near NORAD in SW Colorado Springs
  233. Spiral Light Observed in Middle East 2012
  234. UFOTV - RODS: A Strange UFO Mystery
  235. UFO Daylight Landing At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport–Breaking!
  236. Richard Dolan on The Unexplained UFOs June 16, 2012
  237. Interesting orange energy signature caught on Hawaii webcam
  238. A UFO slipped past the editors of NASA archive footage?
  239. UFO streaked past Chinese Spacecraft
  240. UFO Filmed at Paris Airport
  241. The Aztec Incident: The lesser known cousin of The Roswell Incident - UFO Incident from 1948
  242. UFO Seen/Filmed in Astrakhan Sky for 30min
  243. Underground Tunnels, Cities, and Civilizatio (Video) and comments on the videos
  244. The DNI Dept of Naval or National Intelligence Level 27 Alien Interrogation Video
  245. Five Good Reasons To Believe in UFOs
  246. George Green - The Red, Blue and Green strobing lights in sky are Starships
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  250. UFO's and Aliens Contact 2012 (Full Documentary) - A different perspective on Aliens