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  1. EU space official supports UFO disclosure ? says NASA can?t be trusted
  2. Barack Obama to declasify anti gravity
  3. FastWalkers UFO Disclosure
  4. The Aliens on the Moon
  5. Will Obama confirm that there are aliens?
  6. Brazilian secret UFO documents released
  7. UFO disclosure in France? Vive Le France. Vive Le UFO Revolucion!
  8. Bil Ryan: Obama announces that America is likely to have contact with ET races 6 frie
  9. MSNBC DISCLOSURE!!: UFOs Seen Over Hawaii
  11. Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent
  12. Would Disclosure = Nuclear war?
  13. Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent
  14. CSETI/Disclosure Project Update - URGENT RELEASE - Special Presidential Briefing
  15. Nellis AFB UFO training school
  16. Don't buy into the ET's fear
  17. Preparation of introduction to ETís R U ready?
  18. Bulgarian Disclosure? 26th Nov 09
  19. UFO documentaries in a row
  20. U.S. military is liaising with extraterrestrial life according to independent source
  21. Barack Obama not disclosing extraterrestrial presence is top ET/UFO story of 2009
  22. Larry King: UFO Files X-POSED
  23. Jones admits governments are conditioning us fot ET /UFO Disclosure
  24. Fireball XL5 in the spirit of drip, drip, disclosure
  25. Disclosure Project News Bulletin - Clinton/PROJECT STARLIGHT Briefings
  26. New Zealand Military to Release Secret UFO Files
  27. Cnn announces military disclosure
  28. Kevin Smith show about the Bulgarian scientist
  29. Disclosure Happened On The 23rd Nov 2009 - Must See!!
  30. Britain release 6,000 UFO pages
  31. New Disclosure of Alien / UFO Base in NC
  32. [FYI] Twelve Government Documents That Take UFOs Seriously
  33. More really good signs of disclosure (Louis Farakhan)
  34. Disclosure already happened in india (we just didn't hear about it)
  35. Did contact Happen in 1977
  36. Russian president asked to investigate alien claims
  37. UFO Disclosure X-con 2010
  38. British Prime Minister Promises Openness on Extraterrestrial Visitation
  39. Report by former statesman of president Eisenhower, invited to alien ET contact
  40. Physicist calls UFO cover-up a 'cosmic Watergate'
  41. A step towards disclosure..
  42. Former Armed Forces head wanted probe into UFO sighting, newly released files show
  43. Mario Borghezio, Italian Member Of The European Parliament, Calls For Declassificatio
  44. Australian Police as UFO Witnesses
  45. TIDAL WAVE of UFO Disclosure
  46. Audio interview Laura Eisenhower by Alfred Webre of Exopolitics
  47. The Day Before Disclosure - Steven Greer Full Interview
  48. Dr. Steven Greer "Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence" Remember why we are here
  49. Dr. Steven Greer Holds His Own Rendition of Shock and Awe
  50. Winston Churchill may have ordered UFO cover-up
  51. New British government secret UFO files realeased.
  52. Brazilian Government officially create a law for pilots when they see an UFO
  53. UFOs: Disney's Video 'Alien Encounters'
  54. Disclosure Has Happened - Little Grandmother
  55. Secret data allegedly disclosed on 'visitors' from space...
  56. 'massive ufo events to take place! Our gov't knows about it .' ex-nasa official.
  57. Listen to Steven Greer on World Puja free
  58. Disclosure Conference, National Press Club 27 Sept 2010
  59. More MSM Coverage of the Disclosure Conference - CBC News
  60. Disclosure Conference live on CNN-I think we're getting closer to the truth...
  61. Robert Hastings 'UFOs are Here' Interview on CNN
  62. FaceBook - against ET/UFO disclosure...!
  63. ET/ Alien Disclosure Is Already Here
  64. The Day before disclosure
  65. Disclosure Conference, National Press Club, 27 September 2010 (extended version, English)
  66. Why are UK Schools Doing UFO Crash Drills?
  67. Startling New Disclosure Evidence from the Murder of a President
  68. Press Conference: International cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space
  69. United Nation - Mankind Is Poorly Prepared For Extraterrestrial UFO Disclosure
  70. October Already An Auspicious Month for UFO Disclosure Advocates
  71. David Wilcock blog about coming disclosure, and the EVENET series
  72. The Canadian National Newspaper: Famed NASA Astronaut confirms ET's are here
  73. NASA: Mars' soil could support life
  74. Interview with Stephen Bassett: UFO Disclosure & The EU (Oct 2010)
  75. UFOs: Why So Many in the News?
  76. Not one, but two UFO stories in UK's Daily Mail
  77. Countries that have partially or fully disclosed
  78. NASA News conference re. Astrobiological find????
  79. NASA puts Alien Believers in a Spin with announcement of 'Astrobiology finding'
  80. MSM Disclosure? Telegraph: "Alien Life Could Exist Under Our Noses"
  81. Disclosure?: NASA Presser Dec. 2
  82. CNN Experts Say Aliens Real! We've been working with them for over 50 years now
  83. NASA to announce Ďaliení bacteria that survives in arsenic
  84. New unreleased wikileaks files contain references to UFO's!
  85. Disclosure Project Release William Pawelec Interview
  86. Stephen Bassett - The 'Disclosure Process' and why it IS working
  87. New Zealand Government Releases UFO Archives
  88. Obama to discuss Alien contact in next month
  89. Message From Richard Dolan - re: Disclosure
  90. UFOs are making friends with Russians
  91. Greer-Pawelec testimony on chips released after Pawelec's death
  92. Argentinean Air Force Announces Creation of UFO Commission
  93. Argentina to record UFO sightings
  94. Earth Must Prepare for Close Encounter with Aliens, Say Scientists
  95. Elite Society: Earth Must Prepare For Encounter With Violent Aliens
  96. Is Humanity Ready for Aliens? California Psychologist: Humanity Ready for Aliens!
  97. Unity consciousness will collapse military-industrial-complex: Laura Eisenhower
  98. UFOs In South America - Disclosure Has Begun - Full Feature
  99. Chinese National TV reporting impending UFO/ET disclosure by Obama government
  100. CSETI releases an ET Iphone Contact Tool
  101. William Pawelec Interviewed by Stephen Greer
  102. Towards a Peaceful Economy
  103. Disclosure May Come Sooner Than You Think!
  104. An interview with an Alien?
  105. The Nation of Islam to Discuss UFO's
  106. Britain releases UFO files
  107. Videos of extraterrestrial life panel for business leaders released
  108. World business leaders told flying saucers are real & extraterrestrials exist
  109. For those who deny UFO's?
  110. What will happen first? And what will happen last?
  111. What does everyone think of "http://www.truinsight.com/purchase.htm" Real ufo stuff or a big scam?
  112. Anyone seen a UFO?
  113. Why does NASA consistently cover up UFO evidence?
  114. Disclosure project. Does anyone here believe some of the witnesses' testimonies?
  115. Politics and UFOs - ABCNews.com?
  116. All right, "disclosure people" when are y'all going to get up off your a55es?
  118. Are you ready for a disclosure?
  119. This video is about proof of 'UFO's' what do you make of it?
  120. ufo activity worldwide on the rise and ex military officials providing evidence of such unexplained activity?
  121. Spiritually Speaking, would you agree?
  122. what if highly credital people who use to work for the goverment admit life on other planets?
  123. What Is The Truth About The Base On The Moon?
  124. Is a full disclosure possible soon (2009)?
  125. Do you think disclosure will ever happen...?
  126. Have you seen "The Disclosure Project?"?
  128. How would you react if aliens existed AND the goverment was the one to disclose the information?
  129. Hypothetical Situation-Alien Disclosure?
  130. Whats your opinion or suggestion on my intro paragraph?
  131. ufo disclosure...................?
  132. Do you think world governments especially the USA, is preparing us for full UFO disclosure?
  133. US Officals -shocking UFO DISCLOSURE national press conference watch it at Youtube.com , I'd like comments
  134. What happened with the Disclosure Project? (UFO, ET)?
  135. UFO's ARE REAL!!!!????
  136. Why don't aliens just come out!?
  137. What do you think about these conspiracies/events?
  138. Just found out we're not alone in the universe. Can this possibly be true?
  139. Was Roswell a UFO coverup?
  140. UFO Aliens to be announced....?
  141. Will Dr. Greer's 'Disclosure Project' Address Cattle Mutilations?
  142. are aliens real ? .. if so do u tthink that we'll have E't disclosure?
  143. What do people make of this?
  144. How do skeptics feel about The Disclosure Project?
  145. What does astrology say about 2012?
  146. I want to know all about UFOs?
  147. Why does the government hide secrets about falling objects from the sky (UFOs)?
  148. UFOOOO's are real!!!!???
  149. Just watching Letterman,is an alien agenda within proximity?
  150. Are Aliens actually Spiritual beings from a higher plane that will enlighten us spirtually in 2012?
  151. Catholics, is this common knowledge among you, or are you kept in the dark buy your church on this?
  152. Are there any catholics out there ready to ask your priests what the Vatican means by this?
  153. After the Mexican Government publicly disclosed UFOs why didn't America follow suit?
  154. NASA Administrator on UFOs and alien life : "rewrite textbooks" soon (VIDEO)
  155. Several DISCLOSURED FBI docs pertaining to ETS and UFOS
  156. FBI Memo - Confirms 'Roswell Saucer Retrieval'
  157. National Security Agency Releases Some UFO Documents Online
  158. Right or Wrong The Vatican is Leading the World to Full Disclosure
  159. Michio Kaku interviews Leslie Kean on UFO Disclosure!
  160. The real reptilian and alien entity disclosure
  161. Disclosure project discussion free today on worldpuja.org
  162. Steven Greer Charged in Federal Court
  163. Vatican Official Declares Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real
  164. Steve Bassett's PRG's New Project - World Disclosure Day July 8th
  165. Lengthy Interview with Stanton Friedman on Front page of CBC
  166. Transformers 4: Is Disclosure Ramping Up?
  167. ET Contact and UFO Disclosure - Update
  168. More NASA Disclosure weirdness
  169. Is UFO / Alien Disclosure coming soon?
  170. Greer: Disclosure Project 10 years later
  171. Bogus disclosure Lure
  172. Bob Lazar (Area 51/S4) Hypnotic (Regression) Transcripts
  173. Tracy Lawrence, Whistleblower On Massive Foreclosure Fraud, Found Dead
  174. Germans to release ufo files
  175. Ex-China (Foreign Ministry Official) says (Extraterrestrials) Live Among Us..!
  176. 12 Real Documents The White House Needs To Read Before Answering Any UFO Petition
  177. Greer on the space program
  178. UFO disclosure starts in Asia
  179. Chinese culture more open to idea of ET races
  180. Dr. Steven Greer & Colin Andrews: Crop Circles and ET Visitors, 1-27-2012
  181. UFO Hovers over Ancient Ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru taken by Tourist, Feb 2012 VIDEO
  182. F16 in dogfight with UFOs?
  183. Triangle UFO Over Bolivia During Thunder Storm, Looks like a TR-3B, Video Jan 17,2011
  184. Disclosure Daily Mail ... President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens.
  185. UFO Explodes And Crashes In South Carolina ?
  186. UFO Disks Glowing Over Airport of Tijuana, Mexico on Feb 16, 2012 Video News
  187. UFO Orb Hovers Over Mexico Volcano Caught On TV Camera (VIDEO) Alien Base Entrance Di
  188. No ridicule for a Dutch newspaper's Website displays UFO article and video
  189. Greer, CSETI on disclosure & 2012
  190. NEW Ancient UFO-DISCLOSURE Artifacts Revealed!!!
  191. Former Canadian Minister (PAUL HELLYER) Talks About Importance Of UFO Disclosure To Get Free Energy
  192. Dr. Greer & Marilyn Gewacke on contact
  193. Super Moon UFO Caught March,19th 2011
  194. U.S. Military Making Plans for an Alien Invasion (Potential False Flag Event)
  195. Anonymous message to nasa
  196. Steven Greer Presents: 'Sirius' The Documentary
  197. Daily Mail - 'Alien Skull in Peru?' Soft Disclosure?
  198. Disclosure Imminent - In 6 to 10 days? - The truth is out there about UFO in Baltic Sea, Swedish scientists say
  199. US Government gives NASA powerful telescopes from 'secret space program
  200. MSM - Americans favour Obama to defend against ALIENS..?!
  201. will aliens invade London during the Olympics...Olympics 2012 Conspiracies & The BBC
  202. Recently Released UFO documents (MOD UK)
  203. New Zealand and Australia UFO documents released
  204. Presentation by Edgar Fouche former master sargent and Area 51 employee
  205. 30 Years Of UFO Crash Reports Go Public
  206. Disclosure...Roswell?
  207. The Truth Behind the Matrix - Camelot disclosure from Kerry Cassidy
  208. Disclosure? Denver Co MSM
  209. Russian Prime Minister Claims That ETs Live Amongst Earth Humans NOW
  210. How's This For Disclosure? NASA, Satanism and the Occult with Richard C. Hoagland
  211. SIRIUS the Movie Trailer
  212. Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will
  213. Did I miss that US and world scientist accept that there was a life form in mars in the past?
  214. World leaders prepare for discovery of extraterrestrial life in 10 years
  215. New Alien Evidence? 2013 UFO OVNI 飞碟 НЛО ユーフォー Steven Sadleir & Dr. Steven Greer
  216. Toronto UFO/ET Disclosure Live Webstream Event (7th Feb2013)
  217. NASA's admits to unidentified objects near space shuttle are real.
  218. NASA leak by Anonymous squad 035
  219. Escape From Planet Earth - Movie Trailer
  220. Did the Russian Just Admit to Contact With Alien Civilization, It Appears So!
  221. Aliens And The Vatican 2013
  222. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: Witness Testimony
  223. Canadian government no longer investigating UFOs
  224. CIA Director Denies Steven Greer Briefed CIA (In Writing)
  225. NORAD Knows UFOs Are Alien
  226. The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is Coming
  227. Aliens worked with US military 2013 March 23 Australian TV
  228. Pope Francis to announce extraterrestrial savior according to new book
  229. Former Members of Congress to Convene a Citizen Hearing On Disclosure
  230. Brazilian Disclosure
  231. David Wilcock: The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit
  232. UFO conspiracy hearing boosted by former congressmen and senator
  233. Kerry Cassidy's update from the Washington DC Disclosure Hearings
  234. Citizens Hearing on Disclosure thread
  235. Proposal For United Nations To Sponsor A UFO World Conference
  236. Australia Newspaper Hosts Series About Aliens
  237. Bentwaters UFO Incident Brought Into The Light By Congress
  238. Obama Reveals Roswell UFO Hints According To Grant Cameron
  239. UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Canadian Minister of Defense
  240. Steven Greer's core team has apparently left him (long report by Alfred Webre)
  241. UK astronomers to co-ordinate their search for alien signals
  242. Venezuelan Asylum Achieved, Snowden reveals UFO Documents
  243. Russia discloses Alien - X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed
  244. Air force commercial where American Airman Colonel Alvin Drew mentioned STARSHIPS
  245. YouTube claim about Edward Snowden: "UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle"
  246. OUR STORY: The SETI Institute
  247. The Bases Project 28 Jeff Scott witness
  248. 8700 pages of Canadian UFO documents
  249. Steve Greer's speech at Joshua Tree - August, 2013
  250. Rare Bob Lazar interview 1991