Living in Light At The Center Of The Wheel

By Dog Poet
I saw this quote at the S&MSM this morning, “Policymakers are grappling with how a destitute, corrupt and now devastated country might be transformed”. I thought, “Hmmm that sounds like America”. They were talking about Haiti of course but it was an eerie moment. The American slide seems inexorable and now Scanners is coming to an airport theater near you sometime soon. Of course, scanners aren’t necessary, neither is the TSA or The Federal Reserve. It appears that things just have to play themselves out, no matter what, and that may be all to the good because… as things become more and more preposterous and absurd; as the justifications for greed, control and bad behavior become more and more impossible to swallow, the integrity of the structure can no longer hold.

Just as there is architecture to buildings and bridges, there is also architecture to governments and cultures. They are all load bearing. They all have to take and process stress. They all have to be able to withstand natural forces and so on and so forth. When the structure or system goes out of wack it is also on its way down… no two ways about it. When it ages and loses the strength in certain supporting features, trouble is on the way. This may also be to the good because new ideas are needed for a new age and one is upon us. Also, governments and cultures need to be transformed in order to express the new conditions that the coming age is all about.

This doesn’t mean an end to war and equity for all. This isn’t that kind of planet. War will always find a home somewhere, as ancient grievances are worked out or lessons are learned through the playing out of bad intentions on the playing field of the manifest. As for equity… rich and poor are states of mind, as well as periods of temporary Karma; also a lesson. It’s all about lessons here. Learn your lesson and you’ll move on to the next grade. Eventually you will graduate to another plane and it goes on and on and on.

Secret societies are like this. They are all about lessons and increased responsibilities. Publicly known fraternal orders and fellowships are the same. They are also about social mixing, projects of a personal or charitable nature and an adhesiveness that binds people together through purpose and sometimes oaths, which intend purpose, as well as limits on behavior …and fealty to some essential ideal. These may be important or only seem important but… we have them and we have always had them.

In these orders, both public and hidden you are on a road that ends in some kind of archetypal personality… or it may never end but just become more and more integrated into the archetype. It may be a being of shadow or a being of light. Our motives and intentions determine this and also determine that which attracts, motivates and inspires us to be better or worse than we were. Take from this what you will, that’s just how it is.

I’ve tried to stay away from open criticism of the known faces of alternative web sites whose public intent is the exposure of wrong-doing on the part of our present status quo. There’s plenty of it there to expose and more to come. Some of these people are celebrities and they go on speaking tours. They produce films and write books and they make a lot of money. It’s not different in the status quo in that regard. One of them is telling more of the truth that the other but that’s only because they aren’t the status quo yet. Most of them are not telling all that they know and none of them know all there is to know… nor ever shall. Some of them are not telling the whole truth because they wouldn’t be doing the business they are doing if they did and some of them are talking about fantastic things that may be true in part or not at all but …fantastic sells.

You have to ask yourself if someone who tells some of the truth- but avoids the greater truth- is really providing a useful service. If someone is directing your attention away from the real perpetrators of a crime, because they are partly financed by these perpetrators, or in association with these perpetrators and profiting thereby, you have to ask yourself if this is not pretty much the same as the status quo which keeps parading Al Qaeda in front of you and manufacturing new and improved Bin Laden’s for the fashion runways of social control.

There’s a certain rock star economist running for political office and he is the darling of some of these alternative news services. There’s another politician who has called for an investigation into the Federal Reserve. He was running for president and he acquired tens of millions of dollars for his campaign and then dropped out without much explanation when… continuing to run, even if he lost, would have brought a lot of attention to bear on important questions. I don’t know what happened to that money. Maybe you do.

Meanwhile a man came out of nowhere and became president on promises of ‘hope and change’. He has devastated hope and changed nothing. He has even made things worse. He’s a tool of those who finance both sides of the equation with the intent of controlling both of them. One side moves you in one direction and the other in another and you become like a horse with a bit in its mouth responding to the tug of the reins. This is why a truly honest person is the most dangerous person on Earth to the vested interests. Truly honest people should really stay out of the arena for their own good. Sometimes they can’t help themselves but they should make it a point not to let their profile grow too large. It’s probably a good idea to possess some amount of apparent flaws as a protection against too much success.

These rock star economists come and go. What I notice though is that the more successful they become the less they resemble what caused you to support them in the first place. They don’t have to please you any more or be a member of the courageous opposition because they are in the club now. They got what they were after and they don’t need you any more; not at the moment anyway. Your present leader of the world’s fading super power is prima facie evidence of this. He is nothing he said he was or would be. He is the reverse. I do not expect much different from these others but hope springs eternal.

I think we would all be better at this time to not place our hope and faith in any new faces promising to change the system or make a difference in the halls of power. It just isn’t something you see. Something happens to these people. Either they were never who they said they were in the first place or they made the necessary accommodations to get into power and ceased to be what they were in the first place. That, once again, begs the question if they were who they said they were in the first place.

Well… it does come down to balance and an argument can be made that it is the, ‘mostly good’ but still flawed men and women who keep the mercenaries from being even worse than they might be. At this time I fail to see anyone keeping the mercenaries from doing whatever they please. Some of us who might ring the common heart with passionate oratory about a better way will not find ourselves at the bully pulpit any time soon. Often the changes wrought upon the world by decent and courageous hearts are only felt with any significance upon their departure.

I believe that the momentous changes which are upon us are much greater than the ability of any man or woman to militate against …or even understand the complexities of. I believe you must seek instead to align yourself with the living truth within and serve in whatever capacity is given to you. It is a time for reflection and general charity along with a willing spirit. The rest will take care of itself. Regardless of what the visible powers of the moment may do or intend they also serve the one who controls everything. It’s really about testing your faith and your mettle more than it is a crisis of choices or a rising to the call. The outcome of the seeming battle was decided long ago. This is where I place my hope and faith and the details will be taken care of by a greater hand.

I do not mean what I have said here as a criticism of these people (not that my saying so will make any difference to those with stars in their eyes) whom I haven’t even named. I am merely explaining why I’m not doing splits and waving pom poms from the sidelines. As time passes, my trust is more and more placed on one thing and more and more difficult to win by anything or anyone else.

I think this is a time to seek to embrace the higher qualities we are heir to and let go of whatever has held us back from receiving them. There are many destinies working themselves out at the moment. The battle is not with these fools who dream of powers they cannot control. The battle is with ourselves and that one is resolved the moment we cease to contend against ourselves.