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Only I be doing this because Of Its IMPORTANCE

The members of the Bush/Clinton Nazi crime family made a fatal error when

they decided to attack Haiti with an earthquake weapon. An international

hunt down and kill order has been issued against Bill Clinton, Barack Obama,

George Bushes Senior and Junior and General P.K. Keen among others,

according to sources affiliated with various secret societies. This Nazi

cabal sent a CIA agent to the Black Dragon Society to give forewarning of

the attack. The agent talked about the Tsunami unleashed against Indonesia

and said ³the oil companies won a war and nobody knew about it.² Well, now

everybody knows about it.

The Japanese Yakuza now know the Kobe earthquake of 1995 was the result of a

deliberate attack and they are eager for revenge. The people of Indonesia

now know the tsunami was a deliberate attack and they know who ordered it.

They are also eager for revenge. The Chinese now know the 1976 earthquake

that killed 655,000 people was a deliberate attack and are eager for

justice. The people of Haiti also know who attacked them and will also seek

revenge. Etc. Etc. There is now nowhere on earth for these criminals to


It was not lost on the Black Dragon Society that the attack on Haiti came on

the anniversary of the Kobe earthquake but the society has a policy of not

responding to threats. If they think they are going to unleash a Tsunami

against Tokyo and get away with it, they are truly insane.

The criminal cabal is also wrong in their belief that they will be able to

grab more plunder in the form of ³aid² for Haiti. This is not going to


Meanwhile, new information about the Asian agents of the Federal Reserve

Board can now be made public. The so-called ³Ming² faction of the Chinese

has in fact been thoroughly infiltrated, bribed and conned by the Federal

Reserve Board faction led by David Rockefeller, Znigniew Brzezinski and

George Soros. As always, these people reveal themselves through their


When they sent the Emperor to Washington to try to cash giant checks for the

Federal Reserve Board, they tipped their hand. Japanese power broker Ichiro

Ozawa ordered the emperor to meet Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping (???

as soon as he returned. When it turned out the emperor returned

empty-handed, there was much consternation in China.

We have learned from Pentagon sources that many senior members of the Red

and Green in Taiwan have been bribed by the Federal Reserve Board. In

addition, the Feds promised to hand over Japan to Chinese rule by 2011 and

offered Xi the job of ³Emperor of the World.²

Ozawa himself is a deep sleeper Fed agent. He brought large delegations of

members of Parliament from the Democratic Party of Japan to China. There,

according to a member of one delegation, they were each put up in a fancy

guest house occupied by 20 extremely beautiful and intelligent women. Most

of the delegates accepted generous gifts of honey and money and agreed to

obey ³Chinese² (i.e. secret Fed) rule.

According senior members of the DPJ Ozawa personally selected or vetted all

DPJ Parliamentary candidates. They were selected on the basis that they

³must follow Ozawa¹s manifesto like students studying a text book.² Ozawa

himself is following instructions from the Federal Reserve Board. He is

surrounded by two British, one French and one Chinese ³secretary² who

³handle² him.

Prime Minister Hatoyama is also, as mentioned before, a freemason according

to his wife and a member of the British royal family. As such, he is bound

to obey orders from the grand lodge in London on pain of death.

The entire farcical show about the fate of US bases in Japan is just a show

for public consumption. The current criminal US government has already shown

it has no intention of defending Japan by begging China to become part of a

³G2² with the US. The US has already made a secret decision to relocate its

forces to Guam.

Of course the Chinese Ming faction has been fooled into believing these

criminals really intend to hand control of Japan and the world over to China

in 2011. All they are really trying to do is buy time so that they can

complete their plans for the mass murder of 4 billion people under the

pretext of an ³alien invasion.²

There have been countless attempts to force-feed this writer information

about ³aliens² and portals to other dimensions and space fleets and stuff

like that. My answer has been to say this: Even if there is a huge alien

presence on and around earth it is obvious then that we are under some sort

of quarantine or else anybody could go to the nearest space port and buy a

ticket to another planet.

Humanity must sort out its problems on its own and not just sit around

waiting for help from aliens or some Messiah while the Nazis plan their mass


These criminals who have destroyed Western civilization are so arrogant that

they just cannot comprehend that their entire evil structure of domination

is headed for an inevitable collapse.

The good news is that the benevolent forces working in Asia and the West are

getting very close to victory. While all funds linked to the criminal cabal

continue to be frozen, the forces of good are finalizing their preparations

for the new financial system.

Once the new system is announced, there will be a move made against the

Western media moguls like Rupert Murdoch to force them to start telling the

truth to the people of the planet.

When people start learning how much of what they were taught as history was

just lies and manipulation there will be great anger, bewilderment and

finally joy in the realization that a horrific nightmare is coming to an


We firmly believe that world peace, an end to poverty, and end to

environmental destruction and an era of unprecedented progress and

prosperity will begin this year and not in 2012.

This year of the tiger will be one of the most significant dates in human

history ever.


From his daily report

There are murder contracts out on Ozawa, Bill Clinton and the Bushes

Reliable underworld sources report that murder contracts have been taken out

on Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa. The people behind this contract are

Americans but it is not clear if this is the Federal Reserve Board or a

different group. The best way for the police to get to the bottom of this

would be to start questioning Japanese members of the trilateral commission.

Separate sources also report that Bill Clinton and most of the Bushes are

not expected to last long because of their vicious and cynical use of an

Earthquake weapon against Haiti. They thought they could use extreme

violence to prevent the announcement of a new financial system but they

thought wrong. In the past these thugs relied on secrecy and terror but they

have created so many enemies that they have lost their cloak of secrecy and

they have lost control of most of the world¹s military, spy agencies and

secret societies. They may be able to hide out in Texas and Arkansas for a

while but they will never, ever be allowed to appear in public without

taking extreme precautions.