May 23 (Sunday) Benjamin Fulford lecture Witch, a secret society of women, and age of the female goddess-we are starting to
Era of coexistence since the days of war and competition for resources. From time to time in the heart of things, came the era of sensitivity.

The world is "male-oriented society leaders" to "society women leaders" are about to change. 20th century marked by a constant struggle and war. Reached at times compelled to seek harmony in society limited. Mass production, mass consumption and mass waste and carbon dioxide, causing the dare is global warming and environmental destruction. Instead of confronting nature, time begins to seek coexistence with nature. Savage from the concrete jungle that is required for wood and green ambience. Not wasted. Leave having endless. Positive "nature time is asked" is. First is the changing consciousness at the individual level, things begin to change.

Changes in nature are seen. This year began with a full moon blue moon of the month twice. Women and the moon are related variety. Until now, the age of paternal age was, now requiring maternal age was also politically and economically. The rapidly rising status of women of reproductive age, and so on. Touch on issues related to women so:

Gizmo's feminism made artificially, the presence of women in Western secret societies (Freemasons and Illuminati but only male members, there are many organizations in the world of power by women), Muslim women satanism (the sacrifice of training to raise the devil, and family planning to make) about a witch hunt and witch (to be modern from ancient times), warrior women, called Amazon about the history and types of the Goddess of the World, Law and the Equal Employment Opportunity low birthrate problem, prostitution, mistresses, and men and women about the contracts such as marriage, women had better fields, better field of men to women, gender relations and learn from the animal world, and more.

Theme:Witches, women's secret society, and we are starting to age of the female goddess

Date: May 23, 2010 (Sun) 18:30 to 21:30 (Registration is from 18:00)

Location: District Center Sendagaya 2F (1-1-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Access: JR Harajuku Station Yamanote Line "Take****a Exit" 6-minute walk (Map.)

Cost: 3,000 yen (2,000 yen for students)

Application: name, contact information, number of participants, payment method (bank transfer or taking) stated above, the

E-mail (benjaminoffice88@gmail.com) Please apply.

Contact: Office Benjaminfurufodo (benjaminoffice88@gmail.com.)


If you submit the ※ The cost of the day thank you so as not to change.

※ The management fee expense lecture hall rental and home, let me cover the cost of bon appétit Benjaminfurufodo activity.

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