01-21-2011 03:57 PM


The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

Firstly, let me make it clear that I am not criticising or condemning Internet forums. They can be a great source of interaction and information exchange by some very intelligent and aware people. But through this medium has emerged a mentality, what I call Forum Man, that we need to be aware of and, more than anything, Forum Man needs to be aware of.

I say ‘Man’ because from what I have seen this mentality is expressed mostly through the male mind, though certainly not exclusively. Forum Man sits at his computer hiding behind log-in names, often hurling abuse in all directions, and claims to be streetwise about life and world events while talking the most monumental bollocks ...

... ‘Sovereign’, bless him, also wheels out the headshaking mentality that I have experienced virtually the entire time I have been on this road. He says that I get programmes about me on the BBC (I don’t, but fingers crossed) ‘while other researchers get taken out’.I love this one. This is a step on even from the ‘if you are well known you must be a front man for "them"'. Here we have reached the Twilight Zone in which to be really credible you must be dead.

These people, and they are extremely large in number, are not able to conceive of other forces at work intent on bringing down the walls of suppression and control because they are stuck firm in the conspiracy version of the victim mentality. Theirs is the world of the valiant hero who fought so bravely against all the odds with God, truth and justice on his side, but then was tragically taken out by the forces of evil, or the ‘Feds’, which is basically the same thing.

‘Jaaaahn’s dead, folks, what more proof do you need that he was right?’

‘You still alive? You must be one of “them”.’

It reminds me of the old ducking stool where they used to hold alleged witches under the water and if they drowned they were accepted not to have been a witch, but if they didn’t die they were convicted. I think they call it Catch 22.