By J. Speer-Williams

Our security and freedoms are disappearing * while they tell us they must take away our freedoms in order to keep us secure.

Our environment is dying * while they tell us they must destroy our environment for us to have food, energy, and industrial products.

Our infrastructure is crumbling * while they use our money to destroy foreign infrastructures.

Our money is becoming worthless * while they give our money to foreign bankers before it becomes worthless.

Our police are abusing us * while they claim our police are serving and protecting us.

Our foods, medicines, and vaccines are killing us * while they hide those facts from us.

Our wars and torturers are demoralizing us * while they claim their wars are freeing the oppressed for democracy.

Our education and TVs are making us stupid * while they are making us too stupid to know it.

And, our corporate media is lying to us * while they are shutting down the Internet, the only place we can find truth.

Wall Street, with its greed and insanities, coupled with corruption from Washington and ignorance from the American public has all but destroyed the American Dream with unprecedented nightmares.

Where did it all start"

Where will it all end?

Where is the man * and where are the people * who will reboot the American Dream?

J. Speer-Williams