In August 1997, Gene Ray, an American electrician living in Florida, posted an early draft of Nature’s Harmonic Simultaneous 4-day Time Cube on his website Using only colorful and oversized HTML text, occasional diagrams and ill-equipped metaphors, Ray argued that time-space continuum of the universe is shaped like a cube, while blaming the academic circles for denying the ineffable truth of “four days per rotation”:

In the grand scheme of Time-Cubism, 4 is considered the supreme number of the universe and thus time-space continuum can be divided into four classes, much like the Greeks did with the four humours and the four elements. These classes are called corners, which can be applied across several category fields:

•The four corners of the day are midnight, 6 AM, noon, and 6 PM
•The four corners of complexion are black, white, Asian, and Indian
•The four corners/stages of a person’s lifetime are baby, child, parent, and grandparent
•The four corners of a person’s head are the face, two ears, and back of the head
•The four corners of Earth are four arbitrary quadrants
•The four corners of the year are the four seasons

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