by Soluntra King

In November 2009 we have the 13th Gate and move through the Galactic Centre crossover point in the sixth dimension, as we move into the Sixth Night of the Galactic Underworld. You may notice how the 11th Gate and 12th Gate have already opened and it depends on what level of consciousness we are working with, and what dimensions we are open to as to how we perceive this in our own life and being. The good news is that the doorways are open for all who chose to move through. No one is a chosen one or special, we choose ourself, its up to you where we want to put yourself. Its a process of openings and at first they happen in the higher dimensional realms and eventually come through to the third dimension. This has exhilarated and if you are just waiting for 21st December 2012 then you may not have realized that its now, everything is in the now, and when we have unified our dark and light within us and our illusionary patterns and beliefs, we are open to the higher frequencies of Light within from the Source and the higher Light frequencies of the Earth and the Universe.

I have seen myself already in the New Earth and I am sure you may have had feelings that you are not here at times. Its not the old out of body not grounded feeling, well for those that have got themselves present anyway, but that in your higher dimensional bodies you are already there, now its a process of integrating your higher dimensional bodies with your physical, the higher dimensional Earth with the third dimensional. The worlds are merging the veils thinning and we are all sensing it. The Thirteenth Gate is another level of union. We need to be ready for when our Solar System moves through the Galactic Plane in 2012.

A gateway that opens is just like one person may hack a track through the jungle, then more people come through and the track gets easier to follow. Then it becomes a dirt road as more people follow it, then a tar sealed road, and eventually a highway as everyone is able to travel through the forest, so too with the gates and energies that are happening. To me we are already through the Galactic Centre and here in our past doing a repair job so that it creates a positive future for us all. We have played around in duality with our power and control dramas, manipulated energies, and been the victim and victimizer with limited consciousness and two strands of DNA slave mentality. This is still happening as you are aware right now on Earth with the final plays of dark and light, the boring old game that some of us have completed and some of us still want to play. We choose our worlds and its no judgment on whether we are on the track, or the highway or through the gateway of our heart.

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