This is what was said months ago about what was to happen in April. It is now July and yet another 'deadline' passes

The latest anonymous 'Drake' deadline of July 4th for 'mass arrests of the elite' has now passed just like all the others.
Okay, what to know: it's all bollocks.
What to do: ignore this shit.
What not to do: take this shit seriously.
(Is that how you spell imminent?)

David Wilcock, the blogger and radio host who has been promoting this 'Drake' crap for months (and sooooo much other crap over the years), is now retreating faster than the Dunkirk evacuation and trying to distance himself from what he more than anyone has publicly circulated. The man who told us in 2008 that Obama had been 'sent' to help humanity and was not controlled by the 'power elite' is also apparently having 'negative comments' to his blog banned so that only the sychophants are allowed to have their say.

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