The following statement was released by Congressional Candidate Kesha Rogers TX-22

While condolences pour in from around the world in the wake of the terror bombings in Syria and Russia, President Obama has remained conspicuously silent. By not condemning such violence, the Obama administration is tacitly supporting terrorism being used to overthrow the Syrian government. This should serve as a clear warning to the American people in the four months before our national election, about what our president considers permissible, regarding a change in administration.

The evidence is now piling up that the global financial system currently known as “too big to fail”, has been the main source of the planet’s drug money laundering, has financed a global terrorist network, and has ripped off entire nations, in upwards of hundreds of billions of dollars. As each day turns up new evidence of this, yet another senior official in Obama’s cabinet is implicated in this massive criminal operation against civilized humanity. While British gangsters are playing with fuses -in Syria, Iran, Russia, and elsewhere- trying to ignite thermonuclear world war, their insane puppet Obama is allowing it to happen by refusing to condemn, expose, and prosecute such criminal activity. Who delights in killing? The President of the United States.

Patriots around the world are seizing the moment, to prevent this insane president from receiving the Democratic Party nomination at the national convention in September, by dumping him now. One faction within the British establishment has already moved to dump Obama, by exposing the LIBOR rigging, while another faction is still committed, with Obama, to unleashing world war. We must join the voices of sanity within the highest institutions of the world, which have now demanded a return to the prudent methods of Glass-Steagall banking, so such criminal operations are exposed and bankrupted.