March 21, 2009


For many years, many people on the earthly plane discussed Ascension. Many have said that space creatures on the earth will come to the good souls away. Others have predicted that only certain church groups will ascend when the Soul Christ returns. The truth is that mankind can ascend, but that many souls this has not worked because they do not raise their vibration.

The energy of the photo belt, the Christ Spirit helps raise the vibration of them on this planet. Many souls will not be able to identify the higher energy prices unless their blockades and have been involved with managing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Millions of souls on the earthly plane are caught, incarnation after incarnation recurring, powerless to vibration to leave by the lack of knowledge about the chakras and their purpose. They lack the knowledge of the recall of past lives and keep themselves in darkness, only the reach nirvana or peace between distorted lives. They need time to return to try the impurities of life after life away to be purified. The Soul Christ came 2000 years ago by Jesus, he was a medium and healer. He transforms figure's as many mediums today, and he took the energy of the photo with belt. Now this is done to help humanity vibration increases. Sadly, the words of the teacher Jesus distorted beyond their original meaning. It requires awareness, experience and knowledge to recognize the meanings. Many other prophets have spoken and new energy and messages of the Masters in order to help humanity, but many have misinterpreted the unconscious man.

The message is again in the hope that humanity can hear. For those who have sought spiritual support, without conditioning and negative thoughts are. For those who love their neighbor, despite their trip and for those who follow the light and not a judge, they will finally leave the earthly plane to never to return. They will go to a higher vibration away from the negativity and they will comply with the Supreme Being or God. This will happen all souls who are currently living and their vibration have increased. Those who do not increase their vibration and the message of the Masters will not need again in the third dimensional reality remain shackled. For time to be born for thousands of Earth years, to a different energy in order to transform and help those who want to go away.

Many of those third-dimensional plane, this time leaving associated with spatial brotherhood of many lives ago. They came to sow and to teach. But when their energy mix with those of the third dimensional humanity on earth, mixed their Higher Self (which was the purest and highest) with the Self of the primitive man. The animal part of humanity, and the subsequent offspring was related to the earth. Life after life incarnate, trying to rid itself of the Self. Desperately trying to engage with the Higher Self to connect, but not in a position because the vibration of the planet was not high enough.

That is now changing and mankind has the opportunity to change. The dark forces gather also in wait to attack those who want change. Many will admit to the temptation and decline, but many will benefit, direction Ascension and together with God, and for good leaving the earthly plane. There is so little time and there are so many souls to reach. Much has been said and written, but the man sticks his head still in the sand. There are many channels driven and they are not heard because the humanity is the darkness to love and forget how the light is. It is the honest to themselves, negative or dark side to face, see the good in every soul, the awareness of the judge yourself and another, and what with you and the other is doing and what you manifest upgraded. Discover a peace beyond all understanding.

Allow yourself to the light leyden, let the light shine through, and the reward will be peace. Let yourself away from the earthly plane to Ascension to a higher vibration and to an association that everything you've ever known above. It can now begin. You can experience peace. You do just for the light to be, free from all criticism, consider another and another, free from the emotional body, the spiritual laws you understand and abide by them. Did you close and dear Lord God with all your heart, and be prepared for spiritual growth. The opening of this door is not easy, we have sent many teachers to help you, and if you so request you to run them. It means your own face and release it. Then you have ascend to make the higher vibration.

Lord Maitreya