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Thread: Ascension Itself

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    Ascension Itself

    Ascension, of course, is the ultimate goal for most of us here.

    Honestly, I am having a bit of a hard time getting over the hump of what I thought to be normal and getting to that side where reality lies. I am getting close to the reality side, but it's tough.

    I have been learning a lot through sites such as this. This is why I started this site. To continue the research and enlightenment to get to the point of ascension.

    David Wilcock puts it in a way that is very easy to take in and understand. I have come to be more at ease with reality.

    Davic Icke has also helped me 'evolve', so to speak.

    Without people like them, I don't think I would be at the point that I am. I hope to be fully at peace soon, but it will take more time and more research.

    I am fortunate to have come across people who share my views and opinions. I am also fortunate to have come across people who do not share my views and opinions, as this helps me learn more and become more enlightened on my path to ascension.

    After all, who doesn't want to become one with the ultimate energy and feel the ultimate love!

    Lady of Light
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Ascension Itself

    I hear you in your description of awakening. It seems to me that people who love with the light of their heart go through difficult times for a reason not apparent on the surfaces, only because their first thought and heartbeat is for the Source, Creator or whatever name they use. But those hardships open eyes and doors to other people who have something to share about why those 'problems' exist.

    Suffering like what we see in the world today has a reason, even if we know it is not the norm for mankind. At least through people like David Icke, we have a greater understanding by his research. His suffering and public humiliation gave him greater resolve, and even greater empathy for other people like you and I. It what makes him reach so many I think. How he carries his knowledge within the integrity of human understanding and compassion.

    His efforts to educate people in the face of such public embarrassment served his purpose as he persevered and lived his talk, a very fine example.

    He got better as a public speaker, less a lecturer than a storyteller who could bring to life complicated history and make it simple.

    there are few like him, but we can see that there are more and more through sites and forums like this one = where we meet across digital space and touch each other through our words an stories!

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