Images of Reality
Thursday, April 23, 2009

You are all builders of dreams. You create vision by measuring or weighing of reality. You build your own unique reality, your images of reality. These images are not stable factor and do not represent the majority, because all are unique in the game of creation. Images of reality, an expression of a unique substance that creates experiences for his contribution to his or her existence and life. Understand that the universe reorganizes itself to your image of reality to a place. What if you really like and where you put your life in tune, determines your perception of reality. The universe is only service. It takes you where and what you see as reality and classifies reorganizes slowly to your belief system to support. Therefore, everything you experience during your life, is responsible for your creation.

There are many pictures on your planet, are harmonious, others dissonance. Varied and numerous images of reality, the inhabitants of the Earth the opportunity for large-scale opportunities to experience, for their growth are needed. The core and the main thrust behind the development of real images, the definition of your identity. Your life or identity, as you see it, the world where you live. What you think you are, is the basis on which your unique individual world. Your current definition of your identity within the limits of the third dimension, limits the minimum your body and your ego the most. Some of you recognize the existence of the Spirit. Yet this is also limited.

It is so sad to see how these beautiful creatures create identities for themselves, that may not be large enough for such a light house. We ask you for a moment thinking about yourself to put aside. Let the restrictions that surround your imagination, and open yourself to a new possibility. Imagine that you are essentially a multi-dimensional self-expression to a single point. Imagine that you are a dreamer that aspect of himself to dream to play in creation.

Can you accept this idea, this picture of reality? Can you see what we show you? Ideas and thoughts create images of reality. Ideas are your reality, when you give yourself permission to believe in it. You make them real by your actions on this basis, as if she is the only value for your life. You say: is it really ...? The universe reorganizes itself and then makes it visible for you.

Currently you only have access to and identify with your own three-dimensional, which gives you limited yourself to only those words. If you believe that you are essentially a multi-dimensional, you will experience that your life and world reorganize itself to your new definition and identity support. This process makes it possible for you to access the different qualities and talents that are available under other lurch into other dimensions. This process is a help in the awakening and the global shift to the light.

Gaia has a unique picture of reality. You would have to find out what you mean Gaia. You are you fully aware of her physical body. Her body is feeling the plant kingdom and the kingdom of animals, which let her feel. So, where do you think that the mental body is? You are, in humanity. Unfortunately the majority sleeps and has not been activated. This dormant brain cells to sleep in a planetary consciousness! It is our mission to cells of the planet to awaken. You are her thoughts, her dreams and her insights. With each new thought or idea, the energetic patterns that are created through interaction. These patterns Gaia stores within the energy matrix, which surrounds the planet and penetrates. Gaia is your picture of reality. It is you and it is your support in the physical reality. Now you can see that it is possible to change your world!

As we said, Gaia is the great generator of images of reality. It can generate enough power for the impossible dream into a possibility and a probability transform. So far, she has as much attention to the negative and the positive images. When you awaken, remember her mission. When you access it by your own omniscient, you 'I Am' appearance, give you the access to this omniscient itself. The new magic of the Earth is the creation of a "Heaven on Earth '. They start towards its attention to address the negative images of fears. It has all you need to awaken to use your visionary powers to create new images of reality creation. Gaia has the support of all Gaia 'necessary to the manifestation of our dream to go.

Talk to your planet and the possibility of the dream of a "Heaven on Earth 'to coincide with your own vision. In your vision of accelerating the dream and the entanglement with Gaia. Gaia is preparing for the shift and it activates more light prisms in her body. This will release more information, which was designed to help transform the Earth into the light. Gaia and you ascend up the evolution ladder. It is your spaceship. We will lead you through the area, where the dimensions in each other. They will give you safe in the fifth dimension and deliver your newly created reality.

UNIVERSAL dreamer is the supreme creator of all things. UNIVERSAL SCHEPPER is the head atom. You all have this in your main nuclear bodies. All physical bodies are made by this atom. Every body is a perfect reflection of the head atom. In the three-dimensional reality, the rest of the body in shape by the first atom. This atom will head back to the light and the rest go. This is the first atomic power infusion and the association of the two opposite energies to a whole creation. It is the Yin Yang. Extreme heat and cold, united together to create the right conditions for creation. Gaia has its own head atom in its most inner core is. When they change, they push all its energy in the main atom to produce seed. It transports the seed energy by the dimensions to the light. It recreates itself from the energy within the head atom is stored.

(translated: Harmen Schouwerwou Nieuwe pagina 1)