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Thread: Star Child - The road back home

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    Star Child - The road back home

    Star Child - The road back home

    Tuesday, May 12, 2009

    Many people have an indescribable nostalgia for a place where they never seem to have been. The feeling is not here, feel that their parents might not really their parents. These people often feel lonely and misunderstood. Are often so tired that even the simplest act is already tiring. Common physical complaints are stacking up, especially in the neck, back and shoulders and often they are just sad, often seems that everything they do or fail to sit. They often have a lack of self-love, to improve the world, dreaming about foreign places, often gifted psychic can just cry in or erupt in anger, and often fantasize about a world or not 7bestaande future. They have sleeping problems, are stress-sensitive, highly sensitive, sometimes disoriented, often suffer from false awakening or lucidity, and an incomprehensible nostalgia.[/RIGHT] If you already recognize as a reader without having read the article, then you may belong to the group of people who are in possession of an old soul. People who as messenger to the earth and slowly but surely we must prepare for things to come. People who come from afar, our star children or people named stars. Always looking for in their earthly life, for something that they just can not find. If you already recognize, or if others recognize it, then we now want them on their way back home.

    Advance yourself as a child sometimes, whether you came from here? Were you perhaps for the open window, staring at the night sky and you sometimes had the feeling not of this earth to be? You think your parents might not be your real parents were? It may be that you are a star child. A star kid you not only by those thoughts and feelings, there is more to it. To ensure you are a star child would you really have to recognize in this article. We are sure that many of you are those that do. This is perhaps the moment when you as a child star or you will wake others recognize as child stars.

    Did you as a child that you could talk with animals, and others were sometimes a bit strange. Have you heard bullied and you do not really invented and sometimes things in the eyes of others were strange behavior and had you in the eyes of others too much imagination, then it has increasingly seems that a Child stars are.

    Did you sometimes extreme things to attract attention, thought you ever wanted to suicide, but you actually still living and were sometimes homesick as crying to unfamiliar places or people? See some pictures from outside the earth and experience the grandeur of the cosmos? Do you often just sadness, it's hard to let go the past, even though sometimes you think that you can pretty when in fact not so? If you recognize all of the above, the increasing likelihood that you are a star child.

    Child stars are often very creative, very busy, but not everything because they are quickly bored again. Often they do everything at once and get them sometimes emotion by the beauty of things and sometimes have trouble accepting themselves. They are often sensitive and trauma can be just out of the true death fears create or unexplainable sadness or grief. Sometimes they just need to cry. Often they will write poems, they expressed their feelings to try. They are mostly true life poems. Many multi-sexual, because the female and male in their balance and united.

    Sometimes they seem as real and some are acting on their own kind of a solo play with a sad type drop where they just completely absorbed in the small role that no one sees them. Sometimes they sing it, mostly melancholic lyrics.

    Often, they wanted a lot of dreams and nightmares. Often are lucid or they suffer from extreme false awakening which they believe to be awake but their body can not move and there during their fear screams no sound comes from their throat. Often see them threatening figures or shadows or strange lights.

    Sometimes they see energy and they fantasize about a time far into the future, or very far in the past. Often there is a lot wrong in their life, relationships are often much after long time and they feel misunderstood and lonely hearts. Often they are afraid of the future, while painful experiences from their past but may be difficult regardless. If that did seem to be there but something to happen to them again to remember and for weeks they will have a severe burden. This is all because they do not accept that they are a star child. Sometimes they hear voices or a voice that says to God, but like it or they can not accept or believe. Also they are not yet fully awakened. Please note that this is not the votes that psychiatric patients often have their contracts, that dangerous to themselves or others. This psychosis status is not comparable to the inner voices and contacts that star children.

    Many children have poor stars to change and have difficulty in choosing. Sometimes wrongly borderliner the syndrome found in them because they have trouble with rules, obligations and compulsion and often self-born leaders who know how to tell others what to do. Most will be bad with money can go. Often they will feel that time is missing, or that the time has flown by again. Sometimes it's true. Stars Children living slightly between the time and dimensions. In fact, a kind of Travelers.

    Often, star children tend to withdraw or simply to withdraw. Often they trust others too much and tell them too much of themselves, which they often betrayed and deceived. It is very common abuse of them. Stars give children things like road, but have some difficulty with receiving, although they often like gadgets. Children love stars almost always of a nature and seem to have innate knowledge. Almost everything they know something, and often more than many others. Their wisdom is often, without that they have learned a lot about or have read. It is often true for other teachers. Often as a child she did not really learn to read and often write them bad. Language is for them a form of communication, a form which is a big step back for them because they come from a completely different form of communication exists.

    They are very active, but sometimes they seem to do everything and burned their inner pain and are so tired that they would prefer sleep weeks. But that is exactly what they rarely do. Their sleep pattern is often distorted and sometimes they lie for hours to worry or think. Often, they suffer from restless legs or arms and they are equally moving.

    Daytime, they are somewhat disoriented, and sometimes suffering from epileptic phenomena. They sometimes feel uprooted or migrant, or have the feeling not to know what they want or where they belong.

    Sometimes what they talk themselves. As they grow older, this will always be stronger. First are the words, then all calls. This happened often when they are angry at themselves or disappointed in themselves or if they themselves want to talk about courage or impossible to draw questions. Sometimes they think that they are just crazy. But they are certainly not, they are just not aware awakened! Sometimes they even wander but later again to return to their path back to when they are ready!

    Sometimes they eschew all groups of people find they like to organize things for people. Whether they like it or not, often they are the center of attention, positive or negative. Sometimes they forget to be afraid of death if they were going.

    Often, their small accidents or disasters that they were always able to survive. As a child, they often have had all childhood diseases. Later, they often suffer from joint complaints, weak muscles or muscle bands, weak bones, neck pain, pain in the lower or upper back, or both, sometimes balance problems or other complaints to the head. Often they have difficulty in earthen or exit. Unfortunately, many often seriously ill, since they really have little self-expression and not be awakened. Sometimes they do and save them. It is important to ground and also from time to time just to be human. If they can not carry out or they can react explosively. Their anger is often quite unexpected creation out of nothing. What they sometimes can be extremely offensive, because they are the best know how to hurt. Often they are hurting those they hold most. Sometimes they even use violence, or have the inclination or thought so.

    They sometimes seem indifferent and much of their sense of lost it. However, these are moments every now and then come back. At times they seem nothing more fun to find and they are often bored, even though there is much to do. Sometimes there is a genuine fear death and are very afraid to die or be sick. Often they are afraid of doctors and hospitals, but not for things that the dead face. They are very similar to hedgehog oven in a life after death, there is almost convinced, and they are often afraid of death than people who do not believe.

    Often they have much knowledge about past lives. Many of those lives they seem to have lived in the Middle Ages, the Roman or the Egyptian time period. Often they know very much about those times and sometimes hold their own opinions after which they themselves know that it went. As if they were on. In fact, the memories of home, where many things look like things from a worldly past, times when the knowledge of the gods was still on earth.

    The hardest feeling is the feeling of nostalgia. Stars Children can build a strong and overwhelming desire to feel the planet to leave home to go back. It is not comparable with suicide feelings, because they most certainly not dead! All done so that children in their young stars years of self-injury did, say, deliberately injured himself to get attention. But children just like stars life they often feel very strongly the impending end of the world. They also often have healing properties and are able to help others as no one else can. Sometimes they think someone else to see if they look in the mirror and see their eyes change, are signs that at the point of their true I discover. In times when they rush to find then they will sometimes dream of mirrors in which they themselves want to see. As long as they are not aware, that the dream will not happen.

    If you have identified yourself then you certainly already born on a planet so far from here. You are here on earth with a task. How small and insignificant that may seem, in fact he is very big. Remember that all these seemingly insignificant individual stars together children change the world. Like a single drop of water by the whole of humanity will be noted, but only the one that gets him on his head. However, all those drops very important because together they teaching our thirst and keep us alive. Together they fill the oceans. All those drops along the ground under water or dry if they do disappear. Together they are an incredible force. Child stars are part of that force but also their messages to individuals of great importance.

    They are needed on this earth to help others in their transition to a new world, a new form of livelihood. They are necessary for humanity to prepare for their journey back home. They are the true masters. They may feel lonely and alone on their journey, but they will never really be alone. Stars Children can often everything else to believe that they want, and do. For a child star but rarely do you say no, whatever they ask, even though you may not know that you've done. Child stars have no balance in their lives, everything is extreme. They are people who almost worship or people who hate their extreme, even though they know these people do not agree personally.

    Many stars children see images of a decaying and destroyed earth in which they appear together as our savior to act. Often, they feel that all have already seen, as if everything is happening again. Often they also have a sense of impending doom, of something big that to happen, without them being able to explain. Often they combine every form of faith to their own and many are best suited. They are almost all part of the returned Christ. But how do you return? There is really in the Bible that Christ comes as a thief in the night. Christ can not exist. But thieves are long in advance what to look out, and are inconspicuous long present. A thief in the night should make us to watch, because if he comes there is no time to save what can be saved, to change what we should have been changed.

    It says in the Bible that he will descend on earth and under his feet a cloud will be visible and that the amount to earth ground will burst open and his character far into the sky will be visible. Do not think of a rocket, a meteor or astroïde? They all have a facade of smoke under the feet, do all the ground cracks open and smoke or dust plume will reach high into the sky and visible.

    But others believe such predictions have often only stars of which our children the true meaning and translation can give. They add together to a wonderful whole, in order to prepare for the total change and the long journey back home. The change we all experience, whether we are still alive or not. There is also written that the dead back to life will be. Stars Children know no other that this is real I mean, our soul, the one that we really are. Not the body where we are temporary. Some child stars have a DNA that is different from that of an average man.

    Stars Children also appear to seek and find. In any country on earth seem to be groups of stars are children and each group seems to have an elder, it is the way most child stars from the group. It stars child stars, the other children in their tasks, human awareness and plains for their long journey back home. Recognize themselves as child stars, it is now time to wake up and you accept. Unconditional! You are needed now more than ever. Even if you will not tomorrow, then your soul will be here to work and others who still support his body, stars child or earthly soul. Also never forget the stars of our children who have been gone. I say to all star kids who are only now recognizing, I welcome you!

    Are you a child star or are you someone who aanhoort their words and their large gifts may behold? Go back home or still at the beginning of the long journey reports back to wait for something that will never come? I tell you, the time has now come that you are ready to make, earthly soul and soul stars, because the time is closer to the big trip will be initiated. The ship has already started, make sure there will be a place for you on this long road back home.

    Source: starmanproductions
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    “How is freedom measured, in individuals as in nations? By the resistance which has to be overcome, by the effort it costs to stay aloft. One would have to seek the highest type of free man where the greatest resistance is constantly being overcome: five steps from tyranny, near the threshold of the danger of servitude.”

    Friedrich Nietzsche

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