Looking at people for truth

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The truth is hard to define. Scientists who excavated in the past, scientists who search for an explanation of the universe, the atom of a butterfly; neighbors over the fence of their backyard to talk to each other, each trying to see things as they really are. This expression, the things as they are is significant. We would be able to adopt a definition of truth: things-as-they-are, in contrast to what our senses and our minds seem to be limited.

Our search for truth goes hand in hand with our ability to understand her. The admissibility of our nature, which we be a deeper and meedogender concept development, is part of this process. Those wider heart and mind, can see deeper behind the appearances, they are not hindered by our limited horizon.

What prevents us to see things as they really are? Of course, the illusion of appearances, in the east maya, a role. Countless examples confirm that appearances are deceiving, and our preconceived opinions are in our way. We see only what we want to see. We see reality through glasses that are already colored. Every age and every culture, the glasses a different color. We want the truth to us is as we think they should be, rather than as it is. Our human nature is not open and is not flexible enough, our thinking is not free from prejudices and our intuition is not enough to wake up to the heart of things to penetrate. So far we have only partially evolved or awakened.

Everyone has a kind of desire to know how things really are. "How are you?" we ask a friend. We want to know. We have relationships with that person. His welfare and we are connected. If he is unwell, we also feel a little less good. How is it really him? Let us say that a doctor visit, and in many ways, and found in good health. What do these facts tell us about him? Practically nothing. That is because the most important aspects of a man invisible. It is not the real person on the basis of physical things to discover, because he is much more than that. Are we the same reasoning does not apply to other areas? On birds and flowers, the wind and the rain, on comets and suns? Do these things not an inner reality behind the appearances? Poets feel this very strongly. Since it is in poetry.

In other words, our openness and receptiveness to the inner truth should be as large as the attention we give to the observation and classification of visible phenomena. Things feel is often more important than to analyze, measure and weigh. The search for truth is not an intellectual game. It is an inward and outward show. What we see outside our means nothing if it is not something in our calling. How can beauty, grandeur and courage to know if these qualities in us and not respond? In this sense the truth in our lives as a divine opportunity or, as Browning put it: "Deep inside all of us is an inner center, where the full truth resides." From that quiet center flashes and insights. The mystic or how the artist or poet, this short expression, and who have the ability to call us awake.

The truth sits in the heart of the heart of all creatures, great and small. Some have a deeper understanding of this truth developed. We are in the stage of human understanding and self-expression. Birds are birds under the same process. Gods are gods because they have divine development. Therefore, the search for truth by all ages associated with the idea of a path, a path of its unfolding of latent capabilities. We find ourselves on this path that leads to the full flowering of the human, whether we realize it or not. When we expand our vision so that it covers many lives or reincarnations, we recognize that there is sufficient time for everyone to have higher opportunities. Those that have successfully accomplished, the great teachers and philosophers: Christ, Buddha, Zara Thoe Strasbourg and many others, including Plato and Pythagoras.

The truth has no external power needed for she convinces by its internal credibility. What we search for truth? A religious, philosophical or scientific? Sometimes we think that these three are incompatible. That is not the case because they are facets of one truth - the man in the wilderness, in the cosmos. One can approach the reality from a spiritual point of view, another from the intellectual, one third by the observation of the physical world with all its wonders and beauty. They can just speak to the fact that I am a soul in conflict with that I have a company. If we understand the wisdom of every other branch of science only complement and extend the same approach as any reality from a different angle.

The great universe surrounds us on all sides. It is our age, we came out. Everything we in the small, the universe on a huge scale. We have only one night and go out as the wise old stars rays. If we look up into the vast heavens, there is something in our wake, a feeling that far exceeds the scope of the finite mind. The soul yearns for the infinity that can not contain the inner reaches to the inner.

Under the old traditions, our universe is a certain structure and works in a certain way. It was born as we are born, live his life and, like us, one day die and rest. And again, in the distant, distant future, the re-born. Religion, science and philosophy and try to explain how we linked them. They search for the truth, approach the situation from their respective viewpoints and use their own terms, but the truth can no final decision be made. The more someone to penetrate the mystery and honest report of its findings, the conclusions are more consistent with the findings of others as fair, whether metaphysical or physical in nature. But when the spirit of freedom of research has gone from an organization that was intended for him to house, there remain only empty ceremonial, sterile, intellectual commonplaces about.

We are all students who share experiences with each other, and we would not learn much if we consulted only those who share our position. Often we learn more of those who seem to think differently than we do. But sometimes people with views that are closely related are separated by a barrier of words. If agreements rather than to differences would search would find agreement on the broad field of general principles. What is the difference between the karma of the East and sowing and harvesting of the New Testament? The truth is one that can not fail, but the roads that lead to it are as numerous as the researchers.

This means that over the centuries all attempts to explain the cosmos, based, should be based on certain principles and experiences we all have in common, including the mystical and the poetic.

One way to truth and to keep alive in our hearts to grow, its time once again to them. Otherwise, we worship commas and semicolons, and the truth is buried under the mantra that is repeated endlessly and thoughtless. In the course of many centuries, the living spirit of truth in his own gekerkerd organizations. Dogmas grow in the mind of man. Once they were symbols of a living message, but sooner or later they are treated as shells that were found along quiet beaches, often very beautiful, but things that life and meaning are gone. The answer to our search for truth is not in organizations but in ourselves.

The spirit of the highest in all things. The wind along our sight strijkt in the sparrow and the daisy and the pebble, in those who suffer and those who are happy in the beautiful and the ugly and the ugly that is beautiful inner spirit. The wisest among men, the man depicted as a child of the cosmos. They saw the world in the fields of space filling as inspired by cosmic deities, in whom we live, move us and our existence, that life that 's all very well in our right, and that we are the beneficiaries of his serene laws.

The truth is outside us and in us. She is the how and why of the things in us and in our world. We are encouraged to try to search by forces within ourselves, qualities of the soul. What comes to us through suffering? How many by joyful awareness? How many daily by the best in us to take to fulfill our obligations? How much our love for our fellow human beings, known and unknown, in our life do? (Theosophical University Press Agency)

Sources: www.happynews.nl