Hubble sees cosmic "fountain of eternal youth"
Friday, April 24, 2009

In the past 19 years, the Hubble space telescope images of dozens of galaxies that are in conflict. Just when everyone thought that these cosmic traffic accidents are not from stranger could see, is Hubble with a new surprise. The new record shows a trio of galaxies seen (better known as Arp 194), including a strange blue "fountain of eternal youth" - actually a long string of young stars.

The "cosmic fountain" is a stretched Spira alarm, a phenomenon that generally occurs when galaxies collide with each other and a gravitational tug-of-war between release. In the case of Arp 194 are the two centers of the colliding galaxies working together to melt, which in the recording of Hubble is clearly visible (top of the recording). The blue fountain seems to extend to third galaxy - it appears, however, the background to be located has no relationship with the boxing using two in the foreground.

Source: Hubble Space Telescope
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