Great tropical storm on Saturn moon Titan

Titan (bottom left) is the largest moon of Saturn.
On the Saturn moon Titan, scientists in April 2008 a storm was observed in a place where he least expected, namely the tropical area. This is evident from a study published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature.

The first cloud appeared above the tropics, and within a few days, covered a huge cloud system the South Pole. Even up to the Equator were sporadic clouds to see, says planetary scientist Mike Brown of Caltech Institute in California.

Such dramatic and global meteorological phenomena are rare and last only a few weeks, reported Henry Roe of the Lowell Observatory. He is a possible explanation for the channels and dry river beds in 2005 by the European Huygens probe in the tropical wilderness of Titan have been detected. The largest moon of Saturn has liquid methane, perhaps over the role of water on Earth. (afp / sam)