The first building blocks of life discovered in comets

August 17, 2009 22:05

AMSTERDAM - NASA scientists have discovered the substance glycine in the particles that Stardust space probe in 2004, collected from the comet Wild 2. Glycine is an amino acid that plays an important role in life on earth.

Living organisms used to make proteins. This is the first time that a certain amino acid in a comet has been found.

The discovery supports the theory that a number of building blocks for the emergence of life in space and formed long ago by meteorites and comets on Earth have been delivered through comets.

The Stardust cometary particles collected by him in 2006 on Earth delivered. Since then, scientists around the world in the process of analyzing it.

The research takes a lot of time, because that should be excluded discovered substances' contaminants of terrestrial origin.

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