Black hole at Swan 'only' 7800 light years from Earth

December 5, 2009

The distance from the Earth to a black hole near the Swan constellation is "only" 7800 light years, reports Space Institute SRON. The distance is much smaller than experts previously thought, is in The Astrophysical Journal. A light year is about 100,000 one billion kilometers.

angular displacement
An international team of astronomers, the radio radiation of the black hole and its companion star, V404 Cygni measured. Here they have used so-called angular displacement of the duo. This method has a relatively small margin of error, ie less than six percent.

40 kilometers per second
The measurements lead off the astronomers that the black hole is created from a supernova explosion. It moves with a speed of 40 kilometer per second through space. Researcher Peter de Jong hopes through this research a better picture of the formation of black holes.

(archive photo)