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Thread: The Mystery of the Black Knight Satellite

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    Re: The Mystery of the Black Knight Satellite

    Mom and Dad moved over there in the very early 70s... I moved over there in April of 1973 but had been visiting Mom and Dad alot before I made that move. We always went down to sit with Arnold and Bess at their restaurant and I was aware that Dad had a business arrangement with Mr. Morand.... but it was never described too much.

    During that time Dad took over the famous " Bird Park" there on the Island and turned it into his " remote lab".....so what was he actually doing?


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    Re: The Mystery of the Black Knight Satellite

    First of all.... sorry BobE that I missed that you were the person who asked about building satellites ... I missread the message....... Did you ask that because you yourself have been involved in that endeavor.... in which case can I ask you a question about Navigation Electronics. Had you ever heard of them? I know that it is standard to " compartmentalize" secret work so that one group does not get a picture of the entire project.... can you tell us more about your experiences?


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