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Thread: MSM BLACK OUT: No Pictures of ISON Passing Mars

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    MSM BLACK OUT: No Pictures of ISON Passing Mars

    It seems the MSM are avoiding pointing any of the many satellites that have from taking picture of this historic event? Why would they purposely avoid taking pictures of ISON passing Mars? What are they hiding?

    The seems to be a total cover-up and MSM Black out of the event. Where are the pictures from Any Space Program?

    NO PICTURES of this event brings up big warning signs for me! Obvious BLATANT CENSORSHIP!

    Here is a video from GPL on this same subject:

    Here is the link to the thread:
    5 Countries WIth Mars Orbiters - NO ISON PICTURES
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    Re: MSM BLACK OUT: No Pictures of ISON Passing Mars

    I think this is a cover up, big time! Why have they ignored it? I thing these two threads should be connected:

    As an armature astronomer did get pictures of it, something big happened when it passed by. It should have been in every newspaper everywhere!

    Thank for your bring this to my attention!
    Can you see past your belief systems?

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