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Feeling trapped:Currently no way out

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Quote Originally Posted by 2loserel3 View Post
Been awhile since I posted, but here goes another post.

How many of you have rented? Well unfortunately where we rent we have never met the landlord, we deal directly with this stupid property management company. Whose recent major accomplishment has to raise the rent on my widowed 80 year old friend.

We called and asked them for weatherstripping (her electric bill was going through the roof, with the heat wave, and have them spray for roaches) The borax and the tablets, we used to get rid of them haven't accomplished too much of anything)and a next door neighbor we had had managed to accumulate roaches during her six month stay and have her 3 kids taken away by the state.

Well, they finally came out put in weatherstripping (now we can't lock the deadbolt) and the weatherstripping is coming away from the other side of the door frame.

So, they have not returned our calls and we've been calling since last week. The neighbor who had the kids taken away (I'll never know who called and complained, but her kids were outside playing at 1 to 3am yes, no typo, youngest still in diapers) was eventually evicted and so the apartment is vacant. I found it advertised on a real estate internet for $695.00 and under a differnt real estate agent, My poor friend has to pay $725.00 now.

So now I'm wondering what's going on with these people, we've been sending the rent check to. We've been trying to contact the real estate broker who is in charge of the property management company for a week now.

I'm sensing perhaps a change over, the last time that happened we had to leave an apartment we loved because the owner was foreclosed on, and we only had three weeks to do it. Which is why we're stuck here.

Now unfortunately this is a state who wants first month, last month and deposit. My friends just starting to get better after 3 weeks in a hospital after a fall, and other things, and now she has doctors and meds to take, no money to move, plus just trapped into another lease. I am aware of Section 8 but currently the state does not have the program open, for applications. Any ideas?

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