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Need Advice

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Quote Originally Posted by 2loserel3 View Post
If you PM me, I'll e-mail the link, due to the nature of the material I hope it's understandable why I don't wish to put the link up here and now, but this is most worrisome, to me.

Today I was trying to find my friends Occupational Therapist's last name, because I wanted to find her address and mail her my new e-mail address. Well, I'm looking at something I never expected to find, and would like to know what's the best way too approach it..

You see I found this website where it has respective social security numbers on it,(maybe everyone should check it out if we can figure out a way to set it up)and I just put the first 5 digits of mine and lo and behold it came up with the whole number and someone else is using it!!!!

It' also shows the phone number, the credit cards along with the last 3 digits on the back of the card and the address the state is right, where I was born, and lived up until some 23 years ago.

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