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Just letting off some steam

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Quote Originally Posted by 2loserel3 View Post
Have any of you rented, I mean from places who all they want is the rent money, but don't wish to provide any service?

Well, I believe I mentioned the fact that my friend and I were unfortunate enough to get stuck in a place that had no on-site management. It looked decent at the time we saw it, it's gone down in the last two years.

The way things are here, first of all they raised our rent and for new tenants they have it under $700. I check out of curiosity and find the apartment info on a couple of real estate web-sites.

And geez, the characters we get in here. The real estate broker admitted all they do is check to see if they have employment, nothing about possible extra-curriculer money earning, the untaxable kind, and will get you locked up, if the right people see it.

You see we get alot of immature people here, They like their "smoke" and I don't mean Marlboros. The tenants get out there all hours and treat night as if it were day, I can always tell when they've had a few. They get loud. They also have, get this as hot as it has been two characters, who come around that where hoodie jackets. I know it sounds as if I see them alot, but you can't help it, especially in the day when they're in front of the window, and at night in this neighborhood, I check and see where sounds come from.

Oh, well. I would like to know what would you do? How do you handle something like this? I've seen two of them get so angry on different occassions that they've had to be restrained by their friends (both of them being restrained were women). I have been keeping a record of their activities, the fact that they do this around small children is dismal too.

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