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  1. Hope you all had happy holidays

    Well first off my rinky dink internet service was switching networks on me yesterday,and I was losing the signal and Christmas was as usual, just another day to both of us.

    But back to this internet. Before I was using the dresser and had the notebook on top of a jewelry box that has very little jewelry in it, but I was catching the wi-fi signal. Now, believe it or not I have to peck my way on the keyboard even though I know how to type, I'm sitting in front of the dresser with ...

    Updated December 27th, 2012 at 09:55 PM by 2loserel3 (add)

  2. Funny thing about ....

    Thank you, to whatever happedned

    Shortly after my mini rant about the landline phone (we'll see what today brings) we had only one hang-up call yesterday, and one a sales call.

    I know where the sales call comes from, so I'll have to correct that. Newspaper privacy statement, says they don't sell your name but let other have access to it if "they think" there are goods or services that subscriber might find useful. Even if we had the cash to spare we ...
  3. UPDATE: Follow-up from Sept 5th. post. Purportedly methane gas bubbling on Louisianna area sinkhole's bayou area.

    Shocking Video: Methane Bubbling Up Near Giant Sinkhole Dead Fish All Over The Place Out Here Now, This Is Not Good (VIDEO) | Alternative

    Since I'm no authority on methane I know they claim its a climate change, a.k.a. globalwarming problem, I don't think it's natural for water in a bayou to be bubbling like it is and it's said to be combustable. Not good news, whatever the case.
  4. What we've discussed here:unexpected message from an unlikely source; a TV show

    Quote Originally Posted by 2loserel3 View Post
    O.k. Many of you would probably say not to watch too much tv, but my friend and I have been watching this show for years, and long before I found site like this, and tv is one of the few choices of entertainment we have available to us.

    First an update on our situation and why I feel all though the situation was different in the show it was what the main character said that prompted me to come to write about it.

    Well now the update: my widowed friend has a dr;s appointment
  5. update Little vent.

    I had mentioned that my friend had a dr's appointment on Thursday. I'm really trying to think positive on all this. Well let me explain.

    As you may or may not recall in previous posts, I had mentioned due to a series of unfortunate events, my friend no longer has a car at her disposal. We have to rely on taxis, now.

    Well, we met this one driver that was really nice and we had been ordering his servies only for the last 3 months he was always reliable. Well, we scheduled ...
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