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  1. 2loserel3's Avatar
    Thank you Lady of Light I missed being able to visit. on a regular basis. The library wasn't the best of places believe it or not, I think they have dropped the policy of "library voice" very distracting place now.
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  2. Lady of Light's Avatar
    Welcome back!!

    I too have been away (for very different reasons), and am also back!

    Glad to have you back online in any case!
  3. 2loserel3's Avatar
    Thank you happy to be of some service. We do need to find the truth or something close to it, since our media likes to concentrate on scandals. The latest one with the ex four star general and his mistrress (like he's the only man that's ever had an affair) has come conveniently for them right after the Bengazi incident with that ambassador, and right before they have the "vote" to keep our country from falling off the fiscal cliff. Unfortunate for them we're not all sheeple.

    I like snow too, as long as I see it on my tv screen with scenery after the snows move in. No just kidding, would really like snow a lot better if we could have it with out the cold. (There's an idea for the weather modification Like that would happen. I start layering when it gets in the low 60's.
    Updated November 13th, 2012 at 07:55 AM by 2loserel3 (add)
  4. Lady of Light's Avatar
    Ya, you're right. If I get my own stuff together and put it all in one thread, even if there is little to no discussion on it THAT thread will continue to grow, and I think it's a great idea. You've inspired me. (There's another positive for you.)

    I probably WILL venture out even after it snows, but I'll only be doing it when I feel I can handle it, lol. I live in the most southern part of the country and I'm more south than a good portion of the U.S., but I too get cold when it drops below 50. Heck, I get cold when it drops below 70, LOL. I LIKE snow, but I don't like the cold.
  5. 2loserel3's Avatar
    Might not be a bad idea to start a Think Tank on these things. Everybody express their oown view point maybe we could get close to the truth.

    I don't blame you for not wanting to be out in the cold. Here if it gets below 50 now, I'm cold, I don't like it either. To think I used to live where it could snow. lol I'd be a popsicle if I went back.
  6. Lady of Light's Avatar
    Well, some people say that there are certain metals and such in the chemtrails that aid HAARP to make it work better. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it's true. However, I think there are many things they are using the chemtrails for, kind of a multi-purpose spraying.

    You know what, as I'm typing this, you made me think that I should start my own thread dedicated strictly to the chemtrails around here. I probably should, but don't know if I will anytime soon. It's cold out there now and I don't want to be outside, LOL.
  7. 2loserel3's Avatar
    That's what i thought, i've seen them on Youtube, irst thought out of my head was H.A.A.R. P and chem trails, i think those things maybe linked somehow.
  8. Lady of Light's Avatar
    Definitely looks like chemtrails to me. There aren't many days where the sky DOESN'T look like that around these parts.
  9. Lady of Light's Avatar

    You could always shoot him a PM and see if he responds. I haven't seen ImmortalGemini527 on for quite a while now. If it IS him, I'm sure he may respond.
  10. Linda Brown's Avatar
    I just discovered this. Makes me smile. Not that you were having problems coping with family and friends etc but at the way that you dealt with it. Yea!

    I also noticed something odd which may or may not mean anything. You have a member who flashed a message to you named ImmortalGemini527? This may or may not be the individual who contacted me during my first encounter with outside Forums ( The History Channel after someone started a thread about the Townsend Brown Notebooks).... a discussion about Astral Traveling began ( something I know next to nothing about) but this fellow mentioned that he had met a " Green-Eyed Rusky" during his experiences...........if this is the same fellow.... then I wanted to tell him that the same person has contacted me.... but luckily for me.... on this side, and in person. I just wanted him to know that. Thanks Linda
  11. Lady of Light's Avatar
    Sorry everyone, it would seem like I've been ignoring all of your comments. I wasn't, I just tend to forget about the blog section and I don't get notification when someone responds.

    This happened so long ago now, it was back at the beginning of 2009 when all this took place. So, thanks ImmortalGemini527, but all is OK now. I've moved way way beyond this now.

    No, kotn, I have not met your mother, lol. From the sound of the comment, she must be an awful lot like these people.

    Thank you all for the comments! It's greatly appreciated.
  12. 2loserel3's Avatar
    You're right and good read, I know sometimes we jus have to let off some steam and sometimes it happens around those we love. Fortunate that a simple I'm Sorry, will usually always work afterward. Because they love us back.
    Updated June 18th, 2012 at 09:02 PM by 2loserel3 (typo)
  13. ImmortalGemini527's Avatar
    sorry i just read this,would you like to talk in a pm,im worried.
  14. kotn's Avatar
    Oh, so you met my mother then.
  15. slaric's Avatar
    were would i post my experence
  16. slaric's Avatar
    i came to this site earlier for the near death experence. i wanted post my experence from when i was 4 years old. o and people play the victim because thay feel like one of the manipulie let them down, just a nother way of not taking responsibility
  17. ricklbert's Avatar
    Great read and i am sorry that i did not read this sooner you are an inspiration to many thank you for this......ricklbert
  18. Batman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ricklbert
    My family has been a tough cookie in the past to even give me the time of day on these daily issues that are comming to pass at these very troublesome times but as of late they are becomming very perceptive and aware of these potentialy catostrophic events becomming to us...i have recently given my brother and mom these free suppressed dvds from this site and her being very religous was in tears almost but came out with a completely different out look about every thing she has ever learned in her entire life at sixty four years of age this naturaly is a lot to grasp for her but has definately made an impact on her and she feels much more informed.....

    for my brother he is a little sceptic but is quickly becommimg mor aware of these issues daily.....

    keep up trying to help them see it is a wonderfull gift to have a slight bit more cotrol over my life knowing these things....take care everyone
    (singing a song from the Beatles) " He is blind as he can be, just see what he want to see...."
  19. Batman's Avatar
    True. Unfortunately, either matter, or energy are equally created. The strong will dominate the weak. It's the principle of survival. Bare in mind, it's not the government, it's who is running the government.
  20. gmeades's Avatar
    It would be nice if you mentioned specifically what you're talking about.

    What specifically are you trying to wake people up about? What is it that you are concerned about that others aren't aware of? Do you have any details, any references, any links to information you can provide to let anyone else know what it is you're concerned about? Without details we have no idea what it is you're referring to specifically.

    Are you talking about progressivism? There are books, links, news items, and so on about that to provide information and credibilty to whatever it is you're talking about. Are you referring to the new world order? Again, there are books, links, news items, and so on for that, as well. Are you talking about the Fed and the world banking system? There are books, articles, and links about that as well, including a more recent meeting scheduled for Jekyll Island occuring this year, I believe...

    I'm not sure exactly what it is you're concerned about or are trying to wake people up from, but it seems the approach you've been using has not been working. Would that be an accurate assessment of the situation?

    Would you consider using a new approach, perhaps?

    No one likes to be told they're wrong, or that they don't know what's going on. Telling someone they're ignorant, uninformed, and being deceived is certainly not a way to make friends or draw people to you. It only causes people to feel alienated, defensive, and to want to get away from you. Would it be fair to guess that this is what you've been experiencing?

    Perhaps you might try doing things a little differently going forward. Perhaps mentioning that you've just read a great article or book that had a lot of great historical background, and then waiting to see if anyone shows any interest in hearing about it. Then mention one or two things you were surprised to find out about, and mentioning the book or article so they can check it out for themselves, and then just let it go... just be part of the conversation and let it go where it will without trying to force an agenda on anyone...

    Letting people come to you and ask for more info is far more effective than trying to preach at them and "warn" them... and you'll be surprised just how many people will approach you and ask for more information if you just pique their interest with a nugget or two, information that YOU were amazed to find out, and leave it at that...

    Telling people they're wrong only makes them feel threatened and defensive. It makes them close up, and unwilling to listen. If your ideas are that far removed from what people believe, you can come off sounding like someone who's off their nut a bit, as no one can relate to what you believe is "reality"...

    on the other hand, if you "drip" on people... providing one drop of information at a time, and have references from credible sources they can see for themselves, over time you become seen as someone who is both credible, as well as informed and a good source of information...

    Not exactly sure what your concern is, but it seems you're chasing the chickens around the coop instead of providing them with seed they can peck at as they'd like...

    Hope this helps...
    Updated June 12th, 2009 at 12:32 AM by gmeades
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