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  1. nTheNest's Avatar

    Voice to Skull

    I bought a home from a home builder that runs a scam using this technology, Morelock-Ross Builders in Springfield, MO. During my 3 years living in this home I started to take video when things got weird. I have snipped these photos from video I have. Does anyone recognize what these could be.

    Alex Jones's Websites-device55-jpgAlex Jones's Websites-devices2-jpgAlex Jones's Websites-equipment-jpg

    You can see my report at voice2skull and a report by The Agency here.

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  2. Personal responsibility

    No matter what we think, feel, do, buy, sell, espouse, deny, create, or destroy, we must take personal responsibility for those things and their ramifications. This is why it is of paramount importance to be sure your thoughts, values, opinions, and actions are at all times your own. Too easily we think itís okay to do something we donít really like doing because ďitís my jobĒ or ďitís businessĒ or any other excuse for going against our preferred and natural inclination. Does this make it okay?

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    Can you explain this?

    Project Avalon from Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy-2013-11-09-23-01-18-jpg

    How would you explain the reason these images fit together like a puzzle? Is it coincidence?

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    I'm Back1!!!!

    Happy to report that internet is back on although it's now a paid or internet service. mixed feelings. Happy and worried about cost to my friends fixed budget.

    will try to find some type of job (don't worry well aware of the scams out there but just a little part-time minimum wager on the internet would be a big help. If anyone out there knows of any legitimate ones that is please let me know.

    Thanks to everyone for their patience, will now try to respond

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    Life's Mystery Part 2

    About five years after I graduated from college I met someone who became a client of mine. We met twice a week for about three months and then he asked me if I would be able to come to his office. His office was located in a newly developed corporate park at the very edge of Los Angeles County. The time was around 3pm, yet the parking lots were empty, every parking stall was marked "reserved" and I finally found the guest parking in a subterranean structure. He didn't specify

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