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  1. Life's Mystery

    Quote Originally Posted by ianchris948 View Post
    For whatever it's worth, I'm not a religious person ... I do not go church nor do I belong to a parish ministry, temple or synagog
    For some reason I have an over whelming need to share my experience with the thing we call God.

    Some of you may have read my reply to Lady of Light's post regarding Astral Projection. I spoke about an incident when I was in college while on retreat with a class of mine. Perhaps I was in denial for ten years because astral projection ...

    Updated February 12th, 2013 at 09:08 AM by ianchris948

    Reflections of a Looking Glass
  2. My friends conniving dr. and her immediate health

    Quote Originally Posted by 2loserel3 View Post
    Well first of all if i've said anything to offend I do try not to do that anybody out there please accept my apologies, as I feel like I've may have lost some rapport out there. Maybe I'm just upset over the situation here. I'm trying to see how this happened again for a reason. So far no light bulb is going off.

    My friend received a call from the pharmacy yesterday and started the ball rolling again. She called and talked to the physcians assistant and tried to make her
  3. Things to remember that make life easier

    Everything is true.
    Be with everything.
    Breathe deeply.
    Clarity and peace are understanding and awareness.
    Listen to the voice.
    The heart opens to the center.
    Meditate consciously.
    Consume only when and what you must.
    Love bravely and generously.

    These are only some of the things I’ve been been expressly told in meditation and in dreams. When I get one of these messages, I don’t question it anymore. ...
  4. Last 3 days

    Been kind of busy the last 3 days, my friend received a call from the place where she gets her supper from and she was up for reassessment from the social worker there. Needless to say it sent me into a slight tizzy for "neatening things". We're really not that messy its just that we;re so cramped here, and we're the type of people that what ay look like a little clutter is our system for keeping track of the bills.

    So, after the worker came she said she was going to ...
  5. Well it looks like it's happening again

    Quote Originally Posted by 2loserel3 View Post
    Those of you who have read some of my posts know some of the problems of my friend who's like a mom to me.

    Well after the cab driver who came in and took her to the parking and helped her in the cab and folded up the wheel chair and put it in the back of the cab "without numerous complaints we had from the regular wheelchair taxi cab drivers about the lay out of the place and one had the nerve to tell her she should move.

    It looks like her new doctor may be
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