Dr Steven Greer's new book + DVD just released today:

Countdown To Transformation Book | The Disclosure Project

In this historic book, Steven M. Greer MD and the CSETI team of Ambassadors to the Universe chronicle the amazing Contacts they have had since 1992.

Learn how the CSETI contact protocols have led to ongoing - and rapidly increasing - contact with Interstellar Civilizations and how these Contact events are building to an astounding crescendo - We are now in the final Countdown to the Transformation of life on Earth as we become a peaceful, universal society.

This book goes far beyond the usual accounting of objects seen in the sky and takes the reader into a universe of higher states of consciousness, remote viewing and direct Contact with civilizations that interface with thought and awareness as easily as we talk on cell phones. Journey with the CSETI team as they go beyond the veil of light and the resonant frequency of matter and enter into close contact with numerous ET civilizations who eagerly await the coming Transformation on Earth.

The accompanying DVD shows the images, sights and sounds of Contact, as it has evolved over the past 17 years.

You will learn how this Contact has been made - and how you, too, can become an Ambassador to the Universe!