"The Rescue" by George Romero aims to deconstruct supernatural experiences and government conspiracies while offering self-help messages rooted in spirituality

ARCADIA, Calif. (MMD Newswire) May 31, 2011 - - "The Rescue" (ISBN 1456499629) by George Romero offers new perspective on an array of classic and emerging conspiracy theories and explains the author's blueprint for personal transformation.

According to Romero, humanity's widespread belief in evolution has opened the door to alien visitations, creating a society susceptible to theories about Area 51, Nazi UFOs, alien encounters at the Vatican and much more. With this in mind, Romero considers a number of recorded encounters, theorizing that UFOs are actually a man-made result of the global military-industrial complex. Seeking to tie a number of disparate spiritual, political and social threads into a unified concept of modern reality, Romero offers original research and detailed arguments to back his claims.

"My book gives you an idea about two different evolutionary mechanisms: denial and transformation," Romero says. "My aim is to point out the current states of denial and to offer realistic, immediate alternatives for a positive transformation to an existence that we would rather have and can obtain with a little effort."

Intended to educate and inform, the book seeks to uncover one of the greatest deceptions in humankind's history through an exploration of government conspiracies, secret societies and modern battles between democrats and republicans.

The format of this new book look like a 6" x 9" college textbook, using rare photos with short and snappy details over the numerous events. "The Rescue" was created in an effort to help readers to have a better understanding of the events that occurred in past decades and what is happening now and in the future with fantastic proof of evidence.

"The Rescue" is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author

George Romero is a speaker and educator on issues related to beliefs and values and is the author of "Revelations on the Essence of Human Ontology." A longtime real estate professional, he holds a master's degree in Buddhist philosophy from Chiba University in Japan. Over the past 20 years, Romero has spoken to numerous groups, societies and conventions on issues of spirituality, atheism and the tension between skepticism and understanding