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Two years ago there was a dispute over a property in Jerusalem between the family of a Nazi war criminal, a Muslim, whose Waffen SS troops murdered an estimated 100,000 people in the Balkans, and a Jew.

The Jew had purchased the property which had once belonged to the Nazi war criminal and his purchase was upheld by the Israeli Supreme Court. The family went public demanding the property back.
Out of the blue, incredibly, Obama through his surrogates waded in backing the claim of the family of the Nazi war criminal against the Jew.

Riots broke out.The Israeli government in effect told Obama to get lost.

The Nazi war criminal is still a hero in the Arab world and among Muslims in the Balkans, where in the war in Bosnia, Muslims named a brigade in honor of his SS division.

You have to follow this out a number of steps, but if Obama gets his way in Jerusalem, it leads to the possibility of a Fourth Reich.

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