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Thread: Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse

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    Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse

    Written by Alejandro C. Estrada

    Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse-picture21-png



    Her name was Pandora, and on Lodge Nights her daddy would get home as horny as Satan inside a witches coven. His raging lust was an unfulfilled thirst nothing else could quench, but she, since she hadn't any siblings and her mommy was frigid.

    But, after sometime, her internal damages became too great for her little soul to bear and after hemorrhaging for three hours, Pandora died, the morning after Lodge Night.

    In a panicked state of confusion, her Daddy returned to the Lodge to seek the counsel of Ma Ha Bone. The Brothers at the Lodge came together and after a period of discussion, the council of brethren advised, in unison

    “Within proximity to the farthest end of the property, dig a shallow ditch, three feet deep.”

    Then brother Mason Two continued, “Put her little body into a wooden box and lay it down inside the pit.”

    “And find an adolescent Oak Tree,” continued Brother Mason One

    “Then carefully transplant the Oak Tree over the wooden box,” said Brother Mason Two.

    “And Pray to Jah Bul On, those roots never loose hold of the box that holds little Pandora” warned Brother Mason Three.

    “The Secret,”

    They said was this: “On the first night, when you said those Dreadful Words, was the night you presented you Soul to Satan. In acknowledgement to your sacrifice, he slashed your throat and pulled out your tongue—“

    “SPEAK NO EVIL SPEAK NO MORE!” interjected Brother Mason Four.

    “Then on the next night, when from your chest cavity, Satan pulled out your heart still beating; a curse fell over your wife and child.”

    A door opened and from an unlit corridor, Grand Master Mason walked in saying, “On the last Night, when Satan fed on the entrails still within your bowels that curse was extended by your inequity upon your children unto your descendants of the third and fourth generation.”


    Pandora’s daddy died the day the tallest Oak leaf touched forty-feet high, and he took the secret, inside Pandora’s Box, with him to Hell.

    The Beginning to an End—The Black Widow’s woven web of deception has become its Fate. Like spinning Dervish dizzy with dust, the Knights of Camelot will fall from their Horses—and from their High Horses will come a Great Fall, which will divide thirty-three, into two threes.

    Everything is nothing, yet nothing means everything, and in the final days, a War will erupt unlike any before. The Kings of Camelot, their Knights and their horses will give a great fight, but no force on Earth, or by Man, will prevail against The Avatar and his Pegasus.

    The Phoenix will rise from its ashes, and a Messianic resurrection will ascend from the darkness of death. After four years of turmoil, a World, under an Evil oppression, will become united. The Liberator, will be, The Luciferian Illuminati, who will be born, the son of a King. He will have the face of a boy, which will be his greatest advantage, and all who meet him, will instantly Love him. Those that hate him, will Love him the most, and the Light, which will radiate from his benevolence will blind the Illuminati, and each of their henchmen.
    Would any god, lesser or True, wish to pollute their Paradise with swine?

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    Re: Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse

    Oh Please.


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    Re: Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse

    Ianchris.... I want you to know that I am not disparaging the effort that you have put into your book. I know how difficult that process is... I am just reacting to the tone of your Preface....

    You probably need to know that my Dad wore a Masonic ring that belonged to his grandfather.

    What you got from me was simply a gut reaction to the slant that you take. Nothing more. Linda

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