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Thread: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

    Forum Chapter Eight

    The Adamski ? Saucer.

    Our weekends were sometimes enhanced by the visit of Helens sister, brother-in-law and their son, Chip. who was just a year younger than I was. The Williams were about the nicest family I had ever met and for the first time I experienced what it was like to be in a big family. Mother and Helen usually made a tasty spaghetti dinner which we all looked forward to each time we visited. Afterwards the adults relaxed while Chip and I played monopoly in a corner. We made it a point however of carefully evesdropping on what was being discussed.

    One particular weekend the the topic of conversation was a man named George Adamski and his wild stories about being taken on a journey by visitors from outer space.Chip and I both sort of giggled about it but they all seemed pretty convinced that he was a serious man.

    Dad had discovered that Mr. Williams was a talented graphic artist and had commissioned him to make a special series of drawings which he was showing off that evening for the first time. They stretched them out on the table after the meal was cleared......

    I recognized what Dad called the " Adamski Scout Ship." as Dad rolled out the artwork that Mr. Williams had presented.

    Strangely, I had handled a small model of the same "saucer" when I was seven years old!

    I wasn't supposed to play with the thing, of course, but it was such a neat shiney little model with portholes and a little knob on the very top! Dad had gently taken it away from me saying...." Sweetie, don't play with that. Its probably the most expensive paperweight in the world. Its not a toy." A few weeks later we boarded the Super Chief for our trip to Ohio. Now.....in 1955, three years later, it was sort of a shock to see a drawing of the same unit. And others were saying that this was supposed to be something that " Adamski" had seen and photographed? I was confused.

    Perhaps that confusion gave my mind something to work on that evening. Perhaps my subconcious added more information in the form of a dream. Whatever the reason for it, later that night I experienced the strangest dream of my entire life!

    In it I was playing with my toy plastic horses in a sheltered area behind our carriage house apartment. I was absorbed in building a corral when I sensed something strange happening. I turned toward the open pasture and saw three Adamski type saucers slowly settling into the tall grass. The grass whipped one way and then the other before flattening completely under the lowering hulls.

    I was shocked by the sight and frightened and I bolted for the stairs to the apartment, screaming as I went. Dad met me in the hallway as I blubbered out what I had seen and what was happening outside. When he started walking down the stairs I followed, desperately grabbing his hand! " Oh, Please don't go out there Daddy" I screamed, yanking his hand back..." Please don't go out there!"

    But he kept walking! And I wouldn't let go of his hand. By the time we reached the field there was a tall figure standing in front of each of the three saucers. Dad continued directly toward the closest figure and I panicked again. I was nearing hysterics when he turned to me and very calmly said "Everything will be alright Sweetie."

    He approached the closest figure, a man with dark red hair and a beard. He reminded me of the pictures I had seen in various Churches of Jesus. The figure was not wearing a helmet, not even carrying one and I thought that was awfully strange. The " spacemen" on TV and in the movies all wore things that looked like giant gold fish bowls. I turned and looked at the other two figures but I couldn't seem to bring their features into focus. They were very pale skinned though and I took note of that. The three of them wore light blue metalic one piece suits with a strange circular design on the chest.

    I turned my dream gaze back to Dad and he was looking down at a box in front of us. He was listening intently to what the bearded man was saying. "It can communicate instantly over millions of miles."

    The dream suddenly changed location then ( as dreams sometimes do). We were all in the upstairs apartment. Mother and Helen were with us too. The two pale figures turned to the left and stood silently in the kitchen while the red-headed man continued his conversation with Daddy. Helen stood in the doorway of one bedroom. A box had been set in the middle of the room and the "leader" was describing how it worked. "Push these buttons here and anything that you might want to eat will appear hear for you.

    I had some questions of my own for him now that I had calmed out of my panic mode. " Why are they so pale?" I asked, nodding toward his silent companions. "When they travel away from their home" he answered carefully. "They replace their own blood with a different fluid." The stranger paused, giving me time to consider what he had just said. " When they return to their home that fluid will be drained to get rid of all of the radiation it has absorbed and their own natural blood will be reintroduced." I looked at the other two travellers but I still could not see their features. I am sure that I asked many more questions but the only response that I seem to remember is that I simply said ...."Oh..."

    The dream continues and I had one last fragment of memory. That of being on the ship myself and looking down on the surface of the moon. I was struck with awe at the size of some gigantic machines below my viewpoint.... moving the lunar dirt around in an enormous grid pattern....

    The next morning I shared the details of that dream with Chip. He skoffed at first he he sure had a different expression on his face when Dad later mentioned that he had experienced a strange dream about three Adamski Saucers which had landed behind our house.

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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

    FORUM Chapter Nine

    That summer of 1955 Daddy occasionally took me with him to Washington so that we could spend some extra time together. The long car would glide up tot he carriage house after dinner on Saturday night and collect the two of us. The driver, almost always someone new, never said a word during the trip to the city. But I took no offense. I was thrilled to have Daddys undivided attention and usually chattered non stop about what I had been doing that week. I told him about my favorite horse or about the adventures of my last trail ride. By the time we got into his apartment near Dupont Circle I usually had worn myself out and was ready for him to make up the cot that he kept folded and stashed under his bed.

    His apartment was small and was dominated by his desk and filing cabinets. He had a comfortable leather chair in one corner and an odd little footrest that he explained was actually a camel saddle from Arabia. It became my favorite item in his apartment. I also noticed that he had the small brass cannon at the side of his fireplace. That cannon had always been with us ... it had been a gift from the Navy department to my Grandfather Brown in appreciation for the services his quarry had provided through the years. Seeing it there helped me feel at home even though we seemed to be living in two places.

    If the weather was nice the next morning we would take a cab down to the bank of the Potomac river. almost directly under the bridge that reached over to the Virginia side. The dock was always crowded with couples and families shoving their silver rental canoes into the water but only a select few had their own canoes. I was extraordinarily proud of Dads big wooden canoe. It was varnished brightly on the inside and sported a shiney light grey hull with a smart navy blue stripe along the edge.

    He always called ahead and ordered a picnic lunch which would be waiting at the dock in its bright red metal cooler box. We looked forward to finding out which surprises the ice chest held and never knew exactly what would be packed. We celebrated when we discovered a couple of pieces of cherry pie with the rest of the meal. After carefully loading the cooler we always paddled upstream and spent the day exploring the various little rocky islands that dotted the center of the river. It was a different world up there. The tree branches reached over the waters edge and there was no sign of the city. At the very end of the day we would turn the big canoe into the current and come bounding and whooping as the swift water swept us effortlessly downstream.

    On special evenings we ate dinner at a fine restaurant which sported crisp white tableclothes, heavy silver settings where each table seemed to have its own waiter. We held long conversations about faraway places but the most fun of all were the evenings when I went to work with Dad right after dinner.

    The first evening he handed me a white lab coat and advised me to put my hair "up".... saying...." Just stick close to me and don't say anything to anyone." I felt terribly important and when the security guard signed us in and waved us through the door I was sure that he was completely taken in by my " disguise".

    The walls of Dads large lab was marked by scarey signs that said "HIGH VOLTAGE" and the grey concrete floor had yellow lines painted on it. Desks were scattered about the huge room as if someone had just said " Here, this will do, set them here" Dads office was at one side of this enormous room and thats where we worked.... or rather, he worked at his desk and I sketched or curled up on his leather couch with a soft blanket. Sometimes we would not leave the lab until two or three in the morning. I found that very exciting.

    One night he woke me to let me know that there would soon be visitors in the lab." Sweetie I have some "Brass" coming to visit. I would like you to sit at that desk over there by that window until they have gone. Just practice your typing and look busy and don't say anything or make eye contact with anyone."

    The Brass filed in as a group of about ten gentlemen. Most of them were wearing impressive military uniforms. Of the " civilians" I recognized Dr. Sarbacher and Mr. Lear, both of whom I had met previously. I almost waved to them but remembering Dads words of caution I immediately buried my attention in the paper I was pretending to transcribe. Actually I was simply typing repeatedly a little rhyme about a quick fox and a lazy dog. It was something that Mother had told me would said that if I typed that constantly I could eventually be an expert typist. At any rate, it made me sound professional and busy.

    I peeked at the group out of the corner of my eye while I clattered away at the typewriter. Some of the men in uniforms were talking to each other, a couple were speaking to Dad but their leader was quite gruff and acted as if he was already lae for the more important things that he had to do that day. I guessed that his uniform was Navy but I couldn't make out his rank. I thought that whatever Dad had wanted to say he should probably be quick about it.

    Daddy directed their attention to a balsa wood model that looked like an oversized envelope made out of aluminum foil. " From everything thing that you know about science, if I apply power to this, will it move?"

    The important man took a moment to walk around the wingless contraption. "No" he snapped. " Certainly not!" in a tone of voice that seemed to say "What a complete waste of time this morning is turning out to be!"

    " Would you bet your career on that?" Dad asked, at the same time reaching over to a black knob like the one that made my electric train go around and around. He turned it a bit to the right and the silver envelope started to shiver. The most curious of he men, those closest to it, took a step backward. Dad turned the knob some more and the packet shook even harder and started to hiss. The men stepped back again, bumping into each other a little in the process. I couldnd't help looking at them directly. Dads model had unexpectedly and suddenly "popped up" until it hovered dead level with the " Admirals???" wide open mouth. I thought that was the greatest sight that I had ever seen!

    The meeting didn't last much longer. The men walked out almost as quickly as they had walked in. Mr. Sarbacher turned in the doorway and just smiled back at Dad but didn't say anything at all. As soon as the door closed behind them I asked what it had all meant. Daddy beamed at me and said, "Oh..... a whole lot of things sweetie. A whole lot of things"

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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

    Forum Chapter Ten

    The next time I saw Dr. Sarbacher was just a couple of weeks later. He had driven out to pick up Dad at Montresor and take him to the airport for the flight to Paris. " Its only going to be six days" Dad said cheerfully. It won't be any different than if I was still spending the week in town. And besides, when we ALL go we will need much more time! We will travel on a fine ship then, not in an airplane." Mother tried to hide her smile but we both knew that he REALLY hated flying!

    As it turned out Daddy was right and I really didn't miss him that much. In fact I was so focused on the extra riding lessons that he had arranged for me that I didn't even see him standing by the arena on the afternoon of his return. When my lesson ended I explained that I needed to " cool" my pony down before turning him out to pasture.

    " Lets walk then" Dad said. We strolled to the end of the lane and back, my pony Michael trying to grab extra blades of grass as we talked. I wanted to ask about the recent " rash" of " flying saucer" sightings that I had been hearing about. After seeing the drawings of the " Adamski Scout ship"... if figured if ANYONE would know about such things, it would be Daddy.

    "If there are people with "Flying Saucers" why don't they just land on the White House lawn? Maybe I was figuring that ... if in my dream... they could land in our back pasture.... how hard would it be then to land on the Presidents grass? I didn't really expect the answer that I got.

    " Why should they Sweetie? They know EVERYTHING that they need to know about us from a distance. Besides, getting too close to humans at this time could be dangerous for everybody."

    I was alarmed at that thought. " Why? Would they hurt us?"

    "No Sweetie, in fact we are probably more of a danger to them than they are to us."

    That made sense. Chip had recently said that if a " Flying Saucer" landed anywhere near his home that he would " shoot it full of holes!" And I considered him a kind-hearted boy. I told Dad that I didn't think that Chip was using his head.

    " Don't be upset with him Linda," Daddy replied." People are like schools of fish. When an odd shadow passes over them they dart away to whatever safety they can find. One or two may be bold enough to look up but what they see above them is far beyond their
    ability to comprehend or even TALK about, fish to fish. But, in the end, none of it really matters to the other fish. The incident is quickly forgotten, as if that shadow above wasn't ever there to start with. " How can a fish know what that "hull" represents? He went on. " A fish has no concept of hulls, or sails, or cars or TV sets or stars and outer space and other universes. See Sweetie, we humans are like the fish and the " flying saucers" are the hulls above our world. There are just some things that fish can not know."

    Another day we again walked together as I was cooling the chubby bay Welsh Mountain Pony which had become my favorite. Einsteins death on August 19, 1955 had garnered a great deal of public attention and I was trying to comprehend the " Theory of Relativity" that so many people had mentioned when they talked about that scientist. I wondered aloud if it was true that nothing could go faster than the " speed of light".

    As Dad would often do he began his explanation with a question of his own. " How fast do you think that Michael can run?"

    I considered the question as I pulled the pony back from trying to grab another mouthful of grass. " Downhill? With me on him?..... bareback?.... Maybe 20 miles per hour." I figured that because I had occasionally raced alongside Mothers car as she drove down that long country lane next to the pasture. I knew that she drove that road about at that speed. I thought about it a bit more and then, in the interest of accuracy I added, "Maybe not even that fast. Michael is pretty fat! " The pony slobbered green stuff on my shirt and Daddy smiled.

    "Think about this the way that you think about horses Sweetie. Some particles are like Michael here. They can go twenty miles per hour and no faster. Thats the very best that they can do. Now, lets pretend that twenty miles per hour is the speed of light. What Einstein MISSED is that the Creator has a stableful of fine thoroughbred particles THAT NEVER GALLOP SLOWER than the speed of light"...... "Oh" I responded.

    During the weeks after his return from Paris, Dad continued meeting with different men, many of whom were now quite familiar to me. Mr. Cornillion( the Frenchman with the name that made me think of a man holding an ear of corn on his knee) was the man who had owned the townhouse where Mother and Dad stayed during the time they ran the laundry. He had a charming manner and was very nice to me but I still held a grudge against him for not inviting me to stay in his house during that lonely period of time. I felt a vindictive satisfaction when ( after several days of drenching rain) Dad announced that same man needed us to stay at his riverfront cottage to protect it.

    I knew exactly where it was. We had passed that section of land many times while paddling upstream. Two major storms had struck back to back and the river had poured into the Baltimore and Ohio Canal. Cottages all along the river were threatened.

    We took four large canoes and Helen and Mother came along to help. The pieces of furniture that were too big Dad hung fron the rafters using big cargo nets and pulleys. The smaller items fit nicely into the two spare canoes and he carefully covered them with canvas tarps and tied them securely inside the covered porch ( which was now completely flooded). They bobbed there in their special shelter like pack horses at a hitching post! Helen laughed at that. "I feel like I am on the Lewis and Clark Expedition!" she hooted!

    We all worked very hard at getting everything out of the way of the advancing water and by sunset we were all exhausted and the water in the livingroom was knee deep. Dad had opened the french doors that led from the covered porch and as the water got even deeper he floated our two sleeping canoes inside. We rafted them together in the middle of the livingroom and bedded down for the evening! Mother and Dad snuggled in his big grey canoe and Helen and I nestled in a silver one. We laughed and passed food back and forth and Dad turned on the shortwave radio that he had taken with him everywhere that summer. One announcer said that no one knew how much longer the storm was going to last but at that point none of us cared! We listened to music and fell asleep bobbing about in the middle of Mr. Corn On The Knees' livingroom!

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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

    The same message to both Forums......<g>

    ? View topic - Second Impressions

    by Linda Brown » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:30 pm

    SOME of the questions that come up as you are reading the REWRITE will probably be answered with the facts drawn up for the " footnotes" which will be added in the body of the work at a later date. As you can expect that is an enormous chore which I will turn to as soon as I get to " THE END" here with the REWRITE as it is being presented to all of you here.

    I have known that there are alot of very interesting and interested folks reading my words here and I certainly am hoping that you all will feel free to cast your ideas and even corrections in my direction.

    I have been told too that there are some reading these chapters who merely need to know what my book is going to say. Perhaps that will enable them to volunteer even more information, if not for this particular book... maybe something that is forming up " in the wind"

    Whoever you are, reading these words.....thankyou.
    Linda Brown

    ************************************************** *******************
    The above was the message that I posted on the Cosmic Token but the sentiments are the same here too.

    I do not want to take up too much more of the space that Lady of Light has so graciously provided here. I do plan however to post the ENTIRE rewrite on the Cosmic Token. You are all invited ,of course ,to read the balance of the chapters there as I get them posted and I will be very happy to answer any questions that you may have about those chapters here on this Forum if thats what you would like to do.

    Again.... thanks in advance..... Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; August 13th, 2013 at 01:07 PM.

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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

    ? Login

    I recently wrote this on the cosmic-token. Of course I have been posting the account of my highschool years at Great Valley High and that brought this comment to the surface. I wanted to post it here too. To those of you who worry that I am getting distracted by even mentioning Mikados name again I can assure you that I can handle more than one subject at a time.

    However Mikados treatment of me through his verbal attacks are not something that I am going to forget or give him a free hall pass on. He said what he did about the "classmates"of mine that he had contacted. Let him stand up as publically and have them step forward. Why should anyone at all believe what Mikado has to say about anything if he can not back his own words?

    Anyway... here is the thread..... Perhaps I will post the chapter that this is referring to so that you have a better context here.
    ************************************************** ***********************

    "In rereading the chapters above I took some time to try to remember some of the kids that were ice skating with me there at Ashlawn and some of my experiences during the last year of high school. Some names,of course, came to the top of my brain.... all bright friendly kids....and I hope that someday some of them might read these words and take the time to log on and reintroduce themselves.

    George Reed? GAR? Do you remember our art classes together? You were one of my favorites in that class because you were so damned talented! And I especially remember the day we graduated... we were both in our caps and gowns.... and after the ceremony we happened to pass in that long elevated hallway that Great Valley was so famous for.... you grabbed me and twirled me around... my feet were off the ground!... You yelled...." We're free!!! We're free!" And then you took off down that hallway with your gown flapping in the breeze as you practically ran into your future! I never saw you again but I sure hope that your life turned out well and you kept up with your art.

    Mikado made a big issue publically saying that he had gone to Great Valley and had contacted some of my classmates. He posted that they had a negative opinion of me. Did he? Did they?

    Thats an easy slam to make when you don't have to follow up on what you have written. I asked him to contact them and have them post here.... and of course he refused.... which I considered cowardly.... and still do.

    I don't care at all if those classmates didn't like me... thats not the point.

    The point is that Mikado has taken it upon himself to use them to promote a negative impression of me publically. For him to do that the way he has shows malicious intent.

    If he talked to someone who had anything at all to say about me and it was worth his time repeating those statements then in all fairness he owes it to me to put us all in contact with those people. After all.... shouldn't he have to prove out his sources? Especially if the opinions they held were negative to me?

    Frankly, I believe that entire subject was invented by Mikado to promote his own agenda.

    I challenge him again... provide a contact to the "classmates" who spoke against me.... or admit that you were lying Mikado.


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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

    This was the chapter that brought this to mind.....

    "Chapter 21
    That fall Charles Miller managed to intimidate most of my classmates at Great Valley High School. If a male voice called for me he always responded that he would give me a message , but he never simply handed the phone over to me , even if I was nearby. And a smile never flicked across his face when a group of my classmates happened to stop by.

    He did finally freak-out most of my friends when, after an ice skating party at Ashlawn, he drove several of the kids home. They reported to me later that Charles had taken each of them directly to his doorstep without even getting directions. One of the boys in my class admitted later that Charles Miller had " scared the crap out of me."

    I was trying to pay attention to my grades instead of the social scenes and dramas around me. My past history with classmates had taught me not to get involved deeply with friendships. Mother said that we wouldn't be moving but I think that being reserved emotionally by then was just part of my personality. I could be friendly and cordial but aloof at the same time.

    Maybe thats what JD Garrett had noticed about me. He had a slew of admiring girls around him all of the time. I mentally dubbed them the "Garrett fan club" and I guessed that I was the only one who just was not interested in that scene and perhaps the only one who preferred to just debate him in our Political Science class. I actually had managed to best him in one of our debates.

    JD had argued that, in a future of increasing political and nuclear dangers, it was imperative that the various intelligence agencies be given enough of a free rein to do their jobs. They needed to be able to collect information freely that would help them uncover plots around the world, plots which would have drawn up against our democratic system. I countered strongly that for every single "plan" that we were being "rescued from" we were also giving up chunks of our personal freedom and much of our privacy.

    We came to a standstill in that debate and when Mrs. Myers awarded the winning point to me the class exploded in goodnatured applause!

    JD was a gracious loser, nodding acknowledgment of my victory, but something told me that our contest was not over. He cast a long look in my direction and I suddenly felt a tension that I had never experienced before.

    By December the temperatures had remained bitterly cold and the large swimming pond beside our greenhouse froze well enough for me to hold ice skating parties there in the afternoons..My friends lit a bonfire, turned up the volume on my transistor radio and skated into the dark of the early evenings. These wholesome gatherings were not at all Garretts style, I thought, but one particular afternoon I caught sight of his tall frame ambling across the cornfield. He was flanked by two girls ( of course). I hadn't invited him, didn't expect him and wasn't sure that I wanted him intruding into MY domain! When they arrived I followed the laughing girls down the stairs to the rec room. Most of the kids kept their skates and extra clothes down here, when I turned to talk to JD I realized thathe had hesitated in the hallway near the door to the library.

    Dad was working at his desk next to the floor mounted EHD fan/loudspeaker unit. I heard him say " Hello There." and then the rest of their conversation was drowned out by the chatter of newer arrivals. Several minutes passed and JD still hadn't joined the group downstairs. I decided to see what was happening and I arrived at the threshold just as JD said.... in a very measured tone....."So..... there is no limit to the top end of the frequency? You could use this as a communications device too? You could send a signal with this.... Right?.... and no one else would ever get it but the person who happened to be "tuned" to it.... Right?"

    Dad nodded, smiled and put his glasses back on. That usually indicated that he had just concluded one of his technical demonstrations. This one I later realized was designed especially for JD Garrett.

    JD seemed flustered. That was not normal for him. I asked if he wanted to join us at the pond. When he swung around to look at me it was as if he was seeing a ghost! He began moving toward the front door... thanking Dad sincerely....and repeatedly... but never slowing his motion to leave the house. I watched him as he covered the front walkway in a couple of strides, vaulted over the low gate easily and turned sharply to the right. That was strange, I thought. For some reason he was walking down the snowy road and not taking the path through the cornfield. It was definitely the long way back to the school parking lot, where I was sure he had left his car. Within seconds he disappeared into the bonechilling darkness.

    I looked forward to seeing him later. Surely, I though... he wouldn't leave two pretty girls behind! But he didn't come back and I had to ask Taft to take the girls home later.

    Back in our Political Science class the next day the green-eyed boy who had taken such a delight in challenging me, and who had sat behind me, slyy messing with strands of my hair when he was bored.... now totally ignored me...... He came to class late, jumped up at the sound of the bell and never once looked in my direction.

    I missed that old relationship, whatever the heck it was!

    When Sue introduced me to Howie I told myself that perhaps I had just been one of the many girls that JDs had happened to notice Maybe I had just fallen for that long sexy look that he was so good at giving girls. Perhaps I was just a passing flirtation for him. I needed to move along and not think about him any more. I had been thinking of those green eyes far too much..

    Howie was solid and straightforward and there was a magic in watching the way his family worked together on their farm. They boarded horses for wealthy Philadelphia equestrians and while we dated he shared with me that was not the horseman that his brother was and in fact was looking forward to the day that he wouldn't be doing all of those barn chores

    After hearing that I didn't volunteer that I knew as much as I did about that world. I sensed that Howie was tired of it, and I didn't want him to think that I was dating him because of the horses at his place. I stood by the side and tried to keep from involving myself,but the truth was,I loved the life I saw there,and I knew that I could fit in well. Howie had asked me to accept his class ring and I had decided that I cared enough for him to accept it.

    I didn't realize that there was an outside challenge to our relationship until Howie pointed it out. Maybe thats the natural way of things, that one male picks up on anothers threat before an intention is ever voiced or acted upon. I laughed when Howie mentioned that we kept crossing paths with the JD Garrett. I started to pay attention to the truly odd meetings that occurred.

    I had convinced myself that these random meetings were just that..

    A couple of years later, when I happened to mention the" innocent coincidences" that led to our being together. JD punched the pillow down, leaned into me and whispered..." Sweetheart, there was nothing innocent about it."
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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????


    As most of you know I have been posting what I have been calling " Forum Chapters" on my site the cosmic-token.com. And I intended to post the entire "rewrite" of the book there for some to comment on.

    This morning when I logged on to the cosmic-token all I got was a big block of advertising for various things... I have called my administrator to find out what is going on. This has never happened before. Is this a common thing to have happen? Am I the only one seeing this or do all of you get this cookie monstrosity there if you try to look?

    I am sure that this will be sorted out.... and if this is a block to bury the information I have put out there, it won't work.....

    I have NEVER had advertising on the Cosmic-Token and do not promote it so this is a strange twist for me.

    Just posting to keep all in tune. What were we just saying about " evil impinging?" <g> Linda

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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

    Apparently it has just been a glitch and a billing error. We thought we had paid for two years, and oddly their records showed that we had only paid for one.... so they cut us off at the anniversary. Not sure who was right but it doesn't really matter. We are properly registered for the next year now and the site should be back up soon, unless of course, something else strange happens.

    However this experience did teach me some valuable lessons. One of them that it is important to continue posting my Forum Chapters of the Rewrite as it develops on more than one site.

    The other lesson I got is that it is time for me to start paying attention to the Resolute more carefully and to make sure that the cargo that she is carrying is properly stored and tended to. I have been letting her "drift" while writing this REWRITE but now I see from some of the scientific discussions that are blooming there on that site that I need to pay better attention.

    The Cosmic Token was always meant as an introduction to the life and work of Thomas Townsend Brown but it is also my personal avenue of interaction with the people around me who feel the same way and have questions that haven't been answered yet. We can laugh and joke and stampede off in different directions on the Cosmic Token... that is what she is designed for.... but the Resolute is meant to be more serious in tone. So we really do need both. Having the Cosmic Token go down momentarily brought that into focus for me.

    I have posted all recent chapters now on Dads site ...(the Resolute) and as soon as the Cosmic Token comes back up I will copy over what is done there too. Parallel Universes in an odd way... both of them important. And of course your Forum here has the first several chapters and I appreciate their safekeeping with you.

    As I get further and further along into this story it may be that we will run into more and more resistance....so..... for the Resolutes crew.... "batten the hatches".... and for everyone else....thanks for your stout support.

    Last edited by Linda Brown; August 26th, 2013 at 10:59 AM.

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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

    This is quite a jump ahead but I think, even taken as a separate entity this chapter might speak to some of the things that we have been talking about here on this Forum....its just one of those strange topics that is a "door" which leads away from my main book storyline....

    Hang in there with me. And see if you don't have the same questions that I do about this particular ring.

    "by Linda Brown » Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:59 am

    Forum Chapter #31

    It took us awhile to get back to the topic of his meeting with the man called "Boston".

    " Finally he stood up and walked around me" JD continued..."He began to lecture me as he moved. I stood too then because there was an edge to his voice that hadn't been there before... and I felt better being on my feet. I was taller than he was by at least eight inches, and heavier too.. He was suddenly talking about being a boxer in his earlier days and he taunted me by saying that I would never have lasted in the ring with any of the "school yard boys" that he knew. I got the impression that he was sizing me up as he walked around me. I was doing the same. I figured I was quicker too and obviously tougher and at least twenty years younger. That would make me faster. I could handle this.

    JD reflected for a moment. " Maybe that thought showed in my face! Boston reacted like I had just thrown gas on his fire! He got on this rampage about how spoiled and ill prepared I was and what a mistake the whole interview had been! I had been a waste of his time, he declared, and he got some pretty colorful insults going too. His face was getting redder and redder and at the end he was screaming at me, just inches from my face. I couldn't figure what I had done to get this guy so upset.

    "If he keeps this up" I thought..." I am going to punch him in the face". It was an easy reach. Suddenly he walked away from me and opened a display case and pulled out a heavy looking dagger. I really thought at that moment that the guy had gone over the edge. I wasn't sure what he was capable of but I didn't like the turn of things. He distainfully tossed the blade in my direction and I watched as it slid next to my feet." Arm yourself!" he yelled! This interview is over! I have decided that I am going to kill you!

    Linda, I thought that the guy had really lost it! I bent down and grabbed the knife, just to defend myself. I barely got it into my hand when he hit me with something that felt like a baseball bat. And then again and again. The crazy SOB was beating me with a rolled up magazine! I lost my temper and lunged at him, which turned out to be a serious mistake on my part! He landed so many blows to my head and shoulders I couldn't even count them! I took a swing at him but he knocked the knife from my hand and it bounced off the far wall. He finished by beating me all the way to the ground.

    He picked up the knife and returned it to the case and then left the room.

    I was lying there trying to figure which part of me was still working and I was still in that kind of daze when he came back with a cold wash cloth. He sat down on the floor next to me, resting his back against the wall. ..." Lesson number one.".he said, handing me the cloth...."NEVER underestimate your opponent. Number two....Never let anyone pick your battleground."

    New Years Day 1966 found us on the Ferry bound for Staten Island. I was leaving earlier than I had wanted but JD said there was a mass transit strike scheduled for the next day and he insisted that I should leave before that started. "Its going to be a mess" he said " and there is no telling how long it might last. I want to get you safely out of here and back to Sem on time."

    I had told him what my plans were. I was going to go back.... take my final tests for that second semester and then withdraw from school. He didn't agree with me and said so.... but.... on the other hand..... He had already decided that he was going to follow the instructions that Boston had detailed for him. That meant that he would be at home in Philadelphia in the spring and would not be returning to Antioch after that. "Don't lecture me about leaving school JD" I said finally, "and I won't lecture you."

    ************************************************** ******************************

    I leaned against his wide warm chest and he wrapped his heavy coat around me protecting me from the cold air. The landing for Staten Island was approaching and in my nervousness I found myself twisting the big ring I was wearing around and around on my finger. It was an ancient Lapis Lazurli ring that my Dad had given me the night that he bought my first horse. It was a special occasion for me. I was only twelve years old then and that black horse represented another stage in my life and the greatest gift I had ever known. I had worn that ring every day since that evening, either as a pendant on a chain or with tape wrapped around the back of it to make it secure on my finger. Dad had accompanied the gift of the ring with a long story about how a certain black horse had rescued Zoroaster. He told me that the Ancients believed that lapis was a special stone and that it helped those who wore it get messages from other dimensions and ages. And it kept them from harm.

    Suddenly I realized that the ring belonged to JD. Perhaps thats why it was a mans ring .Perhaps I had carried it for all of these years just for this exact moment. I couldn't let him go away without it.

    I placed it in his palm. "This will keep you safe and watch over you". He looked at it for a long time without moving. I took it suddenly from his hand and peeled the tape away from it. When I slipped it on his finger it fit perfectly and I thought suddenly that somehow... it was meant to be his. Maybe it had always belonged to him.

    He reached into his pocket and pulled out a New York City transit token. " This is all I have to offer you.....It says its "good for one fare" but I promise you.... this one is good forever."
    Linda Brown

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    by Minoo » Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:52 am

    You didn't realize then, that you were doing spellwork.


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    by Linda Brown » Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:57 pm

    I am still not sure that I see it CAT, though I know something extremely potent and magical was happening. If there was a "spell" then Dad started it. What does that say?

    An outside comment here.... which I couldn't talk about during this section of the story because I was trying to stay very much ON TARGET for what was happening to me at that time and moment! This is just ONE of the doors to another discussion that I have been talking about in this book....

    I think that I have mentioned that I reached out to talk with Michael Bahnson early in my investigation of Dads life. Of course I began to wonder about that strange ring that Dad apparently brought directly from the lab that evening.

    Why did Dad have that lapis lazurli ring in his pocket the evening that he bought me my black horse? He had been at the lab all day.... how long had he had it?... It was not the kind of "gift" that you would plan to give a young girl on the occasion of the purchase of her first horse.

    While working with Paul Schatzkin in his research someone had mentioned that Agnew Bahnson also had a "special ring"... so I began to follow up on that rumor. Was his "special ring" the same one? Was it a DIFFERENT ONE? Andrew Bolland had talked to Michael Bahnson and thought that he was told that the ring was made up of some sort of strange material... drawn from a meteorite. A mystery.

    So I reached out to Michael. As I have written before.... Michael and I danced around sharing information with each other... until we hit on the animals at the log cabin and we were sure that we had information that only we , as kids, shared together.

    I asked about the ring and he verified that fact that his Dad had worn one for years.. But he didn't know where it had gone or even a really proper description of it.... other than the stone was " dark" and certainly not anything like a diamond or gemstone. It was his opinion that his Dad was still wearing the ring after we left North Carolina in 1958 so I am still assuming that it was a different ring and not the same. Once Dad gave my ring to me it was ALWAYS on me. Until I gave it to JD.

    Michael and I never spoke after that strange phone call and I understand that he later died of cancer. A sad situation. Perhaps there are others in the family that know of their Grandfathers " special ring". Perhaps this Forum or others will be the means that they can reach back to us to follow this possibility. Agnew felt openly that he was dealing with another intelligence.

    Through another source I was given reams of paperwork directly from those years at the Bahnson Lab, written by Agnew himself. In some of the passages he mentions the " Brothers" and how much he misses their input. I guess after Dad left.... the input left too.

    Suddenly I have decided that this message has to be posted on Lady of Lights Forum. Only there perhaps will this information bloom.


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    Re: Comments on the Rewrite of " The Good-Bye Man" ????

    And yes, for some strange reason the Cosmic Token remains down.... so I guess I still have more work to be done in other areas! <g>

    The challenge still remains.... is CAT right? Was there spellwork happening here????

    I know that someone soon is going to ask.... what happened to the ring.... my answer is...... I don't know precisely..... the man I am communicating with now.... and the person who shared those moments with me at Ashlawn and then New York City, is not wearing it.. Linda
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