I am not giving medical advice, nor am I advising anyone against getting conventional treatment, but I am sharing information to other sovereign human beings and leaving it up to them to make up their own minds on the information presented below. I accept no liability for anyone’s life or what they choose to do with it. Were all grownups here, and frankly I don’t feel as though this disclaimer is necessary, we are not children. But in this world, sadly, such disclaimers are necessary as it is illegal for me to share this information otherwise, lest someone actually cure themselves.

The Cure for Cancer.

Hemp oil has been proven to cure cancer time and time again. When confronted with the evidence the media would rather focus on the fact that "hemp" (marijuana) is illegal to grow and therefore its legal status warrants more publicity than the fact that it cures a terminal illness.

Knowledge is power. Empower yourself and your loved ones with this highly important information.

Every day approximately 1,500 people die from cancer every day in the United States alone, over half a million. Why is this continuing to happen? The "Run from the Cure" documentary answers this question perfectly. 90% of the multibillion dollar cancer industry is derived from the treatment of cancer, and just like the oil tycoons would swiftly swipe off the scene any kind of technology that would bring their empire to its knees, so too do those at the top of the cancer industry feel about anything that would threaten the numbers and statistics of their empires. Businesses are fundamentally created in order to turn a profit, and while there is a profit being made there will be a vested interest which will do everything possible to reinforce that stream of income. People will do anything for money it seems these days. Another question you might like to ask yourself is why aren’t celebrities who many might naively deem as being "important people" being informed about such things that can cure cancer? Well that’s simple. In the eyes of business tycoons these people are certainly not important enough to threaten their empires, and furthermore their very demise will reinforce the public’s opinion that such things as cancer cures seem utterly preposterous, otherwise why would our rich and famous succumb to such a disease? The rich and famous are just like us, trapped in a web of corruption fuelled by the eager dominion of a few men in nice suits. These are the very same men who have been committing acts of genocide in our name in order to gain very substantially from the massive profit margins that are involved in the manufacturing and selling of arms and munitions. It does not take much imagination to soon see that the people who have all the money run this world, simply because everything has a price. The media establishments, the pharmaceutical industries, the justice departments, all create massive revenue and only the very elite may ever have any hope of owning them, and thus, like any business these people will strive to make these enterprises more profitable, and unfortunately for us, we are a much more profitable enterprise when we are physically, mentally and spiritually sick. Think about that for a moment, how can a world ever be fair when it is run by those who will do anything for a profit?