There is this strange feeling that spiritual leaders -- even ones who decry all talk of spiritual warfare -- get when they are about to make a major move in which they trust God to lead them. All of a sudden, things start going wrong at just the wrong time. Things at work get explosive, a family member takes ill or goes into a crisis, friends get angry over the slightest things, doubts about the course of action start to crop up, cars break down, meetings get cancelled, and so on and on. These sort of things start piling up more and more as the step is closer to being taken. Satan knows how the Lord works, and how we work.

Should you find this happening to you when you lead, the main thing to keep in mind is: relax. God is still at work. It is the Spirit that makes Spirit-led deeds succeed. Not you. Trust God, pray hard, and love harder. When the time arrives, the Spirit gives a sense of confidence that will chase away the nervousness and the fear. Confidence. Because even though you're no match for Satan, God is more than enough.

The second message is for those around someone else who is leading those major moves. They need your support, in person, in prayer, sometimes with a helping hand, sometimes with money or skills. Your job in spiritual conflict is to be with them in the time of trial, for that's no time to be alone. It's time for koinonia -- time to see just how much of a faith community we are. In 'war', people tend to get wounded. Expect it. God uses the community of the faithful to bring protection and healing. They can be like a covering or shield for the newbie and the leader.