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Thread: A timely message...

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    SaLuSa 6-November-2009

    SaLuSa 6-November-2009

    As your levels of consciousness continue to grow exponentially, you are effectively lifting others up with you. This is resulting in rapid changes in your mass consciousness, and you are able to cut your ties with the lower vibrations more easily. As you do so it is taking away power of the dark Ones to hold people back, and they can awaken to their true selves. The dark Ones have systematically made you feel inferior, and reliant on their support and direction in your lives. In so doing they have controlled you for their own purposes, and kept you from the truth about your creative powers. However, you are learning quickly that your future is in your own hands, and denying them further control over you. You are claiming back your rights to freedom from their oppression, and helping create the energies for change. What you now see is a chaotic state on Earth, yet out of it shall come the new energies that will speedily raise you to new levels. So, we can talk of First Contact that is coming as the result of your dedication to overthrow the dark Ones, and foil their plan for your enslavement.

    You Dear Ones over many lives have been coming to Earth with the intention of bringing Light to shadow world. There has always been a long-term plan to help you rise up, and many of you here today have been responsible for the success in changing the balance in favour of the Light. It is really only in the last century that you have achieved a massive breakthrough, and it set the stage for the final thrust towards total freedom. Success may still feel as though it is far away, but with the full co-operation of the various councils that oversee your evolution, it is much nearer than you could imagine. You chose to be here to experience it, and be part of the final chapter in the cycle of duality. Many, many souls sought such an opportunity, but your presence means that you were more suited to the occasion and brought with you a wealth of experience. The dark Ones have no real answers when competing with the Light, and for a long time feared the success you have achieved. They knew it was inevitable, but true to their colours they obstinately refuse to recognise their demise. Is it not ironic Dear Ones, that they are now the ones who are in a state of fear after having used it as a weapon against you.

    We may frequently refer to the Dark Ones but we do not judge them, and that will be left for their own self-judgement when their time is also finished in this cycle. We would ask you to be forgiving, as would be expected from those who have moved into the Light frequencies and carry the truth with them. All souls are equal and loved by the Creator, who does not punish the errant ones as some believe. Each of you has had experiences of the dark and Light, because that is the reason you entered this cycle. Experience means progress and is your pathway back to the Light that knows no equal. You have so much to learn, and Ascension will be your first major step towards a true understanding of your purpose for being here. You will also learn of the continuing plan for your greater evolution in the higher realms. You are not afloat like a cork aimlessly bobbing up and down in the sea, but have a clear course mapped out ahead of you and we shall steer you towards it.

    You are quickly awakening with a good appreciation of where we fit into your lives. We have been with you all along, and with our coming openly with prior announcement you will soon accept that we are one family within this Universe. All life is interconnected from the consciousness of the smallest particle to the complete Universe, and it is revered for that reason. It is therefore sad to see how some of you view other people as different simply because of their appearance or beliefs. Allow for freedom of choice, as each has chosen their own place and time for their experience. Help each other as you would your own family, and soon there will be a totally new feeling of Oneness. You are capable of it and more, but your feelings have been frozen out by your experiences at the mercy of the dark Ones. A new day is opening up when all shall start to change at a pace that will surprise you. Everything has been planned for a long time for this very occasion, and there is absolutely nothing that is beyond our handling abilities or resources. We know that some of you question it, as you are not familiar with our advanced technologies or our high level of co-operation with our Federation members.

    Most of you shall see it all come true within your life span, and it will be as if the nightmare has turned into a pleasant dream. It will be more of course, because we are talking about your reality and uplift into an entirely new dimension of Light. Truth is stranger than fiction, although your authors such as Arthur C. Clarke were inspired to incorporate true facts in their stories. Over a long period the battle for your minds has been at this level, and it has been necessary to overcome the fearful stories about Space Beings with series such as Star Trek. In the end you decide what to believe, but with our coming there will have to be re-think on the part of many of you. You will quickly find acceptance of us, as our intentions will be seen as peaceful and for the good of all.

    Be of good cheer, and when the opportunity arises share your knowledge about coming events with those who express some interest. Try not to flood someone with too much information at the time; it may otherwise cause them to ignore it all. We can tell you that the consciousness levels have risen much higher in the last year than any corresponding period. They will of course continue at an ever-increasing rate, and those of you who are sensitive to them will register the difference. We can record the levels so we can assure you that there are enormous advances being made, and exactly as we expected.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have learnt so much from you about Human’s and their ways. There is nothing like first hand experience which is why you have entered the cycle of duality. You may wonder why you did so, but for a real evolutionary step of some significance there is little that will match it. It will be so wonderful when you hang up your duality hat, and we shall be with and join your celebrations. Keep your sight on your goal and never look back.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

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    SaLuSa 9-November-2009

    SaLuSa 9-November-2009

    The present times are such that you can review whatever of your old self is being carried forward. It is part of your personal cleansing that cuts links with certain aspects of your consciousness, that no longer serve one who is aspiring to raise their present levels. What you are wrestling with are thought forms that have long been part of your psyche. They determine your reaction to circumstances through your past experiences, and your own image as to who you think you are. You are faced with automatic responses, that can no longer align themselves with the changes you are making so that your consciousness may be uplifted. You can break the link by denying it your energy which will prevent it manifesting. Let thoughts pass through your mind in the same way that you become an observer of actual events, and release them straight away. Be assured that in time you will be able to take full command of your thoughts and actions.

    You are becoming a stronger aspect of your Higher Self, and you will certainly have noticed the changes within Self. Instead of being bound by your upbringing and what is considered the “normal” way of life, you are open to guidance from the higher realms. This keeps you firmly on the path of evolution and of becoming a fully-fledged Being of Light, which is necessary if you are to be part of the Ascension process. You will find it gradually becomes easier to attain a higher level of consciousness, as the vibration on Earth is increasing at an ever faster rate. There has not been such an opportune time as now to leave the cycle of re-incarnation. You have as you might say, qualified to make your way to the higher dimensions. Duality has given you the background and mindset to realise that you have learnt sufficient from your experiences, to leave them behind.

    The magnitude of what you have achieved will not dawn upon you until you leave duality, and find yourself in the higher levels of Light. Then you will be able to look back at your total experiences, and without a doubt your highs and lows will astonish you. With guidance you directed towards yourselves, the experiences that achieved your personal goal. After all Dear Ones, you chose your path and not every soul has the same desire or goal in mind. You can serve the Light in so many ways, and there are many developing civilisations that would benefit from your knowledge. Who better to guide others that are still in duality, than those who have finished the course?

    Your reality is an illusion yet quite real while you are within it. Some time in the future it will completely disappear, as like anything else of a lower vibration it cannot hold together when those around it rise up. Nothing is of course lost but simply returns to its original essence to be used again for another creation, which is continually taking place all over the Universe. In the higher dimensions you will be the creator of whatever is your hearts desire, and it will be pure and in balance with all else. They are no place for anything else but the purest thoughts. It may sound difficult to adjust to, but with your return to full consciousness you will find it quite natural to deal with. You will be at levels that are your real home from whence you originally came.

    Dear Ones you will be both astonished and uplifted by the changes that are so near. What you may have thought was nigh on impossible will happen, because the Light has empowered people to act. One revelation after another will come out once it all starts rolling, and will reveal the false circumstances you have been living under. You are searching for the truth about yourselves, and it will clear up many misconceptions you have. There are no chosen people that are privileged to be over others, and it is through your own efforts that progress is made. Despite what outwardly appears to be so, you are all equal. That Man has contrived a system where others are held to be inferior is simply for power over them. Enlightened people are usually humble and use their knowledge to help others, without any expectation of reward. From a spiritual point of view, it is your intent that determines how unselfish your act is seen to be.

    Those souls who are in readiness for Ascension are seeking like kinds to share their knowledge with, and help as many as possible to ascend. The greater the amount of Light attracted to Earth, comes the greater possibility of others being lifted up. We see many souls beginning to awaken from their slumbers, suddenly seeing the “light” and freeing themselves from the ties that have held them back. Already the independence many feel is driving them to fight for freedom, and you will have noticed they come from all walks of life. Spirituality cannot be seen in a person, or measured by their wealth or status in society. Actions surely do speak louder than words, but words also carry with them a vibration that can heal; or harm a person. Be careful therefore Dear Ones, to watch your words carefully as they carry the power of creation within them.

    Speaking the truth is hard to do consistently in a society that is fed on lies, and uses them for gain or favours. Yet honesty and truth are necessary if you are to take your place in the higher realms, where anything else is patently obvious. However, we see little or no problems arising, as you will be carrying the intent to live your life to the highest possible level of perfection. Nothing is impossible that is asked of you, it is just by comparison with your present lives that the changes seem so formidable, yet they are attainable. Think of your potential as unlimited, and as co creators with God that anything you desire to do is within your ability.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and represent just one source of contact from members of the Galactic Federation. Others such as the Pleiadians are also quite regularly in contact with you, and they have a special interest because of their long association with you and your Earth. When you think of it, why should some of you take so easily to the idea of contact with us? It is because you have known us through other lives, and in ancient times may well have had contact with us. Our craft are no strangers to you either, and your history goes back very far with mention of them. Soon there will be another entry, and this will be the great occasion of our mass landings. We will be coming in love, and ready to offer our services to you all.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

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    SaLuSa 13-November-2009

    SaLuSa 13-November-2009

    We have informed you that it is time to reveal the truth about us, and our activities on your behalf. The time of revelations you refer to as “Disclosure” is so to say “on the table”, and it will open a Pandora’s Box of information. Once the initial announcement has been made, it will bring out long hidden truths about the Galactic Federation members. It will also reveal the truth about other visitors to Earth outside of our membership, and not necessarily of the higher levels of Light. Naturally a young civilisation such as yours attracts a lot of interest, and it is permissible for visits to be made for the purposes of exploration and scientific information. However, there are strict laws of non-interference, and they have to observed.

    As you have grown over thousands of years, the colonisation of other countries has been enforced and mighty empires have emerged. The colonisation of Space has stringent and enforceable controls, and can only take place with both sides in agreement. Clearly there are many benefits to be gained where a more advanced civilisation joins hands with a developing one. Your Earth is in such a position now, and your potential to be able to join the Space Family commenced when you raised your consciousness levels. It was known that you would rapidly progress towards Space travel, and now you go back and forth to planets in your Solar System. Inter Stellar travel would be a natural development from there, but until you put down your weapons of mass destruction, you will be prevented from doing so. It is true that there have been Galactic Wars, but as time passes so soul progression takes place and peaceful co-existence becomes more wide spread.

    The dark forces upon Earth have had ambitions to enslave you, and extend their activities into Space. They already have bases upon the Moon and Mars, and using force they would not hesitate to colonise another world. However, no matter what they do they will not be allowed to go outside your Solar System. Nuclear weapons are quarantined so that they stay on Earth, and not allowed to be used in connection with experimental or warlike activities. You might wonder where the negative influences have come from that have plagued your planet, and we can tell you that they have always existed in your Universe because of its dual polarity. When the vibrations of your mass consciousness drops very low you attract similar ones from outside, and as a result powerful energies are formed that make them harder to overcome. We are pleased to tell you that as a result of your highest intentions for good, you have suddenly lifted out of the depths of darkness. Hence, you now move even further away and into the Light that is your path to Ascension.

    There is so much truth in the expression “as above so below” and this is why your upliftment into the higher dimensions, will find you at home in surroundings that are acceptable and familiar to you. As a collective of human souls that have originally come from all quarters of the Universe, you are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Therefore although dramatic and far-reaching changes are coming, they will be a natural progression in your greater path to Cosmic Consciousness. You are special and well loved without a doubt, and why not as we are all involved together in our journey through Space. The changes will be enormous and exciting, and whatever your experiences now they will be eclipsed by those that are to come.

    We find that there are far more people who are now settled in peaceful self-realisation. They walk their life without fear and carry their Light with them, raising the vibrations around them where ever they go. The Light has formed a network of souls that are unknowingly spreading it across the Earth. It is growing exponentially, and is a great force for the good of all other souls. As we often suggest Dear Ones walk in the awareness of your Light at all times, and your mere presence will lift up those around you.

    Everything is going well and much happens behind the scenes of which you cannot yet be aware. Our allies slowly but surely make inroads where there needs to be changes, and wait our go ahead to implement our plan. They are often in vital positions that are essential to success, and for the time being secrecy is necessary about their activities. Our craft are often placed in such a way as to protect them, and our presence is unknown because we are cloaked in invisibility. Many craft already peer in to you world as they monitor the dark Ones and their whereabouts. We have the thousands of nuclear devices under our control, and you may rest easily as they will not be allowed to be used. The dark are far from having it all their own way, and we play by the rules where they do not. We are highly organised, and they are in disarray because it has long become apparent to them that they cannot win the battle between the dark and Light.

    There is a new sense of achievement amongst Light workers, as they now feel the changes in the vibrations and realise that upliftment is well under way. These last few years have seen remarkable progress towards Ascension, and more souls are awakening to their true potential. With the advent of Disclosure and the revelations that will soon follow, we expect even more souls to come out of their clouded view of life. No one really likes to feel that they have been deliberately misled yet it has been going ever since the collapse of the Atlantean civilisation. From that time you fell into an abyss of darkness, and those seeking self-power took advantage of the situation.

    As this cycle now closes you will look back, and realise that you have gone through so many karmic periods as a Human Race. War and the threat of war have never been far away, and after some of the bloodiest wars in your history. You have said, “enough is enough” and moved your focus away from them and on to the path of peace. Your leaders are slow to respond and opposition to changes is strong, because of the profitable industry that has grown up around them.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that you have called for peace on Earth, and we are here to ensure that it is achieved. It will be part of our plan for you and your salvation, and negotiations will commence once we are introduced to you. Love and appreciation of each other will quickly return.

    Thank You SaLuSa.

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    SaLuSa 16-November-2009

    SaLuSa 16-November-2009

    There is beauty everywhere if you care to look, and it is nature at work. You see the flowers and trees, animals and birds in the Oneness of the physical forming energy of your Creator. You peer into your seas and lift your head up to the skies, and all moves in wondrous harmony and fulfils your needs. Yet it is Man who has upset the fine balance between it all, and for eons of time has plundered the Earth to feed his insatiable greed. The Earth does not have unlimited resources, and it is only in recent times that you have understood the necessity to preserve what you have already. There was ample to meet your daily needs, until your resources were seen as a means of bringing wealth to those who could market them. Now you find that overuse has led to serious shortages, and the balance of your planet is being put at risk. There are attempts to bring about rescue plans, but your big industrial giants prefer to put profit before yours and the planets wellbeing.

    Why do we mention these things now Dear Ones, it is because although there is some grasp the importance of taking action now, finding agreement between the different countries is extremely difficult. How you treat your Earth is an indication of how far you have progressed spiritually, and is also a measure of how you treat each other. Until you accept that you are reliant on each other, and that you are the guardians of the Earth and all its life forms, there will continue to be disharmony between you all. However, caring and sharing is something that will return, as you advance towards the end of this cycle, and it will happen quite quickly. It will come with the recognition that unless you do so, you cannot overcome the inequality that now exists. You are one family on Earth working towards the recognition of your soul purpose, and realising that you are all reliant on each other for your success.

    You are becoming enlightened as to what you need to do to help Humanity through the process of Ascension. Because of it you now understand that recognising the divinity of all life is extremely important, if you are to open your consciousness to the truth. You are not rising up in isolation, as the new energies are lifting up the whole solar system. The Oneness that exists extends everywhere in all directions, and this is another reason why we of the Galactic Federation are here to assist you. We see clearly where our help is required, and without it the tasks you face would become overpowering and beyond your capabilities. We can save you so much time, and overcome the problems you would face financing the many projects to restore your Earth. Our services will cost you absolutely nothing, as we come on the divine orders of the Universe Overlords, and we happily share with you whatever we have.

    We want you to understand that we come to you not as strangers, but your spiritual family with the utmost love in our hearts. So many of you are directly related to us, and we come to find our own so that we may be re-united once again. Your memories of where you originally came from have long been overshadowed by the dark energies, but now they are being transmuted by the powerful Light that permeates your Earth. As some of you have awakened we hear you say that somehow you know the Earth is not your true home, and you look up to the skies from whence you came. That restless feeling of belonging elsewhere urges you ever onwards to find the truth.

    Dear Ones, you do not have much longer to wait before we appear by invitation, and then there shall be worldwide broadcasts of our existence. With time the truth of our connection to you, and our place in your history will be revealed. We have closely followed your journey through duality, and there have been times when we have been allowed to contact individuals and groups, who have shown spiritual progress. Your present situation is greatly encouraging and one of great promise, inasmuch that many souls are reaching out to us. Once again we find that our presence is allowed through the Law of Attraction. It is further enhanced by the Ascension process that will come to fruition with or without Man, as a Universal event that is part of a greater Cosmic Cycle.

    For you we are proof of the existence of higher Beings, and we come with the reassurance that there is a Supreme Creator regardless of what name you might use. There is but the One of All That Is, and this knowledge should enable the different churches to agree on the common source of their Gods. There can but be the One Truth, and where you are open to learning the greater truths they will be placed before you. It would be most pleasing to see Man put aside his religious differences, to find the truth that would instead draw them together. It must come in time but there will be no forcing of the issues, as it is your freewill choice as to what you believe. Yes, freewill is what has created your reality, and it is freewill that will lift you up so that you can find the true path to spiritual freedom.

    As you will no doubt realise, there is a great deal to do to get you on track for Ascension. We come not to restore the old as you know it, but to help you re-create the perfection that once existed from the time you first settled upon the Earth. You have forgotten what it was like to live in complete freedom and harmony, and to go where your fancy took you without any aspect of fear. What joyful occasions are awaiting you, and all in quick succession as you lift higher into the new vibrations. Start now to picture in your minds what that will mean, and how it will feel to be free from the lower vibrations you are in now, that weigh heavily upon you.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and even I get overjoyed when I think of the marvellous events that are to come. I feel your relief and great happiness, when you understand that you are to be released from the wheel of re-birth. It will have served its purpose, in having brought you to the point of completion with the closing of the cycle. That opportunity has been placed before all souls, and allowances should be made for those who are not yet ready to leave it. Send them on their way with your love and blessings, and they will rise up another day in some future cycle. Some of you may desire to return to them to fill a roll similar to what we are doing now. The higher life is service to one another in Love and Light, and a wonderful satisfying experience.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

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    SaLuSa 18-November-2009

    SaLuSa 18-November-2009 ...

    Very soon and out of the gloom of yesterday, shall come the first positive signs of the changes you desire so much. It does not require an earth-shattering event to do so, but nevertheless what is planned will bring the truth about us into your lives. It will remove long held beliefs that are not truly reflecting our place in your lives. The acknowledgement of our existence, will not surprise those who have been involved in matters relative to our sightings and previous contacts. It will however make the subject more acceptable, and openly spoke about without fear of ridicule. For the first time many people will learn about our intentions over the coming period, and how we will join forces with you to put many problems right that are preventing you from evolving. You have been held back for far too long, and you are to benefit from advancements that have been deliberately held from you.

    We wish to share with you many advanced technologies that you have become aware of, not just because of what you have seen of our abilities, but your own governments. They have developed technologies gained from other extraterrestrials for their own gain and power. There have been spin-offs for you, but free energy is for example of one that should have entered your commercial markets by now. With all of the existing problems and the coming shortages, you need to be assured that all of the basic living requirements are made available to everyone. When allowed to we shall distribute the knowledge, and provide the needs to satisfy these requirements.

    In a society that was based on fairness and sharing there would be no hunger or deprivation, and certainly no one would suffer from hunger or shortage of water. Neither would anyone be ill equipped to withstand the elements, or die for the want of medical attention. Everything you need to form a society that functions as intended, with the promise of a happy and fulfilling life already exists. Poverty could be eradicated now if the means were given to those who can already solve them. There are many Dear Souls whose hearts ache at what they see taking place, yet know how easily problems could be overcome. They have come into incarnation at this special time, for the very purpose of giving their knowledge and abilities for the good of all. With our coming we can quickly motivate groups in readiness, to go out into the world and achieve what they came for.

    God does not sit idly by and allow the dark forces to go against the will of the people. There is God’s plan that has reached the point where duality is being balanced, to allow the Light to determine where Mankind goes next. Nothing can remain static forever, and your evolution must necessarily take a giant step forward. Ascension looms ever nearer, and it will not be allowed to be prevented from giving every soul that so desires the opportunity for upliftment. Of course as has happened at the end of many of your past cycles, there have been almost total disasters with great loss of life. This will not happen on such a scale this time, and we are taking steps to minimise the effects of the Earth changes that are inevitable. Some souls have made the decision to leave prematurely, but that will fit in with their life contract. We know that some find such plans difficult to accept, but death is simply a means of bringing a life to a close. Be assured that after such a transition, there is very little time before such souls are released from any trauma experienced. They are quickly healed and reconnected with their loved ones, who have arrived before them.

    Dear Ones, know that there are so many souls working with each of you, both off and on Earth. Trust them to know what is best for you, and that they are helping you to complete your life plan successfully. Every soul is on Earth for a specific purpose, and some set goals for themselves that are extremely high, but you will never take on more than is humanly possible. Guides always attend your discussions prior to incarnating, and decisions are made based on your achievements, or lack of achievements as the case may be. You will not normally be aware of the lessons your life experiences are going to lead you into, but they will be set up to ensure they take place. Freewill is still yours to use, but you would not wish to go back on arrangements that are for your spiritual evolution. If you did, they would only come up again in another lifetime. It is best to allow your experiences to unfold, knowing that you have been party to the plan.

    Naturally you are not always the key figure in your experiences, often your part is to partake in another souls plan and the likelihood is that are close to you. You will take whatever role the situation demands, and can be the leading light that shows the way. You all have a lot to thank each other for as nothing is really happening by chance. Therefore, think carefully of the responsibility you have undertaken, and always try to see a situation from all angles. Do not judge another soul who crosses your path, as you know no more about their level of consciousness or life plan, than they know about yours. Do what is necessary to help anyone in need and you will gain through such acts. Compassion is vital regardless as to who requires your help, and do not let an opportunity go by where you can express your own Light and Love. Evolution comes with finding your spiritual self and exercising your love for all other life.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation is guided by Higher Beings who reside at levels of pure Light. They have the wisdom and the power of God, and oversee all that happens in your Universe. Their decisions are all based on a total understanding of life, and an immense love that enfolds it all. Should they appear to you, you would believe that you had met God; such is their magnificence and majesty. They are the Masters of the Universe that carry out the Creator’s plan.

    We have been with you and followed your progress for millennia of time, and we are not going to fall away now. We will go hand in hand to the end of the cycle, and victory shall be yours as decreed, We are of the Light, and you are of the Light, and so it shall remain forever. Together we shall overcome all obstacles, and achieve upliftment to the higher dimensions. We Are One, and it has always been that way and so it will remain for all Infinity.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    ps... Our patience is wearing thin...so could you make this sooner rather than later...please

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    SaLuSa 20-November-2009

    SaLuSa 20-November-2009

    Whatever action is taken against you to keep you down, it will be to no avail as there is a crescendo of demanding voices that seek justice and truth. Your faith in those who were elected to provide for you and uphold the law, has reached an all time low. You are wiser now and cannot be fooled by the devious plans that were always intended to enslave you. You are ready to question what is given to you as the reason for overriding your rights, and yet you get little response from those in authority. The so-called “ flu pandemic” is the current example of where those in power should be protecting you, but instead avoid their responsibility. However, there are brave souls who will so to say, "stick their neck out”, and follow their conscience that drives them on in the name of justice. Be assured that we are aware of these Dear Ones, and we follow their progress and give protection as far as we are allowed. You will recognise such souls by their dedication to their cause, and your support will help strengthen their resolve to see it through. The general awareness that you the people have not lost your freedom of speech, is helping spread the truth about what is happening in your name. Your collective consciousness is becoming such that is causing the dark Ones much concern, as they see their attempts to accelerate their plan being prevented.

    From hereon you will find that those people who have given little thought as to what has been happening around them, will experience a shift in consciousness and become more aware of outer events. This is largely the result of the new higher energies that continue to be beamed to Earth. They are subtle yet potent, inasmuch that they are lifting up Mankind at a pace that is not too overwhelming. It will continue and take you all of the way to Ascension, when it will have reached levels that will enable it to take place. For some the new energies are difficult to accept, as they tug at their hearts seeking a response that they are not yet prepared for. However, it is hoped that many will awaken to them and will join those who are destined to ascend.

    There is no doubt in our minds that you will overcome the limitations and obstacles that are placed on your paths. The truth when held is a powerful energy that cannot be affected by the dark energies, unless you start to hold doubts and allow them to creep in. Regardless of what is thrown at you, stick to your truth until you have good reason to move in another direction. No one else knows exactly where you are along the path you have chosen, and are not entitled to make a judgement of you. All experience is chosen for a reason that is for your own personal lessons, and it is to do with those who are directly involved with them. Love each other regardless of what you see from the outside, and in so doing you will quickly help further raise the energies upon Earth.

    Those of you who have found your inner soul have progressed beyond the ego self, It is not that your ego is other than yourself, but it is your programmed self that has been built from your outer experiences. The balance comes when both work from your Higher Self, and become as One. Then you will assuredly be working at a Light level that recognises the Light in all other souls. Unconditional Love is not easy to attain whilst on Earth, but nevertheless it should be set as your goal. It will come when you realise that you are One, and there is no separation between you except that which you have made yourself. Your evolution is on track for a wonderful upliftment into the higher levels of consciousness. Take it by living to the highest ideals you can and maintaining them in all circumstances. If you err do not worry, as every souls experiences will have their ups and downs. You are not expected to become perfect overnight, but do try to live up to the highest vision you have of yourself.

    As we so often remind you and will mention again, you are not alone on your journey so if the going gets tough call on your Guides, or whomever you believe is with you. You would be surprised if you knew how much is done for you. Sometimes you put experiences down to luck or coincidence, and that is often the result of “intervention” by those who travel with you. Tune in to your Higher Self, and in quiet moments you may register answers to whatever problems assail you. Those periods of absolute stillness and peace are essential to your well-being, and time should be set aside for them if possible. The stress of modern living is unhealthy and will cease in the course of time, as you will eventually be released from the pressures of having to work to provide for a living. A day will come when your work will be in pleasurable pursuits, and by your choice.

    So much awaits you that will lift you up out of the old ways that have enslaved you, and have deliberately made you subservient to the powerbrokers that have controlled your world. Their time is all but finished, but they still refuse to give up their ambitions to totally control the world population. You are getting wise to what has been taking place and your questions are as you say “rattling their cages” and they are running scared. All great empires founded and maintained by force eventually collapse as your history shows. They have nowhere to go, although their plans were to leave the planet and escape the consequences of their actions, You may be sure there is no way of escaping justice, and that applies to everyone.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius and feel honoured to be a spokesman on behalf of the Galactic Federation. You are looked upon as most adventurous and deserving souls of our help. What you have undertaken not just for yourselves is a great trial and experience to come through duality and return to the Light. So many have achieved it and now time is called, as this cycle is being drawn to its conclusion. The cleansing period that has commenced is unsettling, and requires your sights to be firmly set upon the end times. Ascension is an absolute certainty, and evidence of its manifestation comes with the ever-increasing levels of consciousness, and the speeding up of time. So many of you are now grounded in the Light, and with positive intent are part of the grand movement bringing about the physical changes upon Earth. What you are holding in your vision for the future, is enabling its manifestation now and you have much evidence of such changes. We love you for you are, and our blessings are showered upon you all.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

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