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Thread: A timely message...

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    A timely message...

    SaLuSa 12- October-2009

    Dear Ones not only are you progressing as individuals, but better still you are raising the level of Human consciousness. It is your path out of duality and is creating opportunities for other souls to lift themselves up. The energies that you are creating can inspire others, and it is how the awakening gradually brings in more people. This is important at this time when the dark ones are trying to hold on to you. We see a movement in your consciousness that is going to bring about a grand awakening. It will bring about the end of their attempts to hide the truth behind the many actions that have brought about the present reign of fear.

    You are the Ones that are paving the way to a new era, and soon you shall see the first benefits arising from it. As we have told you on a number of occasions, it is the right time to claim back what is rightly yours. You have been controlled in many ways over a long time, and without a change of direction would be totally at the mercy of the dark forces. Now you have a world leader who will take heart from the people’s support, and make decisions that will clearly be seen as establishing a peaceful period in human experience. We know what is in his heart, and he only waits for the opportunity to show what he can do. You are crying out for his spiritual perception to show itself and be translated into action, and it will come.

    The changes that are coming are known in detail to us, and they will sweep away the dross and remnants of a period that will be best forgotten. Just everything that has been denied you will be now given to you. Freedom is to be yours, but it will follow reconciliation with other countries when the foundation of world peace is laid down. Duality is no longer to be your way of life, as it has carried you far enough in this cycle. You are now stepping up to a new level, and will enjoy a life of happiness and joy free from the stress and worries you now experience. Everything you need to be comfortable and safe, and able to enjoy your freedom will come to everyone. The provisions to enable all of these commitments to be met will be handled by us. Indeed, we are ready now and your future is assured.

    Each one of you can contribute to bringing peace to your planet, by living your peace now and holding it within your self. Try to be in a position of acceptance of what goes on around you and be non-judgmental. It does not mean that you condone what is considered to against the best interests of everyone. Give your energy to your vision of what it is you desire to replace it, and you will help attract it into manifestation. Where you all are now is your creation, and you can change it with the will and intent to do so. We can paint the picture for you, but it is in your minds that it takes shape and becomes your reality. The conditions are changing as the new vibrations lift you up, and increase your opportunity to partake in the movement to speed them up. There is a plan that is somewhat fluid and each milestone will be met, but exactly when is very much up to your endeavors in bringing the Light to Earth.

    However, our role is instrumental in seeing that you reach a certain stage of preparation, and are ready for the wonderful event of Ascension. Its success will be your greatest achievement since you undertook to experience duality. It is to be your homecoming, and return to those higher levels that are the first steps back to dimensions from whence you came. It will be a quantum leap forward, that shall see you take your place in the Light and Love that permeates such levels. It is the stuff of dreams that shall prove the reality of your visions, where all exists in utter joy and harmony. It may be looked upon as a reward, but you have earnt it through your application of self to the Laws of the Universe. You have attracted the Light that in turn has lifted up your vibrations. That path is open to any soul who desires to complete their time in the lower dimension, and is dedicated to returning to the Light.

    You are in a time when the vibrations are increasing exponentially, and it offers every opportunity for those who are stirring from their deep sleep. There has never been so much attention paid to your future. We of the Galactic Federation along with others that are also of the Light, represent those civilizations that come from many Universes. Such co-operation is normal amongst those who have moved beyond the lower dimensions, and given their allegiance to the Creator. There is caring and love for all life no matter what form it takes, and it is respected and held in high esteem. The interest in you and Earth is something that attracts many to follow your exploits and endeavors, as you reach up out of the darkness and seek the Light. You still do not realize how much you are loved, for your sacrifice and solid faith in God to restore you to your higher station from which you came. What you will have achieved for every other soul who will follow in your footsteps, will echo around the Hall of Records forever.

    It is quite in order to pat yourself on the back for having completed this cycle, and found your pathway back to your true home in the Light. Even those who choose further experience in the 3rd dimension will benefit from your success, and they will achieve their upliftment more quickly as a result. Some of these souls are your friends and family, and having risen up you can still help them with their evolution. The fellowship of all ascended Beings means that they are committed to serving others that are reaching up into the Light.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you Dear Ones that your time of achievement approaches at an ever-quickening pace, as the energies of change reach a level of expression that must become your reality. Nothing can hold up the intended moves that will suddenly take you onto another path. One of revelations and opportunities to bring mankind into a New Age. All awaits your presence and the fulfillment of your most heartfelt dreams. Be ready with an open mind, and consider all probabilities that bring you into the Light and Love that surrounds your planet.

    Thank you SaLuSa
    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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    SaLuSa 14-October-2009

    Maybe this latest Channelling confirms other messages of First Contact:

    "Perhaps somewhat sooner than you might have anticipated, the first meaningful contact is soon to be announced. The news is already spreading like wildfire, and it is going to be a moment when history will be made. You have reached a new stage in this cycle that will see you move even further ahead, and all the promise of a new age will begin to unfold before your eyes. Does it not seem appropriate that at a time when you will be preparing to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, you will have another reason that will bring joy to so many of you. Between now and the end of the year the first official announcement of our existence will go ahead, and none other than President Obama will sit at that table. Over a period of time we had been anticipating a more open contact, but in keeping up with your likely re-action it has been decided to take a formal approach.

    The message that you are to receive, whether direct or through President Obama will set the stage for a series of announcements. These will reveal the facts about us and our long relationship with you, and put aside the false and distorted stories. You should have reached this point many years ago, but a deliberate plan to conceal the truth has caused much confusion. In the last cycle during the Atlantean and Lemurian times we regularly visited their civilisations. It is quite normal to do so when a civilisation reaches a certain level of understanding, and is ready to receive us. In your case it is imperative that we start working together as soon as possible, as there is much to do to ensure the plan for Ascension is carried forward. You must know by now the nature of the preparations for it, and we shall be able to help you speed up the process. The year 2012 will remain a crucial point in your evolution, and from thereon it will continue in the higher dimensions.

    Allowing this information out so early is to give those hearing of this news sufficient time to consider what it means to them. It will certainly change the outlook on many matters, not least of all the procuring of world peace which has unceasingly been sought in your prayers and thoughts. It is a signal to face in a different direction that leads you ever onwards towards the Light. There will have to be a great change of attitude amongst your leaders, as our part in your future becomes made known to Humankind. We come not as some marauding aliens that have set their sights on taking over your Earth, but more as your servants upon the orders of the Creator. The plan is in place and it will complete this cycle with Ascension.It is your great opportunity to ascend and leave duality because of your dedication, to uplifting yourselves into the higher dimensions of Light.

    After patiently waiting for the signs of change they are now about to come to fruition, and there will be absolutely no going back to the old ways. Naturally the dark forces will make life as difficult as possible for those charged with bringing the disclosures to you. However, one thing we will not allow is interference to the degree that it stops the revelations coming out. It is your time now to show what you can do to support the Light, and those Lightworkers who are at the helm of what is to be broadcast. Send out your love to protect them, and see them enveloped in the Golden White Light.

    You can expect some negative reactions to what is coming, but again there is time to deal with them before they can cast a shadow over the event. The final proof of our existence will be undeniable, and put paid to the scaremongers and their false stories about us. We will soon be able to assure you all that we come as your benevolent friends, and that we along with you are one galactic family. Why would we otherwise spend so much time progressing your evolution, and keep our distance so as not to frighten people. It would have been easy enough for us to make a peaceful colonisation of your planet, as you could not have prevented it if we had wished to do so. Our mission is as always stated, one to bring you to First Contact and prepare you and the Earth for Ascension. With that comes the fulfilment of all promises to restore your freedom and rights currently denied you. Also, to bring you into a new technological age where all your needs are supplied. Finally and perhaps the most important, is to guide you through the higher dimensions until you reach full consciousness.

    The ripples of excitement already move amongst you, and any apprehension will soon be overcome. Nevertheless, please allow time for developments because as fast as we can move towards our open landings, there is much to do to create the conditions we require to go ahead. Everything has to start somewhere, and the announcements about us will clear the way for greater co-operation between us, as we have all of the benefits lined up for you. Although we have previously made contacts with your past Presidents, this will be the first time that our offers to help you have been accepted. Bear in mind that we have a policy of non-interference, and have no desire to influence your freewill beyond carrying out the Will of the Creator.

    We shall progressively come more into your lives as the months roll by, and we see co-operation between countries coming at an unprecedented level. However, first there must be changes that result in the more spiritually inspired souls finding their way into government. We cannot entrust our projects to dubious characters, or those who have proven to be corrupt. So you see Dear Ones, you must make allowances for the groundwork to be completed before you expect too much from us. It is all there under our safekeeping and no one person or group will be able to prevent the completion of our tasks. Our security is way beyond your comprehension, but we still need to set the scene so that all proceeds according to plan.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, just one of millions of individuals who are members of the Galactic Federation. Along with our technology that surpasses anything you have at present, we shall speed along at an astonishing rate. It is the sheer numbers of personnel and craft that are available, that will seemingly perform miracles. We send you endless Light and Love to lift you up.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey."


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    SaLuSa 16-October-2009

    Mmmm things are hotting up!!!

    As to be expected, the news about the declaration to be made acknowledging the existence of your Space friends has caused a stir.

    A message from SaLuSa 16-October-2009 regarding imminent visitation to planet earth…

    As to be expected, the news about the declaration to be made acknowledging the existence of your Space friends has caused a stir. There are some of you who are cautiously accepting it, and that is always desirable where other events may eclipse it. However, as a high point in our plan, it can be taken as a positive move that will take place, unless the overseers decide otherwise. You have been awaiting such a first move not knowing from where it might come. Now it is nearly here, do not allow your expectations to run away with you. It is but the first of a whole chain of events that are planned. Remember that all of our actions are dedicated to bringing you what is yours already by divine decree. They are based on the truth regarding your purpose for being here, and to ensure that you are fully prepared by the time Ascension is to take place.

    What will soon be apparent is that the new times opening up, will give many of you the opportunity to be of service to the Light. Some of you have been searching for a way to do so for a long time, and your desire to help has not been ignored. There will be plenty to do as the truth unfolds and projects can begin to go ahead. Everyone here at this time has been aware of what may be asked of him or her, and came to Earth for that very purpose. Naturally, very few have any recollection of what their life contracts are, but feel the urge to put themselves forward for selection. We know all about you and have your profiles upon our computers. In fact, should the need arise; we can also locate you no matter where you are at any time. Your Government has planned to use their technology to control your every move, but we can say that it will not go much further than it is now. Freedom of movement and speech is very much at the forefront of our plans, to release you from the Draconian laws that now reduce you to not much more than slaves.

    Your dreams of a state of Utopia upon Earth are not unrealistic at all, and in the course of time you will see all that stands in its way being removed. However, allow time for the forces for good to be set up and become operative. The technology and equipment are ready, and our Supply Ships have enormous capacities to hold more than sufficient for your needs. Your engineering and manufacturing industries have been savaged by the quest for ever-increasing profit levels, and the consequent loss of contracts to foreign countries. The economic and financial position is also leading to a lack of work, and even so if we suddenly required your facilities they could not cope with our demands. That we are fully aware of your problems, means that we have provided for our own needs, and will also help you update your machinery and methods.

    Once the changes really get started, you will find that they will take place at an ever-increasing pace. Speed will be of the essence so as to keep any inconvenience to you at an absolute minimum. Forget Man’s ways as ours are so advanced that in spite of the amount of changes required, they will in no way be labor intensive. Even our robots can be programmed to carry out quite complex tasks. We are already in a far more advanced stage in computership, and have quite intelligent models that are extremely clever and able to solve problems. Our Motherships function almost entirely through computer application and usage to very high standards, to the extent that they are almost independent of us. All of this technology is to be yours as you rise up more to our level of understanding, and can be trusted to use it wisely and only for the good of all. Sharing is a word that goes with love and service for the benefit of each other. There is no personal ownership involved, or monies that exchange hands

    We know that at heart you are beautiful souls that will take quite naturally to a new way of life. The separation that you have experienced from one another for many thousands of years, will pass into oblivion and you will wonder how it was brought about. The Controllers of Earth and its people have deliberately set you upon each other, to keep you under their control and in a frequent state of chaos. Peace is coming, and when the old threats are removed you will see how readily people can put aside their differences, and become friends. The spiritual aspect of life will return and be understood, and it will be realized that you can be your own teachers by looking within. The schisms that have caused so much trouble in the past will be consigned to the scrap heap. It is possible for different beliefs to live side by side, providing there is no intent to thrust them upon other people. The truth will bring you together, and it will be acknowledged that there is but the One God.

    Dear Ones, be prepared to think anew and leave your selves open to new ideas. Those who refuse to move on will be allowed their freedom of choice, but they will remain in the lower vibrations, which they cling to. There will be every opportunity for any soul that is seeking to find a way of satisfying their needs, and at the same time create a pathway to Ascension. There is nothing to be frightened of, as you will lose little and gain much more than you could imagine. Consider how you would like to jump ahead a thousand years by your present standards, and enjoy all of the benefits it would bring. That is realistically what you stand to gain, and not least of all upliftment to a state of full consciousness.

    The adventure is about to begin in earnest and you may pinch yourself to see if it is real. You are gradually leaving the illusion of gross physicality for a refined state of being. You are gravitating towards a more realistic dimension that will be more consistent with your higher vibration. It was never the plan that you should remain in the 3rd dimension forever, but take your place as Galactic Beings in the next stage in your evolution.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that at last we can talk of implementing an important development that will lift your spirits. You can look forward to more exciting news as time goes by, as once the ball starts rolling there will be no stopping its progress. The Light has suddenly surged and taken another upturn which delights us, and long may it continue. Bless you all in the name of the Creator.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

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    SaLuSa 19-October-2009

    SaLuSa 19-October-2009

    It is a joy for us to see how many of you have made a positive response to the coming announcement about our existence. We do not really need much in the way of publicity to reach people. The presence of our craft and the many contacts made over the last 50 years, have ensured that we have a place in your minds. What it will achieve is official recognition, that will sweep away the cover-ups and false stories about us. Those of you that accept us have no difficulty in finding all of the proof that you need. However, many people have blindly followed the rejection of us by those who have no desire to move on, or welcome a new Age. Humans do get into fixed modes that make them feel comfortable, and they become very insular. Events can no longer wait for them to raise their consciousness levels, as certain changes must commence very shortly. Moving you into a new paradigm requires many changes, and it is essential that they start in accordance with the Divine Plan.

    When the truth of our reasons for contacting you is known, it will offer a lifeline to those who see no future for Humanity. Suddenly your souls will be uplifted by the promise of a way out of the chaos deliberately put upon you. We are allowed to help you as your spiritually appointed mentors, and because the cycle of duality is coming to an end. You are not meant to see out this period by yourselves, and the plan has always allowed for guidance and direction so that you arrive at your true destination. Ascension is simply upliftment into the higher vibrations of the Universe, and it means that you will be part of it unless through choice you decide not to participate. However, as simple as it sounds it has far reaching effects, and nothing will be quite the same again. It is a wonderful event that allows you to move into the beauty and peace of the higher dimensions. It comes as your right, and is an opportunity that will not come around again for thousands of years.

    Start preparing in your minds for the changes that are inevitable once we can arrive openly amongst you. You will be kept informed of what is taking place, and with our assistance you can be sure that there will no area on Earth that is without contact. We can if necessary superimpose messages onto your television sets, without using your conventional means of doing so. Once our plans are widely known, there will be few if any that will object to the upliftment that will be taking place. To gain the return of your freedom will in its self be a major achievement. Big Brother may be breathing down your neck, but we will curtail their covert operations and plans for greater control over you. Knowing this we hope you will take a broader view of what is happening, and not allow concern or worry to enter your minds. Certainly do not react to the news that speaks of the need to introduce martial law, as fear is like a cancer and spreads quickly. Rise to the challenge and cover it with your Light, and you will be helping restrict its power to entrap people.

    We expect you to come sailing through these coming months, and your faith in us will be justly rewarded by knowledge of the latest contacts that have been made. They will answer much that will arise in your minds as to why it has taken so long to happen. It has not been for the want of trying on our part, as we have contacted many leaders over many years without success. Our aim was to offer our technologies providing a finish was put to war, and instead peace was established. However, instead your government turned to the Space Beings you know as the Greys, and brokered a secret agreement to allow them bases on Earth in exchange for advanced technology. Many of your recent advances have come from this source, and for example you would not otherwise have had your chip or laser technology. Therefore what should have been directly for your immediate benefit through a peace agreement with us, was secretly used to gain world dominance over other countries.

    In the Galactic Federation no civilisation tries to set itself above another, indeed there is a policy of sharing so that all may benefit from each other for the good of all. This is a measure of how far any civilisation may have progressed, and sadly yours is largely caught up in service to self. However, we find the influence of those who do care for others is gaining ground. There is an expanding consciousness that accepts that you are All One. It will not take much to bring the love out of other people, and when it is seen that all of your troubles come from policies that have set you apart, things will change.

    You are not all equal viewed from a purely material point of view. That is not the individuals fault, but centuries of subjugating tribal countries to slavery. It is not without coincidence that they have been way behind the Western world for so long. The Illuminati have worked their plan for total world control for far longer than you might imagine. They have not had it all their own way, and Lightworkers also laid down plans to combat their ultimate attempt to enslave you all. The quiet resistance has concentrated on raising your consciousness, so that you could find the truth for yourselves and act accordingly. There have also been provisions made to bring abundance and change your lack of material wealth. It will mean that the schemes for fair sharing can be instigated, and no more shall any be too poor to provide for themselves and others.

    It is not just the Galactic Federation that will appear on Earth, and as we have often mentioned, the Masters will also return to put right the false teachings that have passed as the word of God. At a much later stage your Inner Earth family will surface to also help you through Ascension. As you can see, the operation to lift up Mother Earth and all life forms will be attended by multitudes of Light Beings, who act out of love for you. They have always been near to you, but now is the right time for them to appear and renew their friendship with you.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and share your anticipation in respect of what is to come very soon, that shall move you more into the Light of understanding. You are One Family in the eyes of the Creator, and none are given favour above others. It is you who do the choosing as to where your future lies, and as time passes by we expect many more to seek the path to ascend. Be of Love and Light, and live life as one who seeks to spread it wherever you go.

    Thank you SaLuSa


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    SaLuSa 21-October-2009

    SaLuSa 21-October-2009

    Dear Ones, the battle for your minds hots up, as the dark forces resort to their familiar practise of trying to put you in a fearful state. They knew some time ago they could not win it but with their reluctance to admit defeat, they still try to divert your attention away from the more important matters in life. You have had “Independence Day” and that has been followed by “2012”, and they totally misrepresent the purpose of our spacecraft and the significance of the year 2012. It hardly needs us to inform the more awakened amongst you of our peaceful presence within your solar system. Also, that the main reason we are here is to see you have every opportunity to ascend, and 2012 is the beginning of a major shift into the higher dimensions. Destruction such as envisaged with Armageddon is no longer part of your future, and that period of potential passed with the beginning the 21st. Century. It was the time when the cycle was extended to allow more souls the opportunity to raise their consciousness. Thus today you are already well along the path to Ascension, and more of you are awakening to it.

    Please do not take fright at what might have been, as that has been passed by your change of direction onto a higher pathway. Remember that all of the time you are creating your own reality, and you are now benefiting from the dedication of the Lightworkers that have gradually guided Humanity towards the Light. Death and destruction are the tools of the dark ones and used against you, to embroil you in fear about your lives, whereas your future is assured through the divine plan of your Creator. Think peace and love and help lift the vibrations at a time when some are losing their minds with worry, and are more vulnerable to the scaremongering. In the not too distant future the truth will be broadcast, so that everyone has the chance to learn about it in the remaining years up to 2012. They will be exciting and fulfilling bringing happiness and joy at the thought of taking a quantum leap forward, out of the darkness into the wondrous Light that already settles upon Earth.

    Naturally there will be some inconvenience with all of the changes that are scheduled to take place. However, it will be with the minimum of disruption to your lives, to set the scene for your projection into the higher dimensions. Then you shall experience the full benefit of your upliftment, and the past cycle of duality will fade away like the bad dream it was. You will have so much to look forward to that you will have little reason to look back. You will be busy taking part in the activities to establish a new Earth, and one fit for the new Galactic Human that is emerging. Your spiritual requirements will be easily accommodated, and many Masters and highly evolved Beings will walk amongst you. You will literally want for absolutely nothing, as all of your needs will be catered for on whatever level they exist. We could say you have not yet lived at anywhere near the heavenly existence that awaits you. Peace, health and abundance are to be yours, with no need to return to the lower dimensions unless it is your choice.

    We talk not of some dream land, but one that is in its own way solid yet malleable because you will be co-creators with us. You are beginning to realise the power of thought, and in your new crystalline bodies you will be beyond the ravages of the old vibrations that brought you illness, disabilities and aging. Oh, how much you deserve the upliftment you have worked so hard for, and whatever sacrifice you have to make to reach it will be more than repaid to you. Indeed it is a reward of a kind, but it is in your interests to put your heart and soul into reaching out for Ascension. The difference between what you are experiencing now and what will be in your future bear no comparison. The leap forward in your consciousness is possible, because so many great Beings from the higher realms are intently watching your progress. They are beaming powerful positive rays to Earth that are being grounded by those capable of holding them. Their presence will become more obvious in time as and when they choose to visit the new Earth. There is never a time when you are alone, as you are constantly surrounded by dear dedicated souls. They serve all of you regardless of where you are on the spiritual ladder, and respond to your every call for help, even if you are unaware of their presence.

    The grand plan for Man is perfect in its concept and whatever path you take, it will always lead to your goal. There is a continual urging to awaken you to your real self and purpose for being on Earth. As your consciousness expands so will your understanding about the mysteries of life, and your connection with the Source of All That Is. You will forever remain as One, and if you apply that reasoning to your relationships with other souls, you will treat them as you do yourself. Therefore all is planned for the good of All, and no exceptions are made. As you rise up your understanding of these statements will grow, but with your finite mind there are limitations. Expect therefore to have to set some information aside, until your consciousness has sufficiently advanced to comprehend their meaning. You may have all information within, but it is obscured by centuries of misguidance from those who set themselves up as your teachers. Often they have worked with an honest approach, but lacked the spiritual understanding that was needed. Equally you have been confused by deliberate misguidance from those who desired to control you.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation can be your home should you wish to serve other civilisations with us. The choice is naturally yours, although you cannot yet commit yourself to any decision made now. You have a life contract of which very few are personally aware, and have seen into the future and planned it accordingly. Some of you will eventually return to your home planet which may even be beyond your solar system, or in some instances in another Universe. Do not worry about leaving your beloved Earth, as your true home will draw you like a magnet. Meantime you have some matters to settle here on Earth, and see out this cycle. All Lightworkers are being called upon to unselfishly give of their Love and Light to Humanity. They are requested to help bring a quick end to the power of the dark Ones, knowing that our undying love goes with you wherever you are. We Are One always and so it shall remain.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

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    SaLuSa 23-October-2009

    SaLuSa 23-October-2009

    We see that the good news about the coming announcement travels fast, and it has been received by many with great joy. It is as though a load has been lifted from your minds, and now you sit back a bit easier as you wait for what will be the first of many revelations. The start is always the most important time, and is why the timing has been so critical. The truth about us and other visitors to your Earth, has to counteract the dark forces and their present attempt to bring doubt and fear into your minds where Swine Flu is concerned. You need an alternative subject to focus your attention on, and what could be better than the promise of the commencement of our activities revealing the truth about us. It will carry you forward on the crest of a wave of expectation, and firmly plant in your minds that the first contact has begun. It is then a matter of how quickly you understand how we will work with you, for commencement of the plan, covering the cleansing of Earth and your upliftment. Certainly the picture will be clearly given so that every soul can decide whether or not to accept us. In spite of the completely positive nature of our message, there will still be some who prefer to remain in your present dimension. However, we expect more of you will find comfort and hope in our messages, and the answers to the problems that wrack Earth at this time.

    Our venture lies in your spiritual progress, whilst at the same time ensuring that your physical needs are met. It is to be a quick conversion from the restraints of the dark Ones, by removing them from power and ensuring that as soon as possible your sovereignty is restored. You are to enter the last phase in your preparation in readiness for Ascension. Remarkable times are so to say just around the corner, and once we can openly address you the details will be made known. These are the moments we have all been waiting for and have meticulously worked at over many years. To change your mindset after such a long period of domination and deliberate manipulation has not been easy, but you have responded well to the wake up call.

    There will be a hundred and one questions arising in your minds, but we will deal with many of them through our series of presentations that will reach everyone upon Earth. We can arrange it so that each of you hears it in your own language, and no one shall be left out. Be sure we have a great understanding of your needs at such times, and we have covered all aspects of them. The homeless and the hungry will be at the top of our list, and once they have been satisfied we will deal with health issues that concern so many. It will require a close look at your way of life, which needs to reflect the needs of your body, and the sustenance for your soul. We call for flexibility in your beliefs so that a new paradigm can be accepted, as the old will be inadequate for the new Human that is emerging.

    The truth has to be brought out no matter how difficult you may find it to accept. It is not our way to be other than truthful, but we shall handle it sympathetically and with respect for your individual freewill. We can but lay the truth in front of your eyes, but we will back it up with irrefutable evidence where it involves your history. You are to enter the final straight leading to Ascension fully informed and spiritually ready to take the final upliftment. Gradually let your attachment to the past move into the background, and let the love and Light occupy your minds as you rise up in your vibrations. The attraction for you will be the promise of a fulfilling and happy future, where peace abides and you are no longer subject to the attention of the dark forces. They cannot follow you into the higher vibrations; indeed they are being left behind now as you cut your ties with them. Deny them your attention; yet send out your Light wherever you are aware of their dark energies. All of the time you stand fast within your Light, you are protected.

    You are being given everything you need to grow in awareness, so that you may make an informed choice as to whether you are prepared to accept the promise of Ascension. It will sound attractive, but those souls who cannot detach from their earthy ties will fear the changes. Clearly you will need to have reached a certain level of conscious awareness to understand the implications. However, once you accept that life is ongoing and your evolutionary path is in the direction of the higher dimensions, you will not hesitate to jump at the opportunity to leave this closing cycle. We would say that you would intuitively know what is best for you, and allow others to make their own decisions. There is no pushing or pressurizing of souls from us or their Guides to move onto the Ascension pathway, and either way it is so important that it is a totally freewill choice. Do not be too concerned about friends or family, as there is still time to have a leap in consciousness. The incoming Light is causing a stirring amongst many souls, and they may yet respond quite suddenly.

    Soon we can start our final stages of the plan for your upliftment. It will be the consequence of the announcement that is coming about the reality of our existence. Following it, only the most hardened skeptics will bury their heads in the sand. No one readily likes to admit that they have held wrong beliefs, but of course given time they will soften their resistance to the truth. Religions are going to be faced with great challenges, and unless they bend with the wind of change they will be left behind. Again we stress that the truth is not forced upon anyone, but you cannot remain in a state of imbalance indefinitely. The coming Ascension is a major change in your evolution, and too important to leave entirely to your own ways of seeking. Any soul that has declared the intent to search for enlightenment, will attract help and they can be sure that they will be directed to find those opportunities that will fulfill their needs.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and with each message the excitement grows at the thought of becoming so much closer to you. We have so much more to pass on to you, that will prepare you for the massive changes that are waiting to go ahead. The decline of your civilization will continue for a while and it is a natural result of the end of this cycle, and when the new one is ready to emerge. Keep a positive outlook and let your happiness light up the lives of others.

    Thank you SaLuSa

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    SaLuSa 26-October-2009

    SaLuSa 26-October-2009

    We know that some of you still cannot understand how God allows the suffering that you experience, or see around you. It brings us to remind you that the wheels of fate were set in motion from the time this solar cycle commenced some 26,000 years ago. Regardless of when each civilisation has come and gone, the consciousness levels have remained. In other words, you do not start with a clean sheet when a new one is born, but you do have the opportunity to create something different to what preceded it. You will know that there were two earlier civilisations that reached great heights, yet there is little evidence of their existence today. However, the souls that experienced lifetimes in Lemuria and Atlantis carried forward those experiences at subconsciousness levels. You have therefore created your present reality as a result of them, and is it not surprising that you often find yourselves repeating the same experiences again. Each cycle gives you the opportunity to further evolve, and avoid the mistakes that resulted in the demise of the previous civilisations.

    Dear Ones, God has given you freewill and therefore “allows” whatever you choose to experience. With the benefit of incarnation you will understand that you frequently come back to participate in what you have created. This way you see and experience the results first hand, and how else would you know the value or otherwise of your creations. Therefore when you look around you and observe the actions of the dark Ones, it is because you have “allowed” them to create their reality without opposing it. We do not mean that you should take up arms against them, as that would not solve the problem. Instead you should project a new scenario, and through your powers of creation visualise what it is you want to replace the old one. This is why there is much emphasis upon holding your vision of the future. Thoughts attract the energy that will manifest a result, and this is happening now. Out of the chaos which is the cleansing taking place, you will see the first signs of a new path being created that fulfils your dreams of a peaceful and happy existence. It is only time that stands between you and its emergence, as it already exists in the higher dimensions.

    You attract all situations to yourself, and that goes for friends and family who become part of your life plan. In small groups you act out your karmic responsibilities, and it relates to what you call both good and bad experiences. The nature of duality allows for both the Light and darkness to descend upon Earth. Although you have periods of spiritual enlightenment and life is pleasant and agreeable, as your true history will show it is never maintained indefinitely as the dark Ones plot to seize your power and rule in your place. However, this present period is resulting in an upturn that will complete the cycle on what you would call a “high”, and you will ascend if that is your desire. The dark Ones have run out of time to continue challenging the Light, and they have had their chance and failed to defeat it. Victory was always going to be yours, and all that was uncertain was how it would be achieved.

    At no time can the dark Ones defeat the Light, providing you wake up to your innate powers and use them. Of course you have fallen asleep in the darkness of the lower vibrations, and such times are indeed the Dark Ages. However, the Light is always there to help your awakening once you stir from your dream world. Now it is growing so rapidly that events are speeding up, and once you can see the new pathway coming into manifestation you will know for certain that you are at your journeys end. Everything is set for a series of dramatic events, but we ask you to continue exercising you patience and accept that all is well. To turn around a situation that has been created over hundreds of years does not happen overnight, but with our help you will see incredibly fast changes. That it is at all possible is great a credit to those Lightworkers who have paved the way over the last hundred years or more.

    Can you see that you have never been left to rot in the prison that your Earth has been made into? There has never been a time when you have had to face the darkness by yourselves. Always Spiritual Beings have followed your progress, and as far as possible guided you to the Light. We too as the Galactic Federation are part of that family, as our membership is only open to those who have ascended. This is why you shall soon join us and proudly work alongside your brothers and sisters. The Creator has made the Universal Laws and they allow for help to come to you from all over the Universe. Your success in grounding the Light upon Earth, has led to higher vibrations attracting the attention of other Beings of Light. There is a wonderful feeling amongst them of the Oneness of all life, and it is quite natural to want to join up with you. For too long you have lived in a state of separation, and you have lost that natural feeling that desires to recognise the soul within each other regardless of outer appearances.

    Dear Ones, we seem to preach to you but we only place before you the truth, as for too long you have been brought under the control of those who have dictated what you should believe. Look within if you are in any doubt and follow your intuition, and above all be prepared to change your most sacred beliefs if you feel it is right to do so. There are so many revelations going to come out, at times your minds will be overflowing with questions. Answers will be provided and we will follow those up with whatever proof you require. We know already what your concerns are, but hitherto you have had to source your own answers. Carry on seeking, as many Lighted Ones are on Earth specifically to help you find the truth. Where you find conflict between one version to another, take out of them what feels right to you and in time all will slot into place. As you know by now, your history bears little resemblance to the official records, and it is more a matter of hiding the past from your eyes. However, the truth cannot be hidden, and every event that has ever occurred is held within the Hall of Records.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel your rising energies that reach up to us and we are overjoyed at your response to our messages. There are many such as us who wait to arrive on Earth, and they represent your families from the higher dimensions from whence you came. Keep on keeping on, is good advice in these turbulent times and know we are always near to you.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

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    SaLuSa 28-October-2009

    Yes...another one... I was wondering what you all thought of these messages...are they from the light?? Or??

    The fact that they mention Obama in good light leaves me a little confused. I know Wilcock is ok with him. But?? Build up false flag?? Any ideas?

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

    SaLuSa 28-October-2009

    The vibrations are lifting up so quickly that many of you are noticing changes in the people around you. Consciousness levels are such that there is now a clearer perception as to what is happening, and a realisation that it is you the people who hold the answers to the problems that confront you. You are collectively capable of just anything that you set your minds on, and it will be this conscious coming together that will ensure your success. Your potential is unlimited and as you project your heartfelt vision of what you see as your future, so it begins to take form. You can hardly have failed to notice how many people are coming forward with demands that changes take place. They do so without fear and hold the flag of freedom high in the air, knowing that theirs is a divine mission. However, they do need support and every sympathetic soul that sends them Light is strengthening their efforts. As such actions grow so others also take strength from them, and a powerful thought form for change takes on its own energy.

    Be assured that no matter how little you feel you can contribute to Light upon Earth, it will expand as a result. Light comes to you from all quarters, but none more powerful than the Central Sun of your Universe. The set up is too complex for you to grasp just now, and words would fail from being inadequate. Just know that within that Sun are the most wonderful Beings of Light, whose magnificence is beyond description. Their consciousness fills the Universe and provides the energy upon which all depends on its existence. The Universe is totally organised and answers to the Laws of the Creator, and all life has to conform to them. There would otherwise be chaos and evolution would be impossible.

    The vast size of the Universe is another matter that you have little idea of, and again it so difficult to give you an adequate description. It contains millions of Star Suns each with its own complimentary planets in systems similar to yours. The Galactic Federation membership is by comparison quite small in numbers, yet even so it has millions of personal and Spaceships at its disposal. They serve throughout the Cosmos, and where the Earth is concerned the tasks that lay ahead are also let to those civilisations that mirror Man. That is why you invariably see human like Beings where contact is made. It is not to say that the Federation has no other types because they do, however they are nevertheless Humanoid in appearance.

    You often see Space Beings pictured from the many contacts made over the years. Yet they can in no way convey to you the beautiful emanations that are given out, that are so powerful they engulf you when you come near. It is their highly vibrating energy that is received by you, as a wonderfully loving experience that is most uplifting. It is a peace that knows no equal and enfolds you in its love. Your earthly experience of the energy of love is in no way comparable, but it does place thoughts in your mind as to what it is like to be in an absolute state ecstasy.

    The Earth is your school playground, and like young children you love to play games. However, they are not just childish fun, but very serious lessons in being responsible. Each soul is thrust into a physical experience that is meaningful and gives opportunities to evolve spiritually. You create your societies and the rules, and Man endeavours to live within them. They do not always reflect spiritual wisdom, and are often intended to serve the dark Ones and their plans for control. These are situations where you have to exercise your freewill rights and claim your sovereignty. Governance should be by the people for the people, and not to enrich those who represent you. Your Constitution makes these points quite clearly, and if your representatives have failed you by not complying with them, they have broken their oaths. The time is not too far away when those politicians who have let you down, will be removed from their posts. Instead you will have people with the desire to serve for the good of all.

    Many beneficial changes are on the horizon, and they will lift your quality of life very quickly. Our allies are already primed for their various responsibilities, and indeed have been working towards their objectives for many years. The foundation for the changes has been laid down, and co-operation has extended as far as some leaders in other countries. President Obama will lead the plan that releases you from the dark Ones, and his true colours will be seen once he can fully establish his authority. He has his critics and that is to be expected, but his hands are tied until he can muster the support he needs to go surging ahead. Our presence will enable that to happen, which is one of the reasons the dark Ones try to prevent disclosure of our existence. That is quite impossible as it has been decreed that it is now time for you to meet us, but first the disclosure must be made so that we are officially recognised. You will feel more comfortable about us and our appearance when the nature of our mission is given, and you will find that the plan is for your upliftment to higher levels of existence.

    We ask you many times not to be fearful, and we shall continue to do so as that would be playing into the hands of those who would keep you in the dark. Certainly be aware of events that are taking place, but do not emotionally become involved. By all means make others aware, as many people are oblivious of the battle that is being played out between the dark and the Light. It is nothing new, as duality allows for either one to capture your minds and souls. The power swings from one side to the other, but no matter how long it takes the Light will always emerge the victor.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and just one of many representatives of the Galactic Federation that have regular contact with you. Humans talk about keeping their chins up and it is exactly what you should be doing, as your success in overcoming the dark on the higher levels, has ensured it will also manifest on Earth. A few weeks or months are neither here or there in the whole scheme of things. Keep smiling and that alone will imbue others with happiness and joy. We never stop projecting our joy and love to you, and if you sit back and think of us, it will come to you.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

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    SaLuSa 30-October-2009


    Is there not a distinct feeling amongst more and more people that time is speeding up, as here you are already approaching the end of the year? If you ever needed confirmation that changes were taking place, you could hardly find better. The vibrations continue to increase and you are being lifted up into a higher dimension. It will rapidly reach a point where anything of the lower vibrations, will no longer be able to remain within them, and for the souls involved everything of a higher vibration will disappear from their view. This is a natural result of such a change, and ensures that only the more evolved souls move into the 4th. Dimension. This continues to happen as you move even further into the next dimension. It is a beautiful experience to find your selves with like kinds, and there is a great coming together in purpose and understanding.

    Knowing what is to come which will transform your society, so take everything in your stride and you will sail through the last months of chaotic happenings. Outwardly you are beginning to see some pointers that are emerging, and are showing that the new plans for you and Earth are in place. Together we are a formidable force for good, and we have not followed your progress for millennia of time to fail at the crucial point of change. Indeed, we cannot fail and whatever we need to do to adjust to changes on Earth is carried out immediately. Like you, we await the developments that will indicate it is time for us to make our move, and to set a whole sequence of events into motion. Be assured you are looked upon as most precious and loved as the beautiful souls that you are, and we wish you would accept your high status as gods in the making. You are very special and you have a wondrous future before you, as you take your place in the cosmos.

    Your presence on Earth at this time is important to those who flounder in the darkness, and your Light will bring a clearer vision to them. It will also give them a lift and a feeling of hope in the midst of their confusion. Caring for others is a sign of spiritual maturity, and an inner knowingness that you are all One. Treat others as yourself, and Humanity would change overnight into one that acknowledged the god in each other. Without that understanding, you tend to judge others by outer appearances which can be totally misleading. Remember that each one of you is equipped to play out your roles in life, and therefore wealth or position does not make anyone a better person than another. You all have your own challenges to deal with yet you cannot help but mix with all types, and often you have no idea where their soul evolution has reached. Trust is therefore a matter of intuition that is your personal protection.

    Every one of you is on Earth at this time by freewill choice, and you are privileged to be present at such a momentous time. You have chosen which side you wish to be on, and so the Light and dark play out their last roles to see out the final days of duality in this cycle. The result has always been known as the Light is supreme, but it is up to you as to exactly how it achieves its victory. If for example you did not welcome the Galactic Federation, then by Universal Law we could not force ourselves upon you, and your final days would be vastly different to what you envisage. Fortunately you have made it clear that you desire our presence, and that is what we have worked for over many, many years. We have gradually eased our way into your consciousness, and in such a manner that you have accepted us as your friends and fellow travellers of the Universe. You were never going to be bound to Earth in the lower dimensions indefinitely, and you are already cutting your ties and releasing all that no longer serves you. The cleansing affects everyone and everything, and you could view it as the great sorting out of souls and all life forms.

    When you think about how well and orderly the Universe runs, you can hardly fail to appreciate the magnificence and power of the intelligence behind it. It operates on a scale unbelievably large, and you have galaxies and solar systems all moving in absolute perfect cohesion. Even we are ever in awe of such powers of creation. We naturally understand the greater picture and it is far ahead of yours. That is not meant to be boastful and is simply how it is for us, whereas your consciousness levels do not allow for such depth of understanding. Wisdom is acquired as you evolve, and it would achieve little if you were brought on too quickly. One of our first tasks is to set you right where your spiritual origins are concerned, and remove the dogma that clouds your ability to see true. Once you all know the truth, it will clearly be easier for people to come together and have respect for the different cultures. You can learn from each other as all experience carries its own lessons.

    We notice that because of the imminent changes, you have become bold and confident about speaking your truth. We applaud those of you who feel that the time is right to do so. As long as it is spoken in kindness and not forced onto people, it will ignite a new level of thinking that will light up their minds. It will be extremely hard for some people to change their rigid thinking that has become a way of life, but the truth must fully come out before Ascension takes place. You are the most important part of the plan for your upliftment. Mother Earth could if necessary take care of herself, but the transition and cleansing will be far easier if all participate in it. If Mother Earth started now you could not remain on Earth, as there would be changes of enormous magnitude threatening your existence. However, that is not in the plan as there is co-operation between us all to make the passing as gentle as possible.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bid you all well with blessings for your well-being. Whatever happens you will be safe, and our ships are ready to aid you should you be in danger. It does not mean in all circumstances, as some relatively minor changes will see souls leaving Earth and this will be in their life plan. You have to get used to the idea that death itself is nothing to fear, and once in the higher levels you will quickly throw off any vestiges of trauma. The vibrations alone are healing, but you will be attended by those who know how to help you quickly recover. We are all love and it is our way of life, and if you can do the same you are leading the way for others.

    Thank you SaLuSa

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    SaLuSa 2-November-2009

    SaLuSa 2-November-2009

    There is a sense of relief amongst so many of you who have been following the path leading to Ascension. You have become aware that whatever personal beliefs you have as to how it will proceed, that there is a point where we of the Galactic Federation must fully enter your lives. It has been known for quite some time and the scene has gradually been set for open contact. That is only the commencement of many more that will ensure the purpose of our presence is fully understood. Many already know what is planned, but the vast numbers of people with little or no knowledge will need to be gently informed of what is to come. There have been so many disruptions to your lives already, that our intentions and the authority by which we come needs to be clearly stated. Whatever your personal beliefs, those who believe in a god should be able to accept the idea of the Creator as the ultimate intelligence behind all that exists. Even those who have denied such a possibility, will in our opinion find it easier to accept than those with a set of rigid beliefs. The reason is that the Creator is not tied to any religious organisation and simply stands for all that is the Truth.

    We are those who have gone before you and we come back to enlighten you in all matters, and represent stages of evolution that you are to achieve with Ascension. Consider what drives us to serve you at this time, as it is certainly not for gain, except for the satisfaction of doing a job done well. We are the Creator’s representatives carrying out the plan for your deliverance from the dark Ones. Their time as the dominant force has come to an end with the closing of the cycle of duality. If there were no force for good you would continue to live in chaotic conditions without relief. The Divine Plan is perfect and allows for your experience in duality, whilst at the same time limiting its ability to totally overcome you. Subconsciously you know it to be so, as you agreed with the plan when you first volunteered for the experience. You might ask the reason that you should be prepared to undergo such a dramatic change, from the peaceful and happy existence that you left in the higher realms. It is Dear Ones to fulfil that driving force within you, that propels you ever onwards and back towards the Source of All That Is.

    What we tell you is only a fraction of what we have to pass on to you. The Truth must be made known to each one of you, if you are to have the opportunity to make an informed choice as to whether or not you follow the path of Light. Freewill is your most valuable asset, and we come not to cajole you into doing anything other than what is your choice. However, it comes within the Laws of the Universe, and according to your vibration you will find yourselves exactly at the level where you are entitled to be. Now you will understand that when Ascension takes place, that it can only be for those who have lifted their vibrations sufficiently to be part of it. Not every cycle ends in this way, but this one is the end of a solar cycle that moves you into a new vibration. Because it is universal in nature it means that everything in your Universe must change, and that affects each and every planet, its satellites, their moons and the Sun.

    The preparation for the great changes has been going on for such a long time, not least of all for your awakening so that you would be ready to accept the wonderful upliftment that would carry you onwards to Ascension. You will observe that so much emphasis is put on this aspect of your experiences, as you are a most important part of the plan. We cannot help but admire your great tenacity to overcome so many obstacles that have been placed in your way, as the dark Ones have tried by all means to prevent your success. It has always been a battle between the dark and the Light ever since your present cycle began. You have all touched the depths of darkness, yet you have arisen above them and now your Light shines out brighter than ever. You have gained strength and purpose from your experiences, which will serve you well in future times. Let no one feel that they have been a waste of time, and any damage to your psyche will soon be made good in the higher vibrations. There is much coming to you in the way of healing once we can safely walk amongst you.

    Music has proved to be such a remarkable outlet for your emotions, and a great tool of healing. Dear Ones, sound will be one of the most used means for healing and bringing about a balanced and healthy body. Music is a means of expression that can excite you, or bring calmness and peace. It can also have a disturbing effect, as in duality you have the whole spectrum of different levels. As you become more of the Light, you will find that you are drawn to the more pure sounds and these are largely found in classical works. Composers such as Mozart were spiritually inspired, which is why he often awoke from his sleep with a composition already in his head. Raucous and loud music that is a cacophony of different sounds damages your auric body, and can even lead to physical or mental illness. There are two sides to most things that you encounter and that my friends is duality in action.

    All the guidance you need is within, if only you will listen – but often you dismiss that small voice inside you because it gets in the way. That “small voice” is your Higher Self trying to get through to you, and you would be well advised to listen. You can call it your conscience or intuition; it is a part of you equally important if not more so, than your waking mind. As more of the truth surfaces we note that people are standing up and declaring their Truth, and it will continue to grow as the Light steadily becomes more powerful. For your part you need only be discerning and you will know what to make part of your belief system.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius and with time we have been able to be more outspoken, and take you onto higher levels of understanding. It is all part of your education in the higher truths, that you will need to know to understand who and what you truly are in your relationship to the Creator. We are you, and you are us on a never-ending journey through life until you become One with the Source of All That Is. Allow yourself to merge with the Light and Love that surrounds you always, and you will open your minds and hearts to the truth.

    Thank you SaLuSa


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