Today's Angel Message

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Dear ones, the more you connect with your own hearts, the more you connect with God, and the more connected you will feel with all of life. For you cannot possibly relate to others or the world around you if you are not relating honestly with yourself. Do you really know what you want? Or are you operating in response to all the "shoulds" you have been programmed with over the course of a lifetime.

Take time sometime this week and write down on a piece of paper, all the "shoulds" you can think of that you have been programmed with over the course of your life - both the ones that were spoken to you and the ones that were modeled for you. And then look at your life, and see the correlation. "I should put everyone else's needs first." "I should always be nice even if it means avoiding speaking my truth." "I should be responsible even if that means ignoring my own heart." "I should get my work done before I play." "I should eat my dinner before my dessert." "I should eat better." "I should be thinner." "I should be married by now." "I should have more in my retirement account by this age." Keep going. Dig deep. Allow the "shoulds" that define you to bubble to the surface. And when you are all finished, feel the weight of those "shoulds." Feel the burden o f being told you must be something other than what you actually are in each moment. And when you are ready, rip, shred, burn, or bury that piece of paper, and make a decision that you will be who are you from now on in any given moment.

Who said you should be married, rich, thin, heavier, more beautiful, less flashy, quieter, more outspoken, more careful with your diet, more free with your diet, etc.? God says something entirely different. God says: Be who you are. You are love. Love yourself in each moment. You are already beautiful. You are already in relationship with all of creation. You are perfect as you are. Your body will tell you what to eat in any given moment. You will feel like doing the things that are guiding you on your path. You will want to do what is right for everyone's soul if you are honest with yourself.

Examine your life this week and really ask yourself how many of your activities are done out of shoulds vs. how many are done out of true desires. Do you go to work because you should pay the bills, or because you truly want to pay the bills. What is the difference you ask? I have to go to work! No you don't dear ones. You could quit and let others take care of you if that were in your heart. You could simplify and get a different job. You could create a new career. You see, there is powerful energy in owning your choices, getting real about what you are doing authentically because there is a reason in your heart to do it, vs. what you are doing out of a "should" or what you are doing simply because you have not examined why you are doing it. Start to own your choices dear ones. Start to do things because you want to do them. And if you do not want to be doing something, examine your alternatives and get busy starting to make the changes. Your life is short dear fri ends. Make it yours.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

With much love,
Ann Albers

Author, lecturer, angel communicator. Visit her site at: *