Note: This comes from Cosmic Vibration and a new (at least to me) channeler, Karen Doonan. I found this site to be of great interest. While not directly contradicting Sheldan's latest bulletin from the Sirians, it does present a slightly different slant on how we perceive our present NOW and disclosure in general. The asthetics of this channel are troublesome to me with all the CAPS. Not the content but everything surrounding it by design.

For all I know these CAPS trigger DNA activation but for me, they seem to require correcting, (a personal quirk of mine) so I hope that by giving you the source, others might start posting these if they are of value. Again while not changing content, I do add spaces in between thoughts for ease of reading.

As far as disclosure, the take here is that none is needed as they never left the planet and there is truth in both Sheldan's Sirians updates and this one. I find no conflict once one understands that there is no THEM. THEM IS US. For awhile yet, this may not be realized or seen but it will come to you soon, this realization that all is One. I like to say, it all comes out in the wash.

* * * * * * * * *

Welcome beloveds, we come to guide and support at this time. We have guided words about duality yet we note that many are still pulled back into the illusion of separation. We come to guide and support and to once again help clear the veil of illusion around LOVE.

Many are now beginning to wake up and realise that there is much more to the human life experience than they are being shown by the media, by society and by those who uphold the rules of illusion.

Many are now beginning to realise that we are here and around them. We note that many are still falling to the veils of illusion around separation and duality.

Dearest ones we fully acknowledge and understand that for many the walk out of illusion will be a long one, the teaching of illusion has been in-depth and many cannot see that to judge another is to walk in illusion.

Many believe that by holding the same opinion as other human BEings around them is the way to TRUTH and we guide that once more this is a walk in illusion. Each one of YOU alive on the planet has an experience that is unique, one human BEings experience is completely different to another yet many are still spending vast amounts of energy trying to convince those around them of the reality they live, stating that they are more enlightened etc. This is still duality dear ones.

We do not guide for ALL to follow for none should follow in the human life experience, for the experience is not a passive existence it is one that YOU are fully engaged with. Even those who are still deeply asleep fully engage with their experience, albeit they follow the rules and regulations of the illusion, they are still in FULL CONTROL of their human life experience.

Many do not allow the absorption of TRUTH once it is revealed and we guide ALL to be aware of this. It is not enough to simply read our words, it is not enough to simply understand that ALL ARE ONE, this is a TRUTH that must be absorbed, YOU must FEEL this TRUTH and LIVE this TRUTH or it is not a TRUTH. Many are oblivious to the depths of illusion that is seeded within.

We note the level of illusion around religions and we not the level of illusion around money and we guide ALL to go within and re-evaluate the rules that were taught regarding both of these. Much teaching of illusion occurs in the very early years on the planet earth and these are absorbed from parents, relatives and within the early school years. These teachings are stored DEEP within YOUr BEing and are the rules and teachings that YOU live the human life experience by.

When a human BEing begins to awaken these rules begin to seed the fear that was always illusions intention. It is THIS that many struggle with and we guide ALL to be aware of this. The answer to whether these rules of illusion serve YOU or not will not be found outwith, they are always found within, YOU absorbed them from the early years when a child, and only YOU can weed them out when YOU understand that they no longer serve.

Do our words resonate dear ones? Do you fully understand our words?

Many are trying to live the human life experience through the teachings that are appearing from other sources unaware of the depth of illusion that is seeded WITHIN. Whilst these seeds are still growing and still deep within YOUr BEing then the human life experience will be one of frustration and anxiety.

The road that is travelled en route to ascension is one that is personal, we cannot state that clearly enough. NO two human BEings will go through this process in the same way, at the same time, FEELing the same emotions. That is not possible and this is due to the early upbringing, the early years absorbing illusion as a child.

We guide this not to sit in judgement for judgement is separation and is illusion, we guide this for YOU to be aware of just how deep some illusion teachings are and when they are laid down within YOUr BEing. We watch as many repeat this with their own children unaware that as they are trying to walk out of illusion they are guiding their own children INTO illusion.

A young human looks to those humans around them to see how to live, how to BE and many are pulled into illusion that teaches their parents that they do not know what is best for the child. We note that many “new” mothers on the planet earth are treated as if they do not know what is best for their child under the guise of “help” and “love.”

We ask the question if a human BEing who has carried that child inside of them for 9 months has no idea how to care for that child then who does? Who does it serve to take the responsibility and the nurturing and care away from the mother who gave birth to that child?

Many of YOU reading our words may have had difficult childhoods where YOU challenged all that was told of YOU and in return YOU were not accepted. We note that this is a position that many who walk the light worker path find themselves in. This further complicates the TRUTH from BEing revealed as there is a deep illusion across the planet of “fitting in”.

Many do not speak their TRUTH for fear of not “fitting in”. Yet that is deep illusion, how can YOU not fit into what YOU are? ALL are ONE, ALL are energy, there is no way YOU cannot BE part of that for that is what YOU are. Do our words resonate with YOU? do you understand our meaning?

It is by standing in TRUTH that YOU FEEL the connection dear ones and many spend a lot of energy trying to prove who they are. This is not about proving anything dearest ones, this human life experience is BEing.

That is a different energy signature to trying to prove something, we guide once more that to compete is to walk within illusion as this is separation. Illusion will teach that only the strong survive and we guide YOU to be alert to this, there is no “them” and “us”, for ALL ARE ONE.

We guide that many are still falling into the illusion of being “saved” and we guide that the saving is personal, it is down to each and every human BEing alive to find TRUTH within and to lead themselves out of the illusion. This was always the human life experience dear ones, to sit back and believe that another race will land and “save” the world is to dance with illusion.

ALL races in the universe are already here dearest ones, we walk amongst YOU, we never left, we have always been here, for ALL ARE ONE. Many choose to abdicate the responsibility for their human life experience by waiting and we guide that if this resonates with YOU that YOU walk in illusion.

For YOU as a human BEing are more powerful and much, much more than YOU can imagine at this point in the process. The vastness of ALL that IS cannot at this point be fully comprehended by humans as the collective human consciousness has not risen to the point of being able to do this.

KNOW there is much, much more than what YOU see with eyes and hear with ears.

Many are being drawn in to the illusion by tales of disclosure and we guide YOU to be aware of the separation that is within this teaching.

We guide ALL to detach from this teaching. It takes YOUr awareness away from the moment and back into “future”, we have guided on this subject already, there is no “past” and no “future” there is only NOW, to take the focus away from the NOW is to walk in illusion.

Know that whilst YOU make plans for what YOU will do when the “disclosure” happens YOU take that energy away from the NOW, it is only in the NOW that YOU can dream dearest ones, only in the NOW that YOU create the human life experience. Do not allow the illusion to drain the power out of the NOW by moving YOUr mind to events in the “future”.

We acknowledge that for many our words will trigger. Please go within and take our words into the silence and ask and then listen. For ALL TRUTH is found within. Move into the heart centre and open the heart, listen to what is shown.


We do not return for there is no return, ALL ARE ONE, we never left, illusion pulled the veils down so thickly that many human BEings were oblivious to us. We have never left, we support and guide ALL humans at ALL times, we are guiding now to help move the human race out of separation and duality and back into wholeness. FOR ALL ARE ONE.

Where YOU find drama unfold in YOUr human life experience we guide YOU to go within and weed out the seeds of fear for they are within if YOU are experiencing drama. They need the energy of said drama to germinate and to grow, KNOW THIS. Be aware that where our words trigger there are seeds growing.

Do not react instinctively with anger and disbelief dearest ones, that pulls the energy that is YOU in a downward spiral. KNOW that illusion works to keep YOUr energy low and the vibration that YOU are low, for a low vibration operates in illusion. It is only by elevating YOUr vibration that YOU can step out of the veils of illusion, that is achieved through the heart.

Many are still operating out of mind centred life experience, whilst YOU try to think YOUr way out of illusion YOU are IN illusion. The human mind will continue to calculate different ways of movement, of BEing endlessly, the heart recognises TRUTH instantly. KNOW THIS.

This is not the time to be in the mind dearest ones, for once more we guide that the mind CANNOT process emotion, that is done through the heart. Illusion will try to teach that the human race cannot come together as ONE all the while ignoring the TRUTH that the human race is part of ONE. Do you understand our words dearest ones? YOU struggle to become what YOU are already.

Illusion confuses and frustrates with its mind games, with it pulls at the power that is YOU. It keeps YOU prison in a lower vibration by telling YOU that YOU ARE a lower vibration.

Detach from this teaching dearest ones and step into the POWER that YOU ARE, NOW this moment. For it is in this moment when connected through YOUr heart that YOU will be able to FEEL that TRUTH.

We are the high council of Orion and we come to guide and support ALL. Connect to us at will dearest ones, for when YOU call, we answer. Listen in the silence for our words, for our symbols and for our LOVE and support. For we have always loved YOU.


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