Masters, what will you tell us about world conditions and atmospheric anomalies?

Masters: October brings a natural change of the seasons, but the seasons will be almost violently different in many parts of the world. Let’s start with the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. This month will see periods of beautiful fall weather, with the northern trees turning color, but the leaves will fall sooner and temperatures vacillate dramatically. In the southern areas, crops will ripen sooner and demand rapid reaping to avoid losses. Canada’s temperatures will start to fall sooner and become perhaps one of the coldest winters on record. This will drift down into northern U.S. also. Mid-America will be receiving, again, many unforetold storms and high winds during the middle of the month, then greeting unusual light snowfalls. Mexico’s Fall season will surprise the population with colder than normal temperatures and high amounts of rainfall as the Pacific sea shares its typhoon/hurricane anomalies with coastal areas. Earthquakes will continue all along the western coasts of these lands, as expected. The under-sliding Pacific plate is moving slowly, starting and stopping according to the magnetic pull from your solar system. The possibility of very strong quakes is growing, slowly, but progressively. It is time for those living along these coasts to think about alternative locations and/or have emergency supplies prepared and ready to go. Inland volcanoes will be affected by such movement, of course, and will react accordingly. This applies to most of Mexico, and even to the Canadian highlands. In the meantime, prepare for a very cold, stormy, and white winter. See that children are dressed very warm and have extra gear available ASAP. Check on your older loved ones and those who are unable to help themselves in these situations – see that they have adequate fuel and food supplies. Even if this sounds very negative, there is great beauty and excitement awaiting you during these times. The skies will have colors and cloud formations that will astound the scientists, and unexpected warm days will bring everyone out to enjoy winter sports. Be careful, be prepared, and be grateful you are here at this time of the Earth renewing itself.

Central and South America’s weather conditions will echo the above for the most part, except for temperature swings that will cool their summer season unexpectedly. The highlands will hold onto their snow packs for a longer time and the growing seasons in the grasslands will appear slightly stunted.

Looking at the huge northern land areas of Russia and Asia, again, we see the atmosphere being hit hard by the rising frequencies, allowing for higher temperatures than normal, causing some snow melts and unusual flooding at this time of year. Then, falling temperatures and freezing again. A very hard winter for those who live there. China will be at the cusp of these dramatic changes, causing difficulties in communications and rail travel.

Europe will be enduring a difficult winter, with very low temperatures and high humidity, starting to some extent this month. Sea levels continue to rise, slowing down as temperatures fall. We see high amounts of snow beginning to pile up by the end of the month and the real danger of avalanches this year to a higher extent than ever before.

The Middle East and India will be enveloped in a huge circle of atmospheric anomalies that alternately bring warm winds, then icy storms, mostly developing by the middle of the month. Flooding again is very possible, with myriads of earthquakes shaking these lands.

The great rift in Africa is moving again, causing quakes in those mostly-vacant areas. However, this will affect the Arabian Peninsula also, causing tides in the surrounding seas to make sea commerce difficult for a time.

Australia and the southern range of islands this month will be experiencing extremely high temperatures by the middle of the month, drying out underbrush and making fires a hazard. The good news is that we see far more rainfall than is expected normally, which will help the situation.

As it has always been, the month of October is a time of preparation, and is now a time to think ahead in many ways. As these higher frequencies change the atmosphere and the face of the planet, so are they changing the mentality of humankind. There is a clarity of mind that is progressing now, especially in the younger populations all over the world. Despite the failure of educational programs in many countries, especially in the U.S., young people are waking up to the necessity of building the world in a better way, without the discriminations that have caused wars, death, and heartbreak. Give the little ones your time, reading to them and encouraging their curiosity about everything they see, hear, and feel. This new generation is a huge part of your changing world. Help them to make it a better one.

Ruth Ryden
Author of two books: “The Golden Path” and “Living the Golden Path”. Go to: and enter in the “seeking” place, “The Golden Path by Ruth Ryden.” * *