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Thread: How the Kriptronnian Race Can Willed The Power Of The Sun

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    How the Kriptronnian Race Can Willed The Power Of The Sun

    The sun is a very good source of energy with all its different raise: Baeda rays are good to channel to use for heat ray vision which is focusing the Baeda energy in a soled beam through the eyes. first us Kryptronnians absorb the energy in are body and thin we channel it thru are eyes in a constant flow witch latterly burns all that we shoot it to. a nether use of Baeda energy is to blind it with gamma rays and UV rays to create a Kreptronnian blast of death. we can also use these rays of the sun to latterly see throe thing or to create a type of nova wave

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    Re: How the Kriptronnian Race Can Willed The Power Of The Sun

    I've just recently learned that the sun does in fact give us powers and extra 'health', so this is really interresting what you are saying.

    Kreptronnian? Is that a known race that earthlings know about already? Do you mean Kryptonian, like Superman? Or is that just where the idea for Superman came from? I'm not trying to make fun, I'm just trying to get more information. What is the name of your race's planet?

    I think the information that you bring is quite fascinating and I would like to learn more.

    Thanks for opening up here on a public forum with your insights. It's greatly appreciated.

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