We have seen a tremendous movement taking place across the United States over the last few weeks. The Occupy Wall street occupation has spread to over 150 cities and the numbers of people involved will be in the millions by this weekend. I chose to use the word "movement" to describe the efforts of those involved because I do not see these as simple protests. I see it as a collective involvement of empowered humans standing up for themselves.

Standing up to the systems that have controlled the people on Earth for a very long time. As I describe in my workshops, we can walk up the same street 100 times and never see the tree that exists beside the sidewalk. It has been there the whole time but you may have never seen it. The same example can be used for the control system that exists on Earth. Most people have not seen what truly exists because of their own programming,inner denial, beliefs or fears which blinds the soul from seeing clearly.

The fear matrix program that exists on Earth has been orchestrated,implemented and continually reinforced for 1000's of years. Not only through governmental control but also through several of the most popular religions. It's purpose is to keep the people living in denial and illusion of their own power and Self awareness. The easiest way to do this is through fear programing and keep the people thinking that they are separate from one another.

The time for which we are living now is an opportunity for everyone "who wishes" to step out of this programming. The veil is being lifted and many people are now starting to "see" the control for what it really is, a "control system." Working in it's own interest to stay in control, which goes well beyond a certain government or country.

There are puppets and puppet masters who are orchestrating this game of control on the people around the planet. I want to be clear in saying I am not writing these words to create anger or hatred, it's not a matter of seeing those that are involved as being evil or bad.

Most involved are not consciously aware of their actions. They are simply playing out their role in this game we call 3D reality. So looking at this as being good against evil, light against dark or anything like this would be the same game but played from the other side.

There is no need for a battle to ensue or to think you have to pick a side. There are "no sides" other than in the illusion of our minds. All people are One with one another, so battling or having anger against another person means you are only having war/anger against another part of your own Self. If you have war or anger against your Self you are bound to have imbalance.

This is what the control would like to continue to see happen. They like wars and battling and stay in control by creating "imbalance." They are very good at doing this also and use these strengths to control the minds of the people. The reason why the control wants to keep their "herd" under control is if the herd wakes up to their own "true power." There is no way they can be controlled.

Now some people will say these words I have shared are beliefs and or not true. We all have a free will to live as we want and we all have the ability to see beyond our own conscious constraints also. This is not about beliefs it is about fear and control. If someone takes the time to expand their awareness with-out fear and do their own research, things will be easily acknowledged. It's a matter of willingness of each person to expand their own awareness with-out fear. The ego within us will say, prove it to me and I will "believe" you!

This as I said is "not" about beliefs, so the ego will not know what to do other than to have separation or fear about all this. So please evaluate your own thoughts, let go of the fear and ego and awaken to what is real! Look beyond the fear to what lies beyond the veil of this level of your own consciousness. No one can do this for you and no one can "prove" it to you because there is "nothing" to believe!

When we release the levels of our own fears we expand our consciousness and "experience" our own higher truths. This is why the control will do what ever they have to do to keep the people distracted from experiencing their own higher truths. Anyone existing in the conscious state of fear will not be able to do this! Once a persons higher truth is known, such as that we are All One, and they live eternally beyond the body. What is there to fear and at the same time what is there to control!

The person will not be able to be controlled through created separation tactics or illusions through wars or by fears of dying, so again what is there to be controlled? Nothing! This is exactly it! So even if you do not feel connected with the Occupy Wall street movement. The time of Self realization is upon us! Let go of the fear programming and "empower" your Selves.

Live through your hearts of love and Oneness that "knows" your eternal truths. There is no more need to give your power away to what you are being told by the corporate governments and media. Know your own truths beyond the illusion of fear created by your ego and all the programming that has kept your consciousness in a deep fog.

The empowered Light of the people along with the heightened galactic waves of energy washing upon the Earth are currently dissolving this fog. So it's not a matter of "if," it's now a matter of "when" the fog will be completely lifted. This is the reason for the explosion of people around the planet standing up to the control systems within the last year. The heightened energies have awakened many peoples consciousnesses to see beyond the veils. This is not an illusion!

Here are some things to take note of. As you have seen the media and many people say the occupy wall street movement has no purpose, demands, or leader so it is not accomplishing anything. What is going on does not fit into the traditional criteria of the old system, that says there always has to be a leader. This is a United effort and cannot be classified under the old system. There is no one leader, purpose or set of demands because it is beyond the current "program."

Like a computer program, it is beyond the functioning of the old system. A new computer processor has now been installed that encompasses the Earth and new programs are being introduced. The people are creating and programming the new computer system before our eyes. Through this transitional period while the new computer system becomes fully online our brains will be tempted to go back and operate on the old system/programs for which it has known. That have been ingrained into our habits, daily lives and DNA.

Stay focused on living from a new system that involves Unity and love. That is beyond what has been known and based in fear. We are moving into an age of abundance for all. Where the people work together for the betterment of the collective.

During this time more and more people will be becoming aware of their own higher truths. The traditional way of thinking and feeling your own physical presence in relation to the Earth and how you relate with other people will be expanded upon. All this is already happening right now, there is nothing to wait for. The opportunity to experience true freedom is within you. Let go of the fear!

We are awakening from a deep sleep. Lets stop the blame game, everyone is responsible for the current conditions within our societies and around the Earth. There is no need for wars or starvation to exist. We have allowed it to happen so lets take responsibility for our Creations and move on.

Change cannot be brought forth by electing a new person into a political office. It can only be brought forth by the people for the people. The more people that empower themselves and expand their awareness with-out fear the more we will live in an empowered Self sustaining community on Earth. Many people may not connect with these changes that are coming about.

Lets keep in mind our connections we have with one another. We are all brothers and sisters simply experiencing physical reality together. Have love, patience, understanding and forgiveness flowing out of you like a river in your daily life. It is through the change Unity Consciousness will be brought forth. Be the living example of your higher truth.

No matter what happens in the coming days, months and years. Don't give your power away to the fear illusion! Know that if it is based in fear, it is based in control. Lets empower the World through empowering ourselves! Be the change you wish to see. Lets put aside our differences and spread the words of Oneness! We are All One.

Silver Violet Flame and Shamballa ON to all that wish it................ : )

Infinite love to all,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
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