Greetings, my fellow Masters. I enfold you with the energies of the Divine. I am not a lone energy; I am a synergy that observes your many changes and tribulations and who wishes you to know that all is well. You have chosen to trust the process and to put it simply, it is done.

You may feel that all has remained the same, but this is far from the truth. In fact, all has been stepped up. And the energetic vibrations have risen to a glorious one. It is grand to witness how you have accomplished what you are here for.

You are supported by an entire universe and beyond. You are supported by Mother Earth, as you have supported her through this life time and ones before this. Ascension was granted to Earth by Creator. You have the declaration of ascension by Creator. You have the support of Creator, whose Unconditional Love supports all sentient life.

The energy of ascension is not only spiritual in nature but scientific as well. We have stated previously that ascension is a scientific physical process. Your emotional, mental and physical ascension can be proven scientifically.

It is incredulous that your emotional/mental bodies can raise frequency while enabling the physical body to reach the same frequency. It is also incredulous that your thoughts and feelings are the most powerful divine tools that you carry with you.

And you are using them well to create positive change. Imagine the incredulous creating you shall do when you learn to utilize these tools fifth dimensionally!

Throughout the history of the ascension process, there is constant change. Physical bodies have been activated and continue to grow and expand. The symptoms have not been easy to accept at times, but you have done it and for this, we love you.

We love everything about you that is human and we love everything about you that is not.

When landings begin, and especially during your Amiable Contact, you will learn all you need to about your personal history.

This may not be easy to understand or accept at first, however it will be an amazing education that will trigger memories and reawaken talents that may have lain dormant throughout some lifetimes.

In this lifetime, what you are drawn to gives you an idea of some of the things that you have done before, both on Earth and elsewhere.

You will learn about your planet of origin and that is where you will be flabbergasted, to say the least, about who you really are and what astounding experiences you have had. You have done so much and you have so much more to look forward to.

It may be that your Extraterrestrial Amiable Contact’s energy is already blending with yours and that integration is occurring. There will be times where you may experience a déjà vu of sorts that may trigger memory as to where you originate from and what your specific skills are.

Your ET Contacts, who are all members of the Galactic Federation are overjoyed with what is occurring and with what is yet to come at the appropriate time.

When you first see them, their appearance will bring memories and realizations that will make you tingle through and through. We see you clasping your hands together with delight when you are reunited with family. You have so much to look forward to!

Just as I represent others, so they too represent a number who are your family. Your name shall be entered into the grand family tree which will take place at a wonderful ceremony where human and ET shall reunite. There shall be story after story that will captivate all who listen and be extra special for those who are part of their ET counterparts history.

This is part of the Amiable Contact plan and is one of a great many experiences that you shall have. We anticipate this with joy and know that you will delight when we reunite and get to know one another all over again.

Reminiscing is great fun and may even serve to explain some of your quirks and nuances.

Welcoming our human family into the Galactic Federation will be an honor and a majestic celebration.

For you who have felt like you have never belonged here, it will open your eyes to the realization that you truly belong here, not just on your beautiful planet, but on a grand scale that is indescribable. You have so much to look forward to.

I Am Methuselah and I leave you now with a fond farewell until we meet again.