Dearest Beloved Ones,

Today marks the beginning of a new year, and also a new era in the unfoldment of God's plan for the Earth. The significant energetic transformations and the process of purification on the Earth have accelerated so that all souls on the Earth have an awareness that change is happening.

Beloved ones, there is a great deal of fear circulating in the energetic atmosphere of the Earth, as more people are feeling the physical and economic structures of their world in a state of flux and uncertainty.

Belief systems that many people were raised to consider as truth are now being questioned. It may be difficult at the present time to even know with certainty what is truth, because there is such a dynamic spiritual atmosphere that is operating.

Energies of light on the Earth are expanding dramatically and significantly each day. Energies that oppose the expansion of light are also operating in a stronger way now, affecting emotions, minds and even physical bodies of those who are attuned to spiritual dimensions.

Oppositional energies are especially active in relation to those souls whose soul purpose includes healing and the expansion of light. Those who are committed to service to God, in whatever form this takes, are experiencing more severe attacks from those energies which seek to disrupt the forward movement of light on the Earth.

Beloved ones, the most important thing to remember when you feel assaulted, overwhelmed, or in despair, is that God's light is stronger than darkness and that the highest light of God is now physically embodied on the Earth and is anchoring into the physical and energetic dimensions of the planet.

What this means is that you can call upon that light to aid and heal you, to support you, and to transform the energies that are creating opposition and disruption.

Whereas in the past, there was little that could be done to transform the more severe energies, now there is new possibility and new hope that is growing stronger each day. As more of God's light infuses all dimensions of the physical and energetic matrix of the Earth, more and more becomes possible.

Beloved ones, oppositional energies are amplified by fear, anger, doubt and despair. What is most important to remember when you find yourself overwhelmed by these emotions is to remember that God is present, God is real, and that God's light is stronger than darkness.

At each moment you have the choice to turn to God with your pain, or to separate from God and maintain the illusion that you are alone and separate.

Bring your pain, fear, confusion, anger and doubt to God. Share with God your problems, your burdens and your concerns.

The uncertainties of physical life on the Earth are growing and will become more so in the times ahead. Your greatest support during the times ahead will be your relationship with God, and a clear path to your heart.

Your inner wisdom and guidance are available through your heart, which knows the reality of God and of your Oneness with God. Your inner wisdom will help you to safely navigate through the morass of uncertainty, fear, and challenges that are manifesting on the Earth.

Beloved ones, these times of purification will open the doorway to a New Earth which is already manifesting now. There is more help available that you possibly imagine from the Realms of Light to assist each and every soul who has courageously chosen to incarnate on the Earth at this time. We bless your choice to be present on the Earth at this time, and send all love and light and blessing to you.

Love and blessings,

* *