Channeled by: Lady of Light
January 8th, 2012

At this time, this is what is being seen. There are things coming. I don't have a timeline, but things negative will snowball. More like avalanche. Don’t panic. Panic is the worst thing you can do. Open your eyes to it. Pay attention. Embrace what changes will be forced to come because of it. See the obviousness to the puppetry. Say to yourself, something's just not right here, and you will see; rather quickly. Things are changing rapidly and we have reached a point where we are tipping the scales in favor of betterment. However, in order to complete a balanced outcome, changes will be made, and that’s where the negative will flow.

Technology is not necessary. We are more than the technologies that we "have". We can do so much more than any technological advancements. These "advancements" are actually holding us down. They are holding us back from advancing ourselves. Free yourself from that which you see as "futuristic" or "advanced". Technology will get you nowhere. The path to enlightenment begins with you. It begins with yourself deep down inside. Who are you, why are you here, what am I, etc. The “I”, is not what is important. The AM is much more important as for advancements. Don't measure yourself based on what you have or any other status adjustments you go by in this world. Titles are meaningless. A true measure of one’s self is to rather not look at what we have or what others have. Stop letting money and power control you. Status is the "I". Measuring yourself is the "I". We are all one. We have always been one. Not just on this planet. Not just in this existence. The entire universe, all dimensions and densities, all realms, all frequencies. We are energy. We are neither here nor there, yet we are everywhere. We are all one.

You shouldn't rely on predictions or even the works of those who channel. Especially those who have been predicting and channeling for a long time. Especially if they move toward the money aspect. These people are influenced by money and their egos. Don’t rely on someone who has a big ego. They are letting their ego get involved in the channeling and the predictions therefore making them inaccurate. . This is where people like David Wilcock have lost their way. He succumbed to the influences of this world and therefore made himself unreliable. He let the dark forces (i.e. Money) influence him. People like that, who lose their way, from a once bright path, because of the naivety, often get lost and confused and take the "easy way out". People who lose their way, often become arrogant, as he did, as so many others in similar positions (spiritually connected) have done and will continue to do. They "sell out" and are arrogant and believe themselves to be right all the time and better than anyone else. They don't want to hear otherwise from anyone, especially those who haven't lost their way. This is not to say you shouldn’t follow, but DO NOT follow as if it is 100% true or accurate. No predictions should ever be RELIED upon. Everything is in a constant state of flux, therefore never permanent. If you look within yourself, you already have the knowledge of what is to come.

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